Saturday, February 18, 2012 @ 1:27 PM  0 stares
(caution : over exaggeration may have occurred during the writing process of this post..)
Read at your own risk

there are 2 things about me that will never change

my cuteness and my crying habits

my mom told me, even when i was just a little girl, i was already very pretty~ hahahaha 

because of my prettiness, people love to stare at me!!
even when i was just a kid, i was insecure.. so i cried and cried and cried.. 
thinking that there was something wrong with me that made them stare... 
it's not your fault you're pretty little ninaa~

now... i'm still as pretty as i was..
in fact! i'm prettier!! 
and.. unfortunately.. as insecure as i was
when people stare....i cry and cry and cry

well .. they stared because i was sick..not because i'm pretty
and i didn't really cry.. i couldn't open my eyes... 
i forced them to open... and they were really hurt so they started to water

true story...
no seriously.. 
its true..
well 15% of the water were tears but who cares
Shut Up!

okay.. keep calm harry potter! and eat rice! <3

stay healthy peeps!