Thursday, November 1, 2012 @ 1:24 AM  2 stares

Assalamualaikum and hi

today's post is for someone i miss oh so badly
i miss him so much i could die
i really could 

how are you doing my love
my dear Mr.R

i really really really miss you
i really really do

my lover whom i can only see once a year
my lover whom i can only be with only a month every year 
a lover i could never marry
one of his lovers- i could only be

we would have dates everyday
he cools me down during the hot day
he heats me up during the cool night

hahahahahha this is starting to sound soo wrong!
let me just confess already!

i miss Ramadhan!
i really really really miss it!
i miss fasting everyday for the whole month

i miss easily waking up before sahur to talk to Him
i miss preparing sahur for my parents and waking them up

i miss feeling hungry after zohor
i miss that dehydrated feeling 

i miss doing the ba'diyah and qabliyah prayers even though i was wayy too tired..
and getting the same reward for every prayer that i do
i miss making time for the Quran after EVERY prayer..

i miss going to the bazar ramadhan..well not so much
i miss cooking for iftar
i miss reading pre-iftar statuses 
where everyone was going crazy over the food they will have for iftar / cannot have for iftar

i miss having dates~ pretty ones
i miss having iftar with my family
i miss my dad reciting the doa before iftar.. 
(reading the doa from his galaxy note while my mom rolls her eyes)

i miss rushing to terawikh prayers with my dad
i miss listening to his childhood stories on the way to and back from terawikh prayers
i miss terawikh with that imam from arab with his arabic style of reciting the surahs
i miss the mak cik mak cik who refused to "rapatkan saf"
i miss the akak akak who kept on bugging them to "rapatkan saf"
i miss salam-ing with all of them after terawikh

i miss usha-ing the guys who comes out of the masjid after terawikh 
i miss usha-ing guys who help their mother to get to their cars after terawikh
i miss usha-ing them going to kopitiam wearing jubah/baju melayu/kupiah

i miss going to kopitiam with my parents + siblings after terawikh 
i miss falling asleep in the car after terawikh
and waking up excited because i already slept and could stay up and still do the tahajud

i miss tweeting my ramadhan tweets
i miss reading to ramadhan quotes
i miss tweeting without being judged...
eh eh eh .. ni topik lain dah ni..

in general..
i miss my attitude during ramadhan
i miss my spirit, i miss my efforts
i miss those freaking syaitan getting chained and not seducing me to procrastinate

"when syaitans can not make you commit sins, they make you waste time"

Ya Allah!!
Level up my Iman
give me back that spirit you gave me during Ramadhan
Help me walk on the right path!
remove everything else from my heart except for the desire to be near you and only you.
and get those FREAKING SYAITANS away from me
make me strong enough to resist those freaking creatures!!
...wahifzofmin kulli syaitonni marrid...


Pray for me :( pleaseeeee i desprately need itt!!