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Assalamualaikum and Hi

greetings my imaginary readers~
it has been soo long 
I bet my imaginary readers have imaginarily flown away by now 
(apparently my imaginary readers have imaginary wings~)

so any-who.. 
semester 4 in a nutshell
I literally didn't sleep most of the semester and now my body is messed up

and now i'm home.. 
drinking Iced Chocolate 
in a TALL & COOL Glass Mug
eating Homemade Burger Ayam Special
at Midnight

( I personally think it looks tastier when i write the relevant words with capital letter #ninaslogic)

so 3 months holiday?
what is it this time Nina? hahha

First on my list!

1) Making the most of the remaining 2 Weeks of Ramadhan!

with this.. I'll try my best to abstain from.... 
*mumbles a bunch of stuff I wish not to disclose here .. lolol

this year.. my older sister is getting engaged.. she said

"Daina tahun ni je ada nk terawikh2..nk gi masjid. nanti dah ada baby.. xkan nk bwk anak.. xleh nk gi tiap2 malam dah.. masa ni la nk kumpul pahala" 

and you know what.. she's right
what she said is not only applicable to those who are getting married ..
but to all of us

while we still have our youth
when we still have our strength..
this is the time to invest in our akhira
(cewah nina .. pndai guna perkataan "akhira" dah skarang)

we'll never know when we'll die.. cliche I know
we'll never know when we'll go senile
we'll never know when we'll loose our ability to worship Him
and we'll never know which of our deeds are accepted
maybe all
maybe none

not good enough for you
here's an argument you cannot beat..
neelofa pon dah insaf..
kita bila lagi~
woot woot!

2) Being a good daughter..
cliche betul post ni.. mentang2 dah lama x post

one of the things that I've been thinking of doing once i set my foot home is ... to be the worlds sweetest daughter!
my parents shan't go hungry as I am ze coook! muahahaha
my mom wont have to iron her own clothes
they shall not do any cleaning up while I'm home

....starting tomorrow...
hahaha.. I had to qada my sleep! i'll be sweet tomorrow!

3) Self-Improvement!

so here.. it's really all about me!
yep selfish me!

nothing to do with other people whatsoever

maybe making them jealous ..then YES


-Designing My Body

I want to post pictures of victoria secret's models ..
but.. tooo sexy 
so.. here you go..
no more fatso.. sumpah! 
alll my "beloved friends" I have been carrying around ..
you guys are not going to semester 5 with me!


-Designing My Future

many people told me 
"you've got the posture"
"you've got the looks"
*coughs.. hahahahhaa

"you've got the potential"
"you've got the talent"
"you've got the character"

"you're different"

"you can achieve many great just have to go for it "

I don't see it
but I do realize.. whatever IT is... 
I have to be more responsible..
I have to grow up
and design that awesome future people foresee me in 

not because of them 
but because of me
I want to see that girl that they see in me!
is she really that awesome 
I can assure you.. she will be!

and that includes

being punctual
accepting consequences 
stop making excuses
being proactive 
being more empathetic
 being calm in all the right situations
having the sense of urgency in the things that i have control off
having the patience to let things fall into place after putting in the effort 
and of course..
Believing that  His plans is the best among the rest!

this pretty much sums up what I want to achieve.. 
sounds the same as most of my posts?

sembang je nina ni..

well believe it or not..
they've helped me a lot in becoming the person I am today
and I am looking forward of the person that I will someday become..

have a nice ramadhan peeeeeeeps