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Assalamualaikum and Hi~!

Dear Nina,

Its that time of year again.. the final 3 weeks before final exam~!
you got sick.. got better.. now you're getting sick again?. hahaha..
you seriously need to have a talk with your immune  system..
i think you owe an apology that haven't been taking good care of him..

as for your relationship with humans..
haha not going so well huh??

you have to be friendlier nina..
when people treat you a certain way,
its maybe because of how you treat them
so nina, be nicer..
you don't want to make others feel like what they make you feel..

and nina don't krik2 people
its not nice.. i know you have a hard time talking to them..
at least don't make them krik2 all by themselves... try responding, okay?

you are  taking english for professional communication!
communicating professionally is not a problem for you isn't it?
presentation? bring it onn!!.. debate? not a problem
ordering mcd?  : Double cheese burger 1 set Large.. air tukar milo ye ..and yes  tak kisah kne bayar mahal pon..
but try so sharpen you soft skills would you?  (sharpen the soft?? nina say what now?)


and remember..
if you are only good to those who are good to you then what good are you?
remember Rasullullah saw and the blind woman who throws at him and  saying mean stuff about him
and it turns out that Rasullullah was the one feeding her all along... and he even chewed the food for her..
mulianya akhlak Rasulullah S.A.W..
and of course you (nina) could never be that noble one could ever be compared to him..but at least try to be nicer..


be like a tree.. when people throw stones at you, you give them fruits :)
and try not to trouble those around you..
stand on your own two feet.. and stop looking so helpless..
smile more and be active!
it will alter your aura trust me!

so yeah before i end this letter i would like to say a few things :
good luck for the last few weeks...
if possible, stop writing this! hahaha

knowing how you've been during your degree program,
 i assume you have a list of procrastinated work...
so stop procrastinating and burn that list!!

shed a few pounds okay..
stop thinking of the things you WANT to do during the holidays
and focus on what you CAN and SHOULD do NOW

and last .. take good care of your health, prayers, studies and attitude.
pray more.. study more... smile more!
as salam~!