Monday, February 13, 2012 @ 3:37 AM  2 stares
i feel like listening to kesha

"sto sto stop talking that bla bla bla"

i had a very crazy weekend

English Week Madness
Hectic KL
Pavilion Stomp!
Tteokbokki Crisis 
Theatre "Drama" 
Birthday Insanity   
Cake Cake Cake?
The Toilet 
Dermatology :(
Week 12 Horror

so... which one should i write about.

right now... all i can think about is the smell of cake icing in my hair.. 
i shampoo-ed and conditioned.. and rinsed..and rinsed and rinsed. 
it still smells like cake

by any chance... does Rapunzel's hair smell like cake?

just wondering~~~

night peeps
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motivation for today :

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