Wednesday, February 13, 2013 @ 7:32 PM  1 stares

when i was just a little girl
i asked my mother "what would i be?"
"will i be pretty? will i be rich"
here's what she said to me
"que sera, sera"
"whatever will be, will be"
"the future's not ours to see"
"que sera. sera"

nope..that's a song..
 she didn't really say that
what really happened was 

i asked
"will i grow up pretty and rich?"
she said
"if you're rich, you can stay pretty"
my response was 
and then she said
"if you have money, you can go to facials and all those things"

it's like what albert einstien said
"i don't think of the future, it comes soon enough"

we just need to believe that Allah is the best planner
everything will fall into the place that Allah wants it to be in
we just want to strive and work hard to make sure we deserve the awesome things that Allah has in store for us

there are a lot that i want to say.. but its maghrib already..

Mereka yang jaga Solat. ALLAH akan jaga dia. Jom ready For Maghrib :)
-via heliza helmi's fb

lets go solat maghrib.. i'll write another post later.. if i feel like it..
remember me in your prayers <3 p="">