Sunday, April 1, 2012 @ 1:30 AM  0 stares
brace yourself for another "peacock post!"
hahaha i decided to call the post where i praise myself and become inevitably vain as the "peacock post!" 
(i have no idea whether i used the word "inevitably" in the right place or not)

so..let us reflect on the first picture i've put up
that is very similar to the story of my life

"you're so pretty... you must have a handsome boyfriend"
"you're so pretty..guys must be all over you!"
"you're so adorable... you  must be really liked"
"you're so cute ... how many friend request do you get from the boys in our school?"
"awok keh comey... xkey xdok ore kenney" (pak cik teksi, 2012)
"you're so cute... i bet no guy would ever reject you"

excuse me while i laugh .. HaaaaaaH!

well... i know i'm pretty
i know i'm cute... and adorable ..
and funny (when i try to be funny...honesty,   i'm not good at being spontaneously funny)
awesome... fantastic..honest..trustworthy..
sometimes crazy...
 (sometimes..SOMETIMES OKAY!)

but ..  i have no idea why..
i have absolutely no idea why..
why ..
why ..
didn't that  mustard  accept my friend request?!

and since then... i decided to marry my stuffed toy..

and all of the male race are dead to me!
(except for my and teachers/lecturers)

so guys
cant touch this

hahaha just another random post
it doesn't mean anything
love yourself and others will love you!
nite peeps..

f.y.i : i got scolded 3 times already because of my unhealthy sleeping routine..something about it'll affect my liver and heart and that only sleeping at night can repair the cells and so on
so...i better sleep now even though it is ridiculously early for me! :(

ayuhhh!! let us count the imaginary fluffy sheep jumping off a white fence in a green field !