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Assalamualaikum and hi~
Salam Ramadhan everybody!!

so.. my dashboard is filled with first..
first day of ramadhan..
what they ate
what they cooked 
what they saw at bazaar ramadhan
how their second terawikh went

well good for you
my ramadhan mood hasn't quite kicked in just yet
i can smell them in the air..but ...i feel so far...

kk..terasaa.... :') sobbsss

need to
read the quran..
read ilmiah books n stuff
 listen to tazkirah more
eavesdrop on the masjid's kuliah asar
and stop stuffing my ears with these earphones
(which is makhruh by the way)

on the bright side my parents both are extra "semangat" this year!

me : terawikh akk malam esok?
mama: tgk ah.. esok full day..tpi insyallah larat
me:      :O  ha?? okay..yeyeyeyeyy

me: nk gi dak mlm ni?? 
mama: boleh je nk gi pon..larat x ?(talking to my dad)..
papa: jom ahh.. dia mula2 je x larat.. smpai citu jdi larat je
me: hikkk..jommmm... gi eh... 

thank you Allah for such parents  :')
give them strength to go to terawikh..
give them the energy and the spirit
(mostly because if they don't go, i can't go)
make them my inspiration for a better Ramadhan
thank you for this chance to once again spend Ramadhan with them

i think i said something like this before
but if i could add the word sangat behind alhamdulillah.. i definitely would

so ..ever since ramadhan started (tak smpai 2 hari lagi)
i feel extra motivated
extra rajin
extra nice
extra sweet
extra extra extra lahh
but......there's one thing ...
extra gedik nk tgk dramaa

which brings us to the real reason why i'm writing this postt!!
i just finished watching DREAM HIGH 2!!!
and it sucks
but i like it!!!

yep... its awful..but i love it
no .. i think i'm in love with jiyeon hahaha
she's soo prettyy.. i love her!!

i'm going to stop before i start sharing all of her videos from the drama
the drama's awful
but jiyeon's awesomeee!
and she's the evil character in the drama.. not the heroin
but i lovee heeeeerr!!

and with that..
my korean drama watching session ends here for now
lets focus on RAMADHAN shall we?

All out ninaaaaaaaa!!
make a wish
take a chance
make change

and breakawayyy (from jahiliahhh)

hari tu dah okey sket
pastu ape jadi?
iman mmg lah sifat dye bertambah dan berkurang
and its our job to strive for it to bertambah.. and not berkurang
rojak pon rojak lahh
beruseheeee oii!

tidooo..esok sahur
have a nice ramadhan peeps