Tuesday, September 18, 2012 @ 12:32 PM  2 stares

Heyyy and assalamualikum inaginary readerss.....
I figured that i'll take too much time updating via lappy..so  i might as well update when i have time to kill via birthday present!! Muahahaaha....

So okay here it goes..since i last updated i had a really awesome last few days of ramadhan...a fun and colourful raya with beloved family and friends... a really epic birthdayy... a very interesting mds and a so far so good degree life...

And now here i am...
Here i am
Here i am..

I'm here for ALLAH..
I'm here for my parents..
I'm here for my own future..
I'm here to study and design my career

I'm here lah youuu
Hereeee..right heree..
Can't you see????
Tahu laa rabun pon ...x nmpak ke?

Yiu know what...Nevermind!!

Just like the stars in the night sky.
You can't see them during the day..
But they're there..twinkling

Even during the night
you can't see them unless you bother to look for them..
And appriciate their beauty..From afar

And thats what i'll hold on to..
Just like the stars...
i'll just twinkle up above sky...
Do my best..at twinkling..

Inspired by snsd twinkle...muahahahaha...

I have a feeling i'll update a lot from now on.. i need to electrolyse my english so that it wont be so rusty like it is right now...

Till next time :)