Thursday, August 2, 2012 @ 6:57 AM  3 stares
Assalamualaikum :) Hey~

ever heard of the word fetish?.. 
(and my blog is slowly turning into a dictionary with random ramblings)

Fetish means something like a weird habit or a weird attachment to something weird..
well something like that.. you can google for more info..

i realized that i happen to own a few random fetishes 
but today i'm just going to discuss ONE!

1) "Sound of Sneeze" Fetish

hahaha..disgusting? not really, its a part of nature
to tell you the truth i have this weird fetish of enjoying the sound of people sneezing
they're like music to my ears!

everyone has their own sound of sneeze and we apparently have no control over it!
i like it when i hear people continuously sneezing..
there's like a unique rhythm to it 

okay this is kind of disgusting...i'll stop now! hahaha

come to think of it, we might think that we have no control over what our sneeze sound like
well, actually, we do..

i used to sneeze like a cat
haaachhhh.....(bersin tak abes)

and then i got scolded by my sister and father for not sneezing correctly 
hahaha yeppp i did!!
i heard the "mu kno bersin bagi habis" speech for almost my whole life!

in my defence..i sneeze that way because i remembered what i learned in elementary school
my ustazah said 
"bersin kena tutup mulut.. kena tutup idung"
and so.. i did..LITERALLY..which led to the bersin tak abes thing

and then after getting scolded and reading a few sneezing related articles in estidotmy
and learning about the human respiratory system...
i realized what i was doing was not good for my body
so i gradually changed the way i sneeze
now.. no more cat sneeze!!.. well .. its really hard to break a live long habit
i still "cat sneeze" sometimes but most of the time, i manage to sneeze the RIGHT way!

only much much later that i  realized what my ustazah really meant was COVER your mouth and nose.. 
what i understood back then was PREVENT / BLOCK them from going out through my nose/mouth

you see.. The Malay Language can be complicated.. 
TUTUP can mean so many different things

tetapi  walau ape pon ..bahasa melayu tetap di hati~
to me, malay have this special feel to it that no other language does!

i guess my brain were processing information in English even back then!
(the exact same reason why my malay essays tend to have weird sentence structure)

wahahahaha bravo little nina!
you even though you were kinda blur, and silly, you were still a cute way

and i thought i've changed in a lot of ways 
i guess i haven't really
i'm still AWESOME and cute
occasionally blur and silly
but that's what makes me, ME!

tgk ...perasan sudaah!
use your ramadhan wisely!!
nak abehh dahh!! T____T