Tuesday, May 21, 2013 @ 12:27 PM  2 stares

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning i bid to each one of us~ 
well its that time of the semester again! week 12 - 14 of the semester~
the busiest, hectic-est week of every semester
staying up all night to finish groupwork projects
incomprehensible assignments that only can be comprehended a few hours before the dateline
relying on sugar rush, adrenaline, caffeine, and God's mercy 
sleeping is no longer in our dictionary.

but honestly..
i don't mind

i don't mind it at all
i really don't
in fact i'm enjoying

i like the rush of catching the dateline
i like the pour of inspiration i just get when i brain storm
i like studying for a sudden test
and relating my assignments with my interest to make it more interesting

i like having no time waste pondering over what to eat..
and instead just buying what will give me energy
i love not caring how many chocolates i ate
and how many kg i've probably gained from them

i like squeezing everything to fit my schedule
making things work as i go
i like the motivation i get to finish everything as perfect as possible

i love having no time to stare at my phone
and not having the free time to stalk and get paranoid
i love not caring about how i look when i wake up to class in the morning

i love the rush
i love the hectic hush

..haha i just fell asleep while updating.. i should snooze for a sec..

have a nice may peepss
48 days to Ramadhan!