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inoo kei!! i love inoo kei so much by now you dont know how much i love him

its a good thing that theres not as "dose" of him as yamada or yuto .. if there is my love for him will overload!!

i downloaded a few paparazzi pictures.. when i think of it, i find paparazzi pictures a invading one's privacy but on the other hand it really brightens somebody's day! ^____^ ♥

(mcm tie skola teknik kan?)

so the ones that i downloaded.. no biggy .. but i actually printed.. no one.. not two but 5 of his picture.. i figure i'll miss him when i go back to school tomorrow so i printed.. plus my printer for the first time in my 16 year old life .. it has colour ink!! so it must be fate.. hahah (fate kepala otak!)

talking about fate.. i finished a drama about fate..

a drama based on a famous phone-novel in japan.. i would like to read this phone novel..

its a story about 2 people .. have the same birthday.. and met when they were 8... it turns out that they are in the same school and became friends.. and then the guy finds out the girl was the girl he met when he was 8 and then he confessed and they went out.. after this and that happens..

i love this drama soo much that i dont want to write about it..i would just ruin the story

in the end..
taka-chan died.. sara goes to university.. yuri and natsu have a baby together.. mitsu works as a packaging/delivery boy .. something to do with boxes.. mia works at a hair saloon and mei and akun together!

its a good drama.. in the end not many people die.. and everyone is in good term with each other.. really nice!! really sweet!! i cried twice.. but not as much as crying when i watch ichi rittoru no namida or 1 litre of tears..but i still hold a grudge against my friend who told me the spoilers for this drama that i already know mei is adopted from the begining of the drama..that causes my tears to not flow like its supposed to

i also like the piano version of 366 day

the end.. fyi its one of my favourite drama now..

after watching that drama there are a few things that i want
♥the pink bear sara gave to mei
♥original pocky.. the 1st time i bought it was rocky.. the 2nd time it's pocky but thailand version
♥the drama dvd.. even though i've downloaded the whole drama.. silly right?

[so much to write.. soo little time]

talking about dramas.. i'm currently watching Witch Yoo Hee.. AGAIN..

the 1st time i saw witch yoo hee was last year or the year before that .. i watch because of the senpai.. i mean senior.. joo ha sunbae..but it turns out he's the evil one in the drama so i stopped watching.

but then i got bored so i decided to give witch yoo hee another try..
heres what i can conclude so far

♫ All of the episodes are fun!!.. no matter what episode if you give it a chance and watch the full ep.. its really funny.. no one died.. no adopted person.. no one has cancer ..and no one has only 3 months to live

♫ Yoo hee's clothes (after she transformed) .. are really cute!!

(click on the pictures for a better view.. but kinda blurry..)

♫ You have 3 eye candy as a treat... the chef...the senior .. and the hero.. although they may seem not so handsome in the begining, as the storyline continues they'll grow handsome-er

♫ First love... you dont get that alot in dramas... its actually about a girl who doesnt have a boyfriend before.. and that i can relate!

♫ Ugly duckling into Pretty Swan... i love this kind of story..

♫ The love story is kinda sweet too.. heres one i've never watched before in other dramas

("i love you" note in popcorn.. you have to admit its kinda cute)

or maybe its already in other dramas that i havent watch i dont care..its sweet dont you think

also time meaning.. when you see the clock on11:11 that means someone is thinking about you.. and 4:44 means someone is talking bad about you

i've seen 11:11 once.. when i transfer school from kelantan to perlis.. maybe my gewe (best fren) was thinking about me! ♥♥♥

but i've never seen 4:44 .. thats good.. haha

for your info.. that is in ep 8... watch watch watch!.. haha
can i finish all 16 ep before this evening? ... i'm currently on ep 9 so 7 more ep to go.. can i manage?? (because i have to go back to school already)

talking about school .. i've already printed my chemistry homework and a list of websites that i can use to unblock blocked websites at school.. maybe not unblocked but just view the blocked website such as blogger, youtube,myspace(even though i dont care about myspace)

thats why everytime i go back to school theres no more my blog post from school..

but that will be over soon! ☺muahahaha

talking about blog post.. i've mention in my past blog post that i went to penang and then my birthday and the 1st day of puasa

well here is the story.. just in case i want to remember later on
or maybe i'll lose my memory (like sara in akai ito), i'm able to read about my trip to penang..

so my trip to penang ..
it was the 1st time i wear white tudung to go somewhere.. i only wear white tudung when i go to school but at the time i couldnt find my usual black tudung.. so white tudung will do.. oh wait.. i wore white tudung for last year's raya.. oh well ..who cares right?

how do i look in white tudung??

1st before we cross the bridge, we went to the penang before the bridge (god my english is bad!)
there i saw marhaban astro.. or something like that

i saw yazer af, edlin af, farah af, akma af.. pengacara x sedar diri his name is "something alam"..and then a few people i dont know.. all they did was yelling and yelling.. i dont know what was the point of the whole thing.. and it was on the 1st day of puasa too.. x senonoh btol

after that we went over the bridge.. using mom release a paper boat.. and it floats!

then we bukak puasa at nandos.. and saw a really huge tree.. and i'm writing this because the tree was really huge.. in the middle of the shopping complex place..

so the next day was the day before my birthday.. we went shopping.. my mom bought me paris hilton bag! i hate paris hilton but her bag line is really cute.. my mom picked 3 bags and ask me to choose one.. i choose the not so big not so small bag ..

i'm keeping that until raya.. besides my white bag is still in a good condition

talking about raya.. i havent bought my raya shoes yet at the time.. so my mom ask us (my little sister and i) to look at which ever shoes we like.. i was crazy with dollie shoes (the shoes that looks like the shoes a doll would wear).. but then most of the dollie shoes are not in my size.. but then i finally found one with my size

but then this shoes was not in sale.. but my pretty and loving and really understanding mother bought it for me anyway! hahah .. i love my mother 100000000000000trillion times than i did before!

as for my little sister, she didnt wasnt interested in any of the zillion shoes they sell.. she was determined to have a micheal jackson's golden pants shoes... haha .. what i means is she wants a really shiny shiny shoes that the colour looks like mj's golden pants

and we go there and go here.. after that we went home!
before that we bukak puasa again at kuala perlis..
no need to remember the bad dining experience we had there..
but the thing i need to remember : i ate everything! hahaha

and thats the end of our trip to penang!

i think i wrote too much! haha but i still want to write some more!

maybe this post is a little too long i should make another post ne~

well my next post is going to be about inoo kei again!

haha and also other hsj member.. matter yo.. might be another hour till i finish it..
jaaa ne~!

thank you for reading my long post!
i know you're eyes might be hurt by now..
arigato from the bottom of my heart!♥

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i'm gonna make you love me
♥ohh yes i will... yes i will...♥
i'm gonna make you love me
♫ohh yes i will... yes i will...♫

dan itu adalah lagu dari kumpulan play diiringi chris ape ntah name dier..
jgn perasan okay~!

x caye?? ish ish ish
nah tgk la sendiri :P

lagu ini ditujukan khas kpd inoo kei~~!!

(eh dah letak gambar ni ke belum??)

did you know something
inoo kei is not just a pretty face
and awesome dancer

he is also a university graduate!
hahah nanchatte~!

he didnt graduate yet but he's on the way!
he is an architecture student in meiji university

the university as yamapi.. but then yamapi graduated..
(f you're wondering.. i think yamapi took business)

nk tau dream girl inoo kei camne x??
x nak tau ?.. ahh takpe nk bagitau gak!

ni btol2 punye..( drpd majalah) x reka2

My Ideal Girl:

~Semi-Long hair with a slight wave
iye? baru jek potong rambut.. mcm tau2 je

~A pale face with large bright eyes is nice
muke x pale sgt.. takpe berusaha la camne pon!

~Clothes-wise anything’s fine, but clothes that are puffy and airy are nice.
puffy? camne tu? nanti kene beli ni!!

~On the bottom rather than pants I like the more girlish skirt style
aiyoo xleh ahh.. skrit panjang x lawa.. sorri ah yg ni

~For winter time, boots are cute
takpe kat cni xde witner .. xyah pakai2 boots

Girlfriend Requirements:

~Honest ..dah kurang dah menipu.. xpe berusaha lagi!
~Has a great smile senyum ^___^...cukup great x??
~Not self-centered self centrered diam2 je.. tapi slalu tolong org gak.. camtu leh x?
~Has dreams nk kene cari dream... tapi dah ade dah satu.. to be inoo kei' s wife! oh-K la tu~
~Good at cooking dah boleh dah sket2.. nanti blaja lagi!
~Likes cleanliness i lovee clean!!
~Doesn’t get tired of being together ngan inoo mne leh tired
~Only acts spoiled for me of crouse~~ manja2.. haha
~Cares for my dogs haram.. sorri .. kucing leh ah
~But, not a perfect person xcaye inoo nk camtu..sesuai sgt laa.. thats me!!

A Girl I can Have Fun Cooking or Something Would be Nice

I can’t cook so if my girlfriend could, I’d want her to cook for me. However, I’m not a “domineering husband” type of guy. If her cooking isn’t especially great, that’s okay, because then I could help her cook and we could cook together. I’d want her to teach me how to cook. Not with only cooking, but with other things too, rather than say “I want you to do it”, I’d say “Let’s do it together.” No matter what we do, if the to of us work together, then it’ll be more fun, right?

ok ok kte masak same2 yek!

I Would do These Special Favors for my Girlfriend

1.Shyly say kind things to her
2.Plan events to go to
3.If she catches a cold, diligently nurse her back to health
4.Call on days we can’t see each other
5.Take the lead


aiyooo.. ape la nk jadi ngan budak nii.....mesti org pikir camtu kan?
hmm tu la.. aku pon pikir camtu gak..

tahun dpn dah nk kene decide nk jadi ape.. sbb nanti ade interview tipu2 tu..
tapi lepas tu nk kene decide nk gi university mane.. kalo nk gi oversea mse trial tu trial tu kene dah perfect dah.. kalo x tunggu le sampai abis spm

tgk inoo kei dpt meiji university bhg architecture tu bagi kesedaran la sket.. dier idol tapi amik bhg architecture.. knape agak nye?.. memang dier minat eh?.. knape x amik bhg media ke ape ke kan?

hah ni list occupation yg boleh di-pursue oleh aku dah komen mengenainya

  • pilot... lepas spm tu 2 tahun je blaja driving plane tu..tapi ade ke pilot pompuan?
  • cikgu.. boring laaa.. xmo la ngan budak2
  • akauntant.. nanti amik akaun gak.. habis satu family-sanak saudara- semua amik akaun.. i want to be different
  • engineer... abg aku x lepas.. tapi isteri dier lepas.. mcm boring jek.. nama pekerjaan je best
  • doctor... best dak.. doctor nina.. ecehh.. tapi mual gak belah bdn org pastu tgk jantung dup dap dup dap.. tapi syok gak bile org tanye parent "anak watpe skarang" pastu dirog leh jwp " anak wat medik kat rusia, ireland, mne2 la"
  • architect.. huahahaha.. leh gi study gan inoo kan kat jepun? tgk bangunan2 ngan jambatan pon best gak tapi minat tu x mendalam
  • graphics designer... ade keje ke?? huuu xnak la wat kad kawin je
  • magazine editor.. haaa..yg ni memang duk terpikir-pikir duk termimpi-mimpi tapi xnak la wat majalah artist m'sia yg poyoss... nk wat pasal jepun korea je.. ngan fashion diorg
  • chef.. fuhh syok gile masak best2 .. tapi org ckp keje teruk kalo bukan head chef.. lagi satu kene masak pakai ingredients diorang bagi.. pork pon pork la.. kene masak gak.. tapi syok la kalo bukak restorant sendiri .. boleh buat tema.. restoran jepun halal.. atau pon restoran yg ade mcm2 tema.. musim sejuk, panas,bunga,luruh pastu jepun,korea,itali,thai,mexico.. wahhh mcm satu meja tu satu bilik tema khas..pastu ade tv pasang lagu yg berkaitan.. harga berpatutan
  • advertising.. keje kat advertising company.. kene reka advertisment yg baru2.. syok~! mcm dlm drama jepun (sapuri) & korea (witch yoo hee)
  • auditor.. ade kene mengena ngan akaun.. cikgu aku kata syok.. kakak aku kata x syok sbb bnyk penipuan .. cikgu aku lak syok sbb kene "cover" la kononnye..aku kalo camtu baik xyah.. rezeki x berkat.. bukan nk kutuk cikgu aku laa.. tu pendapat aku..
  • pelakon...penyanyi... aku x lawa.. xleh.. lagu pon suara cam keroro.. mne leh nyanyi.. ckp pon gagap.. tolong sket!
  • director.. screen writer.. yg ni syok!.. leh wat drama sendiri! leh keje ngan pelakon ensem2.. tapi nk jadi ni kat jepun la.. kat cni letih nk melayan pelakon2 yg x sedar diri .. keje gado ngan curi husband org jek.. sket2 scandal..
ape agaknye aku nk jadi... ape2 pon, aku ade lagi 4 bulan untuk decide..
help me!!!!!!!

dah la.. nk sahur dah.. kene pegi goreng ayam.. bye bye

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guess what?? i've break my own sleeping records.. haha

today i didnt sleep at all from night to sahur to zohor.. and then when i thought i was going to rest for a few minutes it turns to be 'rest' for four hours.. haha..but i'm amazed that i can do that

but i got a little crazy.. when my mom ask me to do something i kind of snapped (i do that all the time).. at some point i was really hyper and talking non-sense..something like a drunk person..and last but not least time flew so quickly..

but i'm trying to figure out, how exactly did i manage to do that when i couldn't even stay awake in class?

another record.. i notice my last2 post was was start posted at 3:00 am..thats kinda cool..
(oi nina!..on what planet is that cool?)

it looks like the side effect for "not sleeping when you're supposed to sleep" product not wearing off just yet.. i better do my chores now..

bye bye


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i love how the japanese and korean pronounce english

rakki... whats the real word?.. lucky
riidaa..... they're trying to say leader
which eventually leads to arashi's leader
ohno satoshi...

(watched arashi talk show today... thats something fun to do when you're bored)
come to think of it.. their name is really weird... Oh No!!
and there's You-know...yunho from dbsk

okay let continue with weird names
how do you pronounce UEE ?
i thought it was like U-ey
but it turns out.. her name is pronounced yui..
she's cute you know...

Uee from kpop group after school
(irrop-key turip.. hahaha)

but then if you say yui.. its another person
japanese singer yui..

she has a great voice... well her voice is cute

lets end the "weird name" section here.. i cant think of any ..
there are more like gdragon, top, se7en, eight, nine, ten...but then all of them are just stage names
not so fun to talk about..

the real reason i log in today is to post about inoo kei!!
i think already write 2 post about him but who cares

(inoo kei i the one with the hat.. the other one is takaki yuya..)

the 1st one is yabu.. the middle is yamada.. and last but not least
inoo desu~! kakoii jann!!
did i mention? he's 170cm tall
and only weights 48kg..
his bmi is only 16.6
which means he's underweight
but then he looks just normal

want to count your bmi??
(mcm iklan la pulak)

Calculate your BMI (body mass index)

Your weight: in KG
(e.g. 75)
Your height: in cm
(e.g. 185)

Your BMI:

BMI Evaluation:

BMI male BMI female
underweight under 20 under 19
normal weight 20-25 19-24
overweight 26-30 25-30
obesity 31-40 31-40
extreme obesity > 40 > 40

The Optimal Body Mass Index by Age:

Age optimum BMI
19-24 19-24
25-34 20-25
35-44 21-26
45-54 22-27
55-64 23-28
> 65 24-29

lets work hard to loose weight!!!!!
i wont tell my weight.. no way!!
no until i'm underweight.. huahaha

btw did you kow youtube has a new pause function
when you click on the video it automatically pause..
when you click the 2nd time it resumes.. hahaha
i'm such a freak to write something random like that..

hmm okay my to do list
eat less.. even though its fasting month, i eat non stop after dawn.. i have to stop that..
i also have to start studying.. when school reopens, it will be only 3 days of school
then a full week.. it doesnt bother me that much..
but then the next week is exam..selaras 4 .. which is the last exam before the final exam
i have to start studying
but it will be worth it because after that is hari raya!!!
i'm going back to kelantan.. woo hoo!!

other than that lets talk about what i've done..
i'e completed my chemistry task!
chapter 9 .. all i have to do now is print

its time for sahur now.. bye bye..

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Lets take a break~

nichkhun is sooo cutee!!

it turns out that he half chinese half thai
and somehow end up in korea.. haha

his english is also very good..

here's the prove

when another 2pm member sing this song.. tae yang or something, his english is no where near nichkun..

btw .. dont you think he's name is weird.. nichkun.. khunnie..

he's something different
but still not that good looking..
what exactly of his attracts attention?
who knows.. maybe his "cute aura".. haha

its has been a while since i last post something random like this..
this is fun..
i'll keep it up!

note to self : need to learn how to say "gambateh " in thai

about penang... maybe later..

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even though g-dragon kind of freaks me out...
but i have to admit, his song heart breaker is not as scary as i expect it would be...
but still.. that white hair of his has got to go!!

i do.. haha.. i'm not getting married but somebody in that song is..
well how am i suppose to know..i'm not korean
but the piano in there (the song in my blog) is nice dont you think?

back to gdragon..
♫you're my heart heart heart heart breaker ♫
yo're my moon moon moon moon racker
hahaha moon raker to donut tau... best woo donut tuu

ok now forget about gdragon.. i have found a better song

Toy-box - superstar

♫i am a superstar with a big big house and a big big car
i am a superstar and i dont care who you are♫

this song is also nice
supercell-kimi no shiranai monogatari

aiyoyo.. i'm song crazed right now.. theres like a 100 songs that i feel like putting..
i should stop here before this post is flooded with videos

i'll talk about penang and what happed later...
rasa mcmc nk layan lagu jek.. xnak buat pape dah


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♥Slamat Berpuasa♥
kepada semua yg berpuasa...
sbb ade gak yg bukan islam yg saje2 syok2 nk puasa so happy puasa la ye~!

syok tau pusa ni... bile lagi kite nk x makan tanpa org perli kite "diet ey?"
haha lagi ni adalah bulan dimana ape saje kite buat dpt pahala berkali ganda..
plus.. setan dah xde so kalo kite buat jahat bukan setan la kacau.. so kite ade acknowledgment bahawasanya kite memang jahat semulajadi..
(tapi saya anak malaysia baik sokmo~!.. heehee)

nape ek aku tetibe tulis post ni?
haaa.. saje nk record.. skarang dah kul brp?
7:48 am
awal nye nina bangun?
banyak la nina nk bangun awal2 cuti2 ni
nina x tido lagi.. hua hua huaa

ni second time dah buat keje camni..
hari tu buat sbb nk balik klantan kot?
so stay up laa sampai pagi..
tapi ade org teman .. chat la sampai pagi☺

kali ni melarikan diri drpd ym .. so x bukak la ym smalam
(jgn tanya kenapa)
so nina buat ape ek untuk stay up?
♥TGK DRAMA! hua3♥
dah lama x tgk drama sampai ternganga (until my jaw drop)
dan meleleh air liur

tgk drama

best woo.. semua org ade dlm citer tu
nodame, chiaki, masami, kiyora, mine-kun, taka-chan,
dan bnyk lagi.. syok la citer tu♥

post ni masih agak pendek = ade org tgh sedey
tgk la post sebelum ni pon pendek gak..
xpe laa..short and sweet kan?♥
simple but ..... ape ntah perkataan tu..
simple tapi semua isi dah cukup dah (pandai2 la tolong fill in the blanks)

haha syok la susun perenggan mcm tangga.. try buat.. best woo..♦
dah la.. dah letih.. tadi memang dah nk pegi tido tapi terigt nk record pencapaian terkini (drama & x tido lagi)

lagi satu .. nk pegi penang jap agi.. dlm kul 10 kot?
puasa pon kite leh jln gak..
puasa bukan halangan

nabi pon leh perang masa puasa..
kte nk jln no problem la kan?

♣dah la.. bye bye ..♣

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i dont want to remember anything about school as long as i'm at home..
i've decided (kimetan-desu!).. i dont want to remember about my current school or my previous school..

its turns out that makmal had done something much for perfect!
but i kind of understand why he did the things he did... but still..

so after what he's done.. i've decided to not feel anything for anyone anymore.. (budak ensem ker.. budak x comey ke... no thanks..).. at least until i finish spm!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009 @ 3:47 AM  0 stares
aiyooo boring nye tunggu citer load.... malas arh nk citer pasal "duk tgh tgk citer ape" ngan "citer ape yg diorang pasang kat tv" atau " wabak h1n1 yg melanda melaysia semakin teruk"

seperti yg di promise... (walaupon de org kisah pasal promise tu)...
meh nk citer pasal minggu aktiviti..

ok..1st. ape kebenda minggu aktiviti ni?.. okay lepas 1 sem mrsm tu buat la minggu aktiviti.. bagi budak2 dier relax je.. xyah susah2 pegang buku.. enjoy jek sattu minggu... (enjoy ke?.. seksa ade la) so tu la citer keseluruhan nye

1st day... hari kemerdekaan ..

semangat kemerdekaan..anak sapa la nie?

ada larian kemerdekaan.. budak2 laki lari keliling maktab.. ketua ldp naik basikal...budak pompuan tgk jek.. huahahahahha.... gambar di atas ialah kwn ku... sbb dier pegang bendera masuk la blog aku.. sape suroh pegang sgt bendera tu.. hahaha.. lagipon aku x amik gambar ngan bendera

mlm tu ade sambutan kemerdekaan lagi.. ada bunga api (yg aku x sempat amik gambar... tekan2 dpt itam jek)... mkn ubi ngan kopi... pakai pakaian 50-an...

ermm.. no comment..

yg ni... x brani nk komen..

2nd day... amali haji dan pengurusan jenazah..

mcm best jek bunyi nye.. tapi kitorg xde la main ngan jenazah .. tu fom 1 - fom 3... fom 4 buat2 buat haji... ada replika kaabah.. pastu gi melontar ... pastu mcm2 la... x sempat amik gambar..

lepas tu dah x igt dah hari ape buat ape... tapi ade la dier buat tayangan pasal "the sun"..

bukan newspaper tu.. the sun.. matahari la wei!...

agak menarik tapi homeroon aku buat bodo jek yg cikgu suruh tulis pasal bende tu.. aku dgn skema nye buat je la.. pastu diorang senang je hanta bende tu sedangkan tadi diorang yg buat bodo.. pape pon lepas tu kitorg amik gambar lagi... nk ilangkan boring

adik homeroom.. eh adik ke ?... ntah la..
nanti tanye balik birthday dier..

nk buat star tapi x brp jadi... huhu

aik? dlm love tu ape yg enterframe tu?

pastu .. ntah la bile.. ade freetime.. aku ngan kwn aku gi taman permainan anak2 cikgu.. hahah saje syok syok.. amik gambar...

slamat la glongsor tu x rosak... aih..

pastu.. hah..ade la pertandingan ikut kelas... kelas aku buat boria.. sbb cikgu matematik yg buat slot tu.. diorg nk ada kena mengena ngan matametik la... aiyoo.. mmg pelik giler ah boria tu.. tapi dpt la nombor 2... (sbb kelas yg nombor 1 tu tiru kitorg buat boria gak)

pastu ade lagi kitorang kene wat drama untuk bm lak.. yg tu aku x join.. mesti diorg igt aku sporting kan?.. lantak arh.. yg boria tu aku masuk pon diorg x perasan.. buat ape aku nk terhegeh-hegeh kat diorang kan?

tapi masa practise tu diorg yg terhegeh-hegeh kat aku.. mentang-mentang le aku ade camera.. org len pon ade gak, tapi aku ke yg bawak.. (nk kata aku bukan perasan aku sorang je yg ade)

papepon ni la gambar diorg

pikir2 balik... malas lah letak gambar diorang.. buat semak jek!

hahah jahat btol.. tapi ni kan blog aku.. suka hati aku laaaa

hah citer yg sebenarnye pasal minggu aktiviti ni.. ade la slot yg di-handle oleh bwp... setiap bwp pilih la ldp yg diorng nk guna untuk tolong diorang buat explorace..

ade la sorang bwp ni.. kte panggil dier bunga la ek.. bunga pilih la aku ngan sorang budak ni kte paggil dier budak x comey

citernye budak tak comey ni (laki) agak la comey..aku pon ckp la kat kwn2 aku yg aku rase dier tu agak nickname dier jadi la "budak comey" atau pon "q"

pastu aku pon try la ckp ngan dier pada suatu masa dahulu.. tapi dier respond dgn "pusing kepala, angguk, pusing balik"...

aku pon tension la dgn dier.. aku pon isytihar kat kengkawan aku yg aku dah x minat kat dier .. oleh sbb itu nama dier pon jadi la "budak x comey"

huu.. letih gak citer cam ni... so tibe2 bunga ni pilih aku ngan dier... masa diorg bagitau sape group ngan spe.. sampai je diorang sebut nama aku ngan udak x comey.. kwn2 aku pulak.. "nina2... nina dpt ngan budak x comey"... diorang lak excited lebih2... aiyoh

aku balik2 bilik tu.. aku pon bengang le.. dah x minat baru dpt chance cam ni.. aku pon decide untuk wat bodo jek..

explorace yg kene handle ngan dier tu asalnye explorace form 4 jek... explorace fom2 ngan ahli2 yg memang aku anti tahap cipan lah.. sampai la ade sorang budak pompuan ni kene masuk group yg dah ade 3 org laki sbb nanti xde org handle budak pompuan lak.. aku pon dgn cepat voulenteer untuk tukar group ..kesian la ..3 org laki sorang pompuan.. xke bahaya?.. pada waktu itu (waktu?).. aku tau langsung sape 3 org laki tu.. tgk2 salah sorang drpdnye ialah budak x comey gak.. aiyohhh!!!

tapi yg penting aku ibarat kluar daripada mulut buaya masuk dlm syurga.. hua3..
(over lak aku)

nk tgk gambar budak x comey x??

aku ade bnyk sgt sgt sgt sgt gambar dier
(bukan mcm makmal yg aku 1 gambar pon x dapat)

tapi xpe lah.. kte bagi yg x obvious sgt.. nanti mne la tau budak skola aku terjumpa blog ni.. mamapos gue..

yg mne satu?.. lu pikir la sendiri..
agak2 yg mane?

dah la.. ni dah kul 5 dah ni.. nk tgk nodame cantabile pastu nk tido~~!

jwpn kepada soalan tu?... tunggu je la.. kala ade mood aku bagitau... kalo nk tau gak tanye... tapi sure de org kisah pon .. kan?... k lah.. bye bye for now..

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Monday, August 17, 2009 @ 12:36 AM  0 stares
jeng jeng jeenng~~!!

ada cuti lagi... lagi lagi ada cuti lagi~!
(nyanyi mcm lagu "jatuh cinta lagi" tuh)

theres 2 people positive h1n1 in my school
so the day i have to go back to school,
i went to penang instead
hua hua hua
(nyanyi mcm lagi apek tu..-> )
1 kali hua
2 kali hua
3 kali hua
hua hua hua

sebelum gi penang to singgah skolah jap.. amik laptop tersayang
tgk2 la kat kelas kalo2 ade org tinggal kertas exam bi yg bermain di minda
tgk2 .. bukan aku punye pon.. si amer punye jek belambak atas meja aku tuh.. dasar !@$#%$
haha lawak jek..amer2.. tau la tempat ko x syok.. jgn la kaco tempat aku..

lagi ape lagi aku nk merepek?..
ahh pasal minggu aktiviti tu.. nanti ah.. malas lak
ah! meh ckp pasal gi penang
x syok pon.. cari citer akai ito..

cari punye cari..jumpe yg ori..
drama version 36 ringgit movie version 16 ringgit
baik x yah.. aku rela download!

[..downloading ep3..]
mesti org tanye.. nape x tgk online jek?..
(tak tanye pown.. hua3)
ep 2 ngan 3 kene download sbb

"opps video not available "
ep 11 pon bak kata mysoju - broken
so mungkin la kena download
best sgt ke citer tu?
sweet sweet eh?
ntah lor.. citer dier cam biasa2..
menjadikan citer tu agak la syok..
tapi nanti sure dier jadi complicated.. xtau laa

klah.. nk try tgk citer len sementara tu.. xleh bazir masa cuti ni
cuti ni sampai bile?.. sampai bile2.. haha xde la.. sampai 31hb

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Friday, August 14, 2009 @ 3:40 PM  1 stares

nina : little bear.. what are you doing???...
bear : cant you see?? i'm screaming!!.. kaco jek.. ARRGGHH
nina : lorh.. igtkan duk gelak tadi..nk join leh?
bear : sile2..
nina : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
bear : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

mesti korang duk pikir.. nina ngan bear ni pape tah.. ni mesti bengang ni.. sape lak kali ni?..
jawapanye.. xde sape.. saje je.. release tension..hehehe.. boring x tau nk wat ape dah sbb semua pon dah

  1. tgk drama...Atashinchi no Danshi!

  • best la jugak.. yoshikawa-san jadi host..(osamu mukai)..yg x best nye citer ni.. kwn aku dah citer dah sumer part best2.. spoiler btol! so balik2 skola je aku marah dier sbb bnyk sgt spoiler dier bagitau.. bukan spoiler.. semua detail dah siap tercerita dah so tgk citer tu jadi x syok..
  • pastu maki horikita jadi main lead la dlm citer ni.. aku rase dier x comey.. sampai la bbrp saat yg lalu aku terserempak dgn... gambar dier.. agak comey la plak

so dgn ini sy mengakui bahawa maki horikita agak la comey..

2. Boy over flower ..chinese punye version?
tak tak... aku x tgk ..cume nk inform ade chinese nye version pulak

taiwan : meteor garden

jepun : hana yori dango

korea : boys over flower

cina :meteor rain

jangan ade melayu nye version dah laa...
komfem geli

3. dah letih dah buat bende ni.. tulis cam biasa balik leh?

bnyk la bende aku buat... download lagu yg haram x best pon..
download citer yg storyline dier aku boleh relate la.. tapi boring lak citer tu
try tgk citer jepun.. tapi boring gak..
nk try sambung bof tapi boring gak
load citer satu ni.. tapi rase mcm malas nk tgk.. gambar dier blurr
so skrang dah xtau nk wat ape

nk citer pasal minggu aktiviti hari tu.. ade something interesting berlaku...
tapi tunngu la sampai 20 hb.. laptop tinggal kat maktab so xleh nk tranfer gambar..

ahh.. ade lagi satu... karangan~~!!!
haha bukan nk buat karangan lah!!.. dont panic... nk citer pasal karangan.. tapi mungkin gak jadi karangan..

hari tu exam kan... tajuk yg dier bagi untuk karangan BI semua pelik2.. x pernah aku dpt soalan camtu.. baru aku terigt.. memang masuk fom4 ni tajuk karangan jadi sronok sket.. mcm kite nk buat ape ngan sejuta ringgit .. dan lain2..

tapi yg hari tu xde la camtu.. karangan dier lain terus . dier bagi pilihan soalan.. yg aku igtnye

1. start karangan dengan "he didnt believe me when i said..."

2. end kan karangan tu dgn " i was really lucky that day."

3. tulis pasal "a friend in need is a friend ineed"

pikir punya pikir.. nombor 2 tu xde idea la nk wat.. nk slamat buat nombor 3 ah...pegang je pen tu.. tibe2.. eh nombor 1 boleh buat syok2 sket...

aku pon buat la nombor 1.... aku x tau la ape jadi ngan karangan tu tapi hasil nye leh dpt 80.. satu-satu nye orang yg dpt A... budak x comey ngan samak xleh nk catch up pon (bdk2 yg agak tere bi)..

hari yg patutnye aku dpt balik kertas exam bi tu aku demam.. gi hospital.. so x dpt la kertas tu.. x tau la brp ribu org bace tapi komfem malu kalo ade org bace.. aku suke hati je wat cam diary aku.. padahal cikgu check.. siap puji2 diri sendiri lak tu.. ish3..

camne ye nk citer pasal karangan tu.. cuba bygkan post2 yg lepas2 yg aku tulis pasal makmal... yg aku tulis full bi... hah macam tu la.. tapi bukan makmal.. org len.. lagi hebat lak tu citer dier .. bukan citer betol la .. rekaan semata-mata.. 45% je btol..(^__^)v

ini serius.. duk pikir pasal kertas tu pon malu weh... huhu.. tgk ah kalo igt bwk balik 20hb ni aku scan.. hahaha... k lah nk mkn ..lapar la plak duk pikir nk tulis ape yek kat cni

brckp pasal makanan... percaya x ade org 164cm berat dier 39kg ??

di samping itu.. aku turun 2 kg lagi~~!!...
goal : turun sekurang-kurangnya 6kg lagi by hari raya!! fightinggg~~~!!

klah.. bye bye for now... mlm ni lak kot kalo ade blogging mode..