Saturday, June 29, 2013 @ 5:18 AM  1 stares
Hi and Assalamualaikum~

today's post is a bit cheerful.. haha..
because my parents & sisters are here.. 
and my next paper is in 2 days 
soo..rilek brotherr.. kite enjoy~~!!!

how i feel when i'm with my family~~

its not that i'm terribly homesick or don't have any friends that i can be crazy with

i'm perfectly fine..
and now i could be as crazy as i am with my family when i'm with my friends
its just that feeling when you're with family..
its different..
its calming... its relaxing... its just nice~

i can be boring
i can be interesting
i can say anything
i can just stay quiet
i can be weird
or perfectly normal
they'll know i'm nina..
the nina that i am
not tini
not dayana

they won't leave me when i fail
they'll be there when i succeed
they won't hover around me when i get the highest marks
they won't be all over me when i win poetry
but still they're behind me 100%

when i fail addmat
when i suck as chemistry
when my physics is a C..+

when i wear tudung bawal with what i usually wear
when i wear tudung bidang berbidang bidang with baju kebaya
when i jubah to midvalley..
when i'm the only one who doesn't wear make up..(so far)
when i wear heels everywhere

eh jap.. tadi niat di hati nk tulis bende lain..
terpaksa tukar tittle..ishh
takpe lah... lain kali lah tulis
hari ni,
i heart my pamily!!