Sunday, October 20, 2013 @ 12:35 AM  0 stares

From Day One 
You've been inspiring me 

 to do this 
 to do that 

 to try this 
 to try that 

be more confident 
dare to be happy 

 risk getting hurt 
enjoy others' happiness 

appriciate those around me 
be nice to everyone 

to know that its okay to cry 
to seek Him in every situation 

have fun doing everything 
play hard study smart 

try to be a morning person 
try to be an active person
try to be an outgoing person

to get back up on my own 
to let others depend on me 
but not to rely too much on others

realizing  my talents 
re-polish my long lost skills

bond with my parents better
appriciate them better
love them better

from day one
you've inspired me 
until today
without fail
without you realizing
without you knowing

every little thing you do
every little thing you say
inspires me

to be better everyday
to realize that i'm far from perfect

and there's a lot more 
i haven't discovered
i haven't tried

that never discourage me..

in fact
they inspire me.. 
to strive 
to be the best version of me that i can possibly be

out of all people
why you?
why me? 
please continue to inspire me

remember me in your prayers peeps~
finish your assignments gracefully!! XD