Thursday, December 26, 2013 @ 4:58 PM  1 stares
Assalamualaikum and hi

yoyoyo wasaap wassap! 
haha i miss you soo much dear bloggie..
i miss everyone
my family, my friends, my crush especially..#ehh

most of all i miss myself!
i haven't had the time to read what i want to read
write what i want to write 
tell myself things that i want to hear

realized something?
this time around.. i didn't write any week 14 craziness post
well its because week 14, 15, 16 is super crazy..
and the craziness continues as we speak 

this sem alone i've created a website, learn how to make a promotional video, poster, magazine cover and also develop a game!
haha what am i taking again?
nope not graphics design 
not computer programming
not software development 

i wrote to the newspaper 
i learnt french and also their french culture
and also presented about the world trade center

oh i also learnt businessy stuff
developed a product
went for an interview
had a meeting, teleconferencing and what not

and those are only half of what i've been through the whole semester

3 more semesters to go!
what will do next? nobody knows
what will i do afterwards.. i wish i know!

times like this 
i just have to strive for the best 
and believe that God has everything planned perfectly 
even the craziness i'm going through
its a part of Allah's perfect plan

end your semester elegantly!!

Kelantan!! see you in February..
yep February .. 
I'll probably have camp and stuff in February..
and Semester 3 starts in march
Isn't it funny how crazy it is..

but i believe that if its God's plans for me
it is the perfect kind of crazy..