Wednesday, March 14, 2012 @ 5:03 PM  0 stares
i sit here reading literature
my eyes couldn't help but feel heavy
as if gravity is at fault for its action

but then.. when i start blogging..facebooking..
i dare say it is as round as a beautiful full moon!

wow ...gandhi is skinny and wise!
you're my idol!!

hahah  i love the song bet on it from HSM2.. but hate HSM
love his "moves" but hate him
therefore i love this pic

in other news,
i accidentally ate an expired bread..
well i had eaten about a quarter of it before i realized it is moulded
and i'm already 1/2 sick due to the humid weather and "examination stress"
so will i survive? or will i get even more sick?
stay tune to find out