Friday, October 12, 2012 @ 1:55 AM  0 stares
Assalamualaikum and hiiiiiii~

i miss you! i miss you! i miss you!!
all week long i've been missing my family, my parents, my little sis, my niece, my .. 
my best friends, best beach, best zombie, best twin, best honey~, best forever aloners,
and most of all i miss you..yes you!!..kbai
ehem..i was saying...i miss my best cat in the world the mostt!!

Nope.. not a she
its a he!
looks like a girl huh??

eatieee duduk rumah elok2.. jgn masuk bilik nina!!
teman mama kat ruang tamu nuhh... 
nnti nina balik kita lepak dlm bilik tu same2 yer~ 
while i'm here, you stay out of my room!! 
wangi kan bilik nina? kalo ambi pure auto tu abeh eating tolong beli refill dier okay!
keep my room wangi! jgn bagi adik/dayana semakkan/busukkan bilik nina tau!

wahhhhh i really miss my cat now~
he used to accompany me around the house..wherever whenever...

if i was cooking, he'd be in the kitchen with me

if i was folding laundry, he'd be sitting next to me

if  i was watching tv, he'd be watching with me! (yepp its true!!)
if i was  in "solitude" mood and just stayed in my room.. 
he'd meow at door so loud until i open.. and he would just sit in the middle of my room like a boss

yepp.. just like that!