Friday, November 23, 2012 @ 7:19 AM  3 stares

Assalamualaikum and hi..

Imaginary readers..
Have you ever wondered...

Whats the point of liking status after status on fb..
Whats the point of posting status after staus on your fb..
Whats the point of hearting picture after picture on instagram..
Whats the point of posting how pretty your meal look on instagram..meal after meal
Whats the point chatting with strangers after strangers you barely even know
Whats the point of stalking day by day..someone who barely even knows you
Whats the point of pouring your heart out on blogger or twitter post after post tweet after tweet

Whats YOUR point of waking up in the morning
Whats YOUR point of doing the things you have always done..

If your answers are good for you.. benefit you in some way in the log run, bring you closer to Him perhaps...keep on doing it

But if its not... let me introduce you to your invisible friend called "procrastination"
and its time that you end things with him...

Dear procrastination..i want a break up.. and we are never ever ever getting back together.... loving you was red..missing you was dark gray all alone .. forgetting you is like trying to remember somebody you never met...but we are never ever ever..getting back together ..

#abeh campur lagu taylor swift..

Stop procrastinating peeps...:)