Sunday, April 8, 2012 @ 2:30 AM  2 stares

i feel really stupid
holding back 
and still

i  neeb my siblings!! and i need them now!

i don't need that friend who constantly asks me advice on how to manage her emotions due to her love-life 
i love it when people share their problems with me.. 
i'm the girl that can tell you exactly what you want to hear!
but for now, enough about LOVE!
cut it out!!!
i've never been in a relationship before!! therefore all of my advice are merely theoretical 
just please.. help me!.. don't make me feel insecure!

i don't need that guy who keeps on treating me nicely one moment and acting really odd the next
flirting ?? its cute
compliments ?? i love it
butterflies ?? not so much
overall its a nice feeling
but are you serious or are you just messing around ?? do you think its funny?
asking what kind of guys do you like and ignoring you right after
its weird how one guy could make you feel like you're on top of the world and yet so insecure 

i don't need jiwang-alim posts on fb to remind me to be a good girl to get a good guy
islam is not all about marriage!!
there is more to islam!!
stop relating islam to just marriage!
i am young! and i don''t want to think about who am i fated with
how bout posting about islamic things that are much more important
respecting parents?
daily prayers?
how bout the rewards of reciting surah2 from al-quran?

i don't need to see pictures of my friends getting cadbury as a sign of "sorry" from that special someone
i don't need to hear 19 year-olds getting engaged
i don't need to hear 19 year-olds getting married
i don't need to see couples making  "song tributes from me to you" on my newsfeed!
i don't need to see happy couple shots with lovey-dovey descriptions getting 100 likes 

all i need is to be with my siblings.. or perhaps forever aloners
and just get CRAZY!
no boys.. just food fashion and worries

ohh.. i just remembered..even my siblings got bitten by the love bug
my little sister and her "angry bird" boyfie
my older sister and her bubu lover

and now there's me
i need to get a job! .. i need to channel my mind on something else
other than LOVE towards the non-halal

lately.. i have the feeling that my parents won't let me grow up just yet
i'm not allowed to cook... driving?? ohh not so fast!
job??... they say "duduk rumah la dulu dua tiga bulan"
and i don't mind ..i love being a kid

so god.. please.. oh please...take my mind off of things that do not matter...
i want to be that carefree me that i was during my last few weeks at uitm kuantan!
i like her! so please let me be her!

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