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Bloggie! I missed you soo much! 
9 days without you seemed like forever..

well I discovered that without updating my usual random posts,
I keep on saying and doing random things in reality..

first.. i changed my presentation from the very sophisticated topic to a very.. err..childish one :
"interpretation of dreams in ancient egypt" to  noodles

wahhh ... even with brocoli, i still love you creamy carbonara!!

and.. i did it all in one night..and stayed up really late.. 
print the text the next day (during class) and presented right after that..
i didn't even get to go through my speech once before that!

and... i ... err.. 
did something that even I couldn't believe

well.. i said something...
 yep..during the presentation..
why did i do that again?

other than that i ate bread and strawberry jam like crazy
finished a whole box of apollo layer cake in less than a week.
basically, i ate a lot the whole week through.. non-stop eating.. seriously..
what ever i felt like eating.. "come here baybehh!"
ngap ngap ngap

anddd... i've been listening endlessly to nasyid
yes - NASYID!
 i have no idea why..but nasyid songs keeps on playing in my head
especially the nasyid Rasullulah 
and the sepohon kayu one.. 
at some point.. i listened to all nasyid i've ever known ..plus mawi's song

went to campus day out.. and again.. did something unbelievable... 
i climbed rocks and stuff.. really high... and i mean really.. 
even I am surprised that i climbed so high
randomly walk on the beach.. not caring what other people think.. 
until my jeans looked liked it had been through a flood
cam-whoring with my roomate... and everybody else... 
no matter where.. no matter who's looking or who i'm with
no matter whose camera it was
and all that in my red wedges..i'm surprised that it's still in one piece
and showing no signs of dying..

even so.. the owner of those shoes is not feeling so well
i feel like i'm coming down with a fever
too much "extreme activities"
continuous tests..assignments due.. presentations ..
too much apollo
hyperactive me.. hostel hostility  and not enough sleep
i feel more overwhelmed than i did during english week..

but i must go on!!!!
there 2 more weeks to go.. 2 very short weeks!

if i don't study, what will i write during the test?
if i fail, the only one who is affected is ME
but if i succeed, EVERYONE is going to be HAPPY
so it's all up to me to change my own fate
and its my job to spread happiness to the world
(haha.. x pasal2)

4FLAT Nina!! gambare!!
oversea here we go!!
France wait for me!. :P
xpayah gedik sgt nina oi

"the no fb no blog" hiatus thing didn't went as well as i hope
so here we go again :

2 weeks!
no blog!! no omegle!! no weheartit!!
fb.. you may check once a day.. to get the updates for final
youtube... knock yourself out!  but songs only.. to accompany your studies..


and that's it! you have been reading Nina's crazy 9 days without blogging..
pray for me! pray for you! pray for everybody!
sesiapa yg mendoakan saudaranya (se-islam)  akan di doakan / di rahmati malaikat! :)
well, something like that!

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