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wahhh.. i feel like going ordering
"kak! nasik goreng biasa pedas satu.. tpi sye nak yg warne oren.. xnak yg koko... ngan telur mata satu.. letak udang eh dlm nasik tu! bnyk sikit.... buang kulit dier tau.. basuh cuci2 udang tu..telur mata tu sy nk kuning dier tu lembik2 sikit... tpi yg keliling dier tu sy xnak lembik.. tpi xnak garing sgt... ala kadar je.. pastu tabur lah keriuk2 asli atas nasik goreng tu bnyk sikit je.. jgn kedekut kak.. tak baik"

i'm willing to pay 10 ringgit for a plate of that kind of nasik goreng!

all week, there has been a voice in my head saying :
 "eh..ptg ni rasa nk beli nasik goreng and telur mata.."
 but when its time for dinner..
my craving for nasik goreng and telur mata disappeared 
and i suddenly feel like eating something else..
nasik lemak and telur mata... doublecheese burger... megi..nestum

tonight??.. no thanks..i'm very full
full with assignments on my plate!
..maybe next week?.. 

today... not today.. last week...
when i was sick.. i was too tired to even turn on my computer
so i used my time very wisely and i'm really proud to announce thatttt 
i finished reading a book entitled : HOW TO TALK TO ANYONE

am i a great conversationalist now?
not at all!!.. 
but i do feel different.. especially in class
and somehow.. i feel people treating me differently this week... 
they're nicer... i wonder why...

maybe its the fact that we are used to one another's existence by now
so all of us are more comfortable now..

and some are so comfortable around each other 
that they don't need to talk

...mumble mumble mumble...
i honestly don't know how to put what i'm thinking into words


keep calm and stay positive..:)
feel like losing your mind??... wash your face.. wash your head.. perform prayers and sleep!
have a nice last week asasians!

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