Thursday, July 24, 2014 @ 4:19 AM  0 stares
Dear mother,

I love you dearly
no actions can describe it..
no words

at times i don't know what i did
to deserve a great mother such as yourself
And how i wonder
why god made an awful person like me
a daugther to such amazing mother

Every moment of everyday
i try my best to be the best daugther that i can be
but i always seem to fail,
To please you with what i do

the moments when i don't realize it
thats when you're mad at me
The moments when i seem to forget
To you they are moments you'd never would

I'm sorry i can't impress you with my grades
i'm sorry i don't know how to please you with my words
i'm sorry i don't do much with my actions

But tonight i'm asking for one thing and one thing only
let me go..for one night only
not that i don't love you
but because i do
i really do

let me go
to look for my heart
let me go
to look for the light

not to offend you
that its not with you
i really hope it is
how i wish it is true

But i lost it somehow
i left it..
and i miss it..
I didn't know i'd need it

let me go look for my heart
So that i love Him more
let me go look for my heart
so that i'll love you more
let me go look for my heart
so that i can love this being you gave birth to even more

This beautiful face
longs for a beautiful heart
the heart raised by two beautiful hearts
the heart i lost
and didn't take care of

I may not find it in one night
i may not find it ..maybe its out of sight

but let me go look for my heart
For only one night

maybe it will change me forever..
it just might

i lost my heart
my crooked heart

let me go find a new heart
a beautiful heart

As beautiful as yours
so it can love you as beautiful as you have been loving me