Friday, June 28, 2013 @ 2:17 AM  0 stares

have you ever felt a feeling
that you couldn't get over

a song that you wouldn't get sick of
a conversation you wouldn't get bored of

a joke that never gets old
an actor that never fails to portray his character

a dish that you could eat over and over again
a drink that you'd get bloated with all over again

not like the butterscotch bread i'm sick of
not like the koey teows i'm tired of 

i thought i'm over it
but the next thing i know, 
there i go again

like the nasik ayam i thought i had enough of
now.. i'm craving for them again
but never actually buying them.. 
because i'm afraid it might not be as good as i imagine it to be

what do i mean?
i'm not sure

did i make sense
i don't think i did

does it matter?
no it doesn't ..doesn't it?

esok paper prounciation oiii
takleh jawab jangan gedik nak nangeh nina oiiii 
dan lagi update blog.. ishh
malam masih muda...
mata masih segarr 
ayuh studyy

pray for meee!