Thursday, April 11, 2013 @ 2:23 AM  2 stares

i ride the bus 
not the train
nor the aeroplane

not a caterpillar
wont turn into a butterfly

not an ugly duckling
wont turn into a swan

not the lead singer
i can remember the words
but can't hit the notes

not a princess waiting for her prince
but a plain jane waiting for her average joe

i'm an owl
who's afraid of heights
but really want to fly

i'm a fish
who knows how to swim
but still need to feel my feet on the floor

a language student
knows more than 5 languages
but don't know how to talk

good at grammar
bad with my grandma

but not a saint
am i worse than a devil?

a servant who refuses to serve
a listener who pretends to listen
a writer who has a bad hand writing
a believer who lacks in beliefs 
a dreamer who refuses to sleep
an overachiever who's too lazy to achieve

feels like an elite
acts like a minor
thinks like a kid
acts like a fool 

looks like a flower
a wilted flower
stings like a bee
a loner bee

jack of all trades
master of none

yet exactly the same