Friday, July 6, 2012 @ 5:45 AM  0 stares

Assalamualaikum and Hi~!

Happy July!
it has been a month since i last posted... and i wont apologize simply because.. 
i find it silly that i have to apologize to my imaginary readers for not updating..

so anyway~ What i did last June.. was...well its none of your business..
okay Nina, what's with the attitude... 

well in short, my internet went out for a while.. and now i'm tweeting like a bird~
yepp..tweeting like crazy.. mumbling all by myself!

 last night...(tonight/just now)
My neighbourhood had it's very own EARTH hour
that went on for 4 hours

Isn't it pretty?.. 
who says you can't take pretty picture without dslr~

Even with no electricity i managed to stay up until 2:30
and by then the lights were back ..and then i started editing that picture... 
but after editing ..i like the original version better i decided to screw the edited version and go with the original..

what's the point of this post again?.. ohh life's brief candle

i've been thinking about this for a while now.. 
how A LOT has changed in the past 3 years..
even though i don't feel them changing... when i look back, everything is different
and in other 3 (or 4) i'll be getting my degree in who knows what..Insyallah

i'm just scared of the change that might..or should i say WILL happen in the next 3
will i change for the better?
or ..will it be otherwise?..
if it is "otherwise"..will i be able to recover later?

what happens after that?.. 
master? Phd? work? drama? marriage? babies? more drama? death? day of judgement? Heaven/Hell?

circle of life you say?
am i the only one freaking out about this?