Sunday, November 11, 2012 @ 1:57 AM  1 stares
Assalamualaikum and hi~

how are you imaginarily doing my dear imaginary readers?.. imaginarily good?

this whole week my head keeps on playing around with words

wordy words whirly whirling in the worldly world of wordy words

here's one..
inspired when i was studying Description Of English~ (DOE)
my mind dirfted somewhere and i came up with this

you you sweet talker you
sweetly talked me into sweetly talking to the sweet talking you
with your sweet talks of a sweet talker
made me talk my sweet talk with a sweet talker like the sweet talking you
everyday i would sweetly talk myself into sweetly talking to the sweet talking you
when i know i shouldn't be sweet talking a sweet talker like you

after i finished that one..
i thought to myself... haishhh ninaaa studyy D.O.E.. D.O.E...
doe... sounds like dough
so i made another one

D.O.E ..
is not as easy 
as making dough
even though DOE might sound like dough
but you must know... that DOE is nothing like dough
add flour to water and you'll have dough
but neither can get me an A for DOE
and don't get me started on dough!!

*the last "dough" refers to money~*

there were a lot more witty word-plays i made up in my head..

while filling my tummy.. 
and doing my laundry..
i just cant remember any
not right now probably
i ate ants maybe?

hahaha i did it again... 
just when i thought i can't
it is soo unplanned
like a frying pan

hahha okay..that thing about the frying pan is too random...XD

i'll should stop now and studyyyyy!!!!!. 
ninaaaa! do it right !!!!
if you don't want to do it twice
do it right the first time!

you don't like saying what you've already said
you don't like eating what you've already eaten
now why would you do something that you've already done?

yesterday (thursday) i spent like 6 hours at kfc studying - alone
and felt like I've accomplished something n__n
really satisfied and felt that my life was on track

unfortunately today, i found out i studied the wrong chapter.. 

i thought i have done 
but its not that one
so its back to square one
cause the options are none
it has to be done
or else i'm done

i wish i have a magic wand
so that it can be done
by just waving the wand
and getting everything i want

see how my head keeps on playing with words...
minum ubat and then sleeeep~ zzzzzz

i've been kind of sick all week...
slight fever..
randomly sneezing..
coughing quite terribly..

but i couldn't drink the cough medicine at all because well you know how they can make you super sleepy and stuff..
i had tests and assignments and i had no choice but to stay up..
 if i take the medicine... i couldn't stay up..worse.. i probably couldn't get up in the morning...
sooo tonight is my only chance

to sleep oh so soundly
like a babyyy~

tomorrow study~! 

and i mean it really!!

its my reality

no more dilly dally

wait wait before i sleep..
one more word play inspired by my "sweet talking" word play

to the sweet talking you
do you know i've been sweetly stalking you
stalking the sweet talker tweets
tweeting sweetly as sweet as sweet talking a stalker
stalking sweetly the tweets of another
breaking the heart of a sweet talking stalker

have you guys noticed
how i'm very cheesy
especially lately
and its sort of creepy
i think i'm going crazy
but i'm not at all sleepy
i should sleep really
so that my body can healy?

hahahhahaha nite peeps~