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do you know how much i love taylor swift?

the answer to that is.. i love her very much.. she has a great voice! and she's pretty too

she even hates joe jonas as much as i do!

if you cant hear clearly what she said .. she said

while pointing to the joe jonas doll
"and this even comes with a phone you see so he can break up with other dolls"

so obviously joe broke up with her ..

as for me i hate joe jonas not because he broke up with me
i hate him because :
  1. He's ugly
  2. Soo not handsome
  3. I prefer keroro's voice over his!
  4. Nick jonas is much cuter than he is..
  5. And there a guy in my class that looks just like him and same as joe jonas : they attract girls just because they're cold and selfish! (and call people "wide eyes" behind their back!!)
okay i'm not in the "bashing" mood so i'll stop here before joe jonas fans comes and kills me!

hurmm.. what was the point of this post again.. oh yeah

so joe jonas was dating taylor swift

taylor swift has a new music video with a christian underwear model called justin gaston
(who looks just like joe jonas from afar)

justin gaston is 20 years old.. IS dating miley cyrus who is 15/16.....
and they even moved in together ??? ..0__0

miley is in disney... her disney-mate : selena gomez is dating nick jonas

which leaves kevin jonas all alone! poor him! ...why? well because joe jonas was rumored that he left taylor swift for brenda song... haiz.. this love thing is wayy out of control!

and it is all ryan seacrest fault!.. hahaha i just love blaming him for stuff

oh heres another taylor swfit bash joe jonas moment!

maybe its just a publicity stunt to promote her new album "love song"
but i dont care.. the point is she hate joe jonas and i love her!

some people say "poor joe jonas"
but i say serves him right!
who on earth breaks up with a girl through the phone
and the worst part is .. its only 25 seconds!

all i know is now he has less fans than he used to...

okay i take back what i said...
apparently when he dumped her.. he got more fans?
how does that work?
crazy right????

the fixed fact that you should know is :
i would never be a fan of his!

and for your info.. i didnt look up joe jonas on the internet.. i just happen to bump into the 1st video in this post at youtube's featured videos page.. i didnt search joe jonas on purpose! ..
just making so we're clear :D

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