Monday, February 6, 2012 @ 5:18 AM  0 stares
Yesterday.. i had the time of my life
stuffing my mouth with food
laying around the house..
(yes.. i literally did both!)

yep.. this is pretty much what i looked like

but then... someone said the F word!

The 3rd person this week that used that particular adjective to describe me!

i don't really care..

well i would be lying if i say i don't care at all
i do care.. but just a bit..
when i saw the F word
i was like "woahhhh? how dare you!"

after that i simply said... 
"gemuk itu comel okeh!"

and after that.. i continued my job

while thinking...

but not now!
one day.. i'll look as hot as megan fox and you'll get sun-burned just looking at me!

positive thinking is the first step to EVERYTHING

haha live your life positively!XD
have a POSITIVE month peeps!

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