Wednesday, November 28, 2012 @ 2:41 AM  2 stares
Assalamualaikum and Hii

i thought today is my blog's birthday..
meaning "the first post i ever posted day"
but then i RE-checked .. it was on 5 november..
haha i didn't stalk myself well enough
sorry bloggie... happy birthday...

i'm craving for pavlova~
okay bloggie.. i'll treat you okay...Serai, Empire!!!
next weekend..
not this weekend.. i have another camp~ XD

okay back to you bloggie
you are like.. 4 years old now??
2008 -  2012
which means if you're a kid.. you're in your annoying phase~~

God i've changed a lot since then..
baca post yg 2008.. 2009.. 2010.. 
Ya Allah...yg lawak pon ade.. yg rse nk delete pon ade..

no ninaa don't!
your memories.. let them be..
because thats what made me, ME~!

(imaginary readers.. don't you dare read my previous post.. cubit kang!)

how did i start my blog?
well it was because of asdjklmnopqrstuvxwyx
nahh... partly because of my bestfriend : syamimiiiiiiii

why partly? because the other half is asdjklmnopqrstuvxwyx
after some self-stalking : The cause of my bad sleeping habits

(click to enlarge)

a bigger computer geek than i was
a bigger jpop fanatic than i was
awfully mean.. but matured for our age (at the time)
crazier than i'll ever be..

but as usual
...people forget me...
they always do...

but then i saw this tweet

Why are you so surprised? ....If people can forget Allah why can't they forget you?

thats why i love twitter... there's always a tweet for whatever i'm going through~
for Shakespeare nazis, there's always a line from Shakespeare for everything

but remember : for us muslims ..
we have the quran which have an ayat from the many surahs for everything in life and beyond~

okay back to that friend of mine
no one forget anyone.. its just that we grew apart and lost contact that's all..

and again..from twitter

A strong Friendship doesn't need daily conversations as long as the relationships live in the heart, true friends will never part

and to wrap things up
Others break our hearts and Allah fixes our hearts, yet most of people still return to others ...and not returning to Allah SWT?!

just something to ponder upon
nite peepsss
As salam