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Assalamualaikum.. and hi...

how are you imaginary readers?? 
hows your July so far? 
ready for Ramadhan??

so..what's the same old oath i'm talking about?
the oath and you and i are guilty of..
pledging but not executing

Every end of a semester, we make an oath..

"I will work harder next semester!
I wont procrastinate my assignments
I'll constantly revise, do notes and what not
I won't play around any more, any moreee *sings maroon 5*
i'm going to be better next semester"

Every start of a holiday, we make an oath

"I'm going to work and earn some money
I'm going to use my holiday wisely
I won't spend so much money
I'm going to be helpful around the house
I'm going to loose some weight"

every Ramadhan, we make an oath

"I'm going to use my Ramadhan to its fullest
I'm going to khatam the Quran
I'm going to terawkih every night
I'm going to stop myself from eating excessively during moreh"

this time round... its no longer merely an oath
its a set of plans!!!


hahaha i want to write it down but its too overwhelming!!

nantikan di post2 yg seterusnyeee
it'll be too long if i cram it in one post...
i'm going out anyway~~ XD