Thursday, October 25, 2012 @ 9:56 PM  2 stares

Love is 
when your older sister starts speaking in english.
wassaping with you in english..
When usually it is in kelantanese

when she perfers texting over eating

When she stops listening to your stories

And starts smiling to text messages..

When she takes 20minutes to figure out what to reply to him..
when she usually takes 5seconds

When everything she talks about revolves around her love stories..
and everything is going perfectly..

Love is
When your little sister gets a teddy bear for no particular occasion

Gets a rose for graduation..

Gets an ugly shirt but still oh so happy

Locks her phone with the davinci code that  only the two of them understand

When she stops being grumpy
Over the things she used to be grumpy about

When she doesn't care..if the spotlight is no longer on her..
Because someone who means the world to her has been giving her the time of day

Love is when both of your sisters

Jump at text message tones..
Run on their ringtones

Always on the phone..

their minds in the clouds..

And all there's left of them are bones

is this what is is?
..... when you are no longer needed?...
not really

To me..

Love is...
admiring his iman
his spirit and his attitude..

Love is
Watching him from afar
Getting inspired..
to learn new things
To take chances and dare to try...
to appriciate the small things in live 
to get closer to HIM
And to improve myself

Out of all the people in the world
i'm glad it was him..
Because now i realize..
all this time
I didn't needed him.. i needed HIM
i wasn't missing him from my life..
It was HIM that i should have been looking for

And now instead of his attention
I'm seeking for HIS protection 
HIS blessing and HIS love..

And if he's the one for me..
then i'm sure HE will unite us one day..
(Hahahah.. unite sounds sooo wrong..)

And we will love HIM togetherrrrr..
till jannah la katekan...aminn

Okayy this post is so geli...

Besok raya oiii...
Slamat hari rayaaaaa....
Jage diri elok2!! jgn kne korban!!
And please dont qurbanize me  for this cheesy posttt..hahahaha....

Conclusion .. keep calm and love donuts..♥