Sunday, June 23, 2013 @ 2:04 AM  0 stares

when you're betrayed over and over again
instead of crying
all you can do is laugh

when you're ignored all the time
instead of trying to catch their attention
you might as well laugh

rejected again and again
instead of beating myself over it 
all i can do i laugh

when everything seems like a mess
instead of panicking 
all i did was laugh

when there's only one thing i could think about
instead of thinking about it
i laughed.. 

laughter is the best medicine
and there's nothing like crazy friends 
awesome siblings
and most importantly incredible parents
to help you laugh

excessive laughter kills the heart?
well.. it heals mine..
well i don't think i laughed excessively 
what's life without a few laughter once in a while ..

final week.. ikuzouuu!!
see you soon kelantan~!
see you soon Ramadhaan!!!