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obviously i still havent gotten over snsd's run devil run..

taeyon = wow .. yuri = woah.. sunny = prettier than always.. and yoona = err..
kesha's version of the song is nice too.. haha.. sort of funny..

talking about devil's that have to run i seem to be one of them..

i have to run away from the teachers at my school
that will ask for their homeworks to be send in this sunday.. and that will ask about my marks on their subject and how did it get that way
i have to run away from a friend of mine
that will ask me about the book she asked me to buy.. which i didnt.. haha.. on purpose..

i have to run away from my own guilt
which i got from breaking my own laptop
breaking my own mp3

and breaking my mother's previous laptop
+ using my handphone's internet connection until the line got barred

and last but not least
i am forced to go away from my beloved place i call home
well duhh... i have to go back to school which mean no more civilization for another month more torture and cruelty towards the weak (me) no mp3 to accompany me!!

and thats about it.. the real reason i'm posting is...

to announce that : i finally wear a shawl to go out!!

i think i look prettier in normal tudung but a shawl is OK too

also i want to show off a new member of my family


for more pictures.. (of me or papa junior) go to my facebook page

and a message to syamimi :

comey laa gambar awk hop nih.. Sweet jah

haha okeh.. see you next month!...
i have to continue my AMAZING journey through Homework Wonderland
join me if you dare~

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Friday, March 19, 2010 @ 2:03 AM  0 stares
can anyone tell me a creative way to start a post?

well i guess this just became one of it.. haha

well since i last posted... i have gone through ALOT and i dont even know where to start..

but first lets start with kpop

have you heard snsd run devil run?... everyone is pretty... except yoona... and this time she really does looks ugly and i'm not just saying because i'm jealous of her..

i now admit that SOMETIMES, yoona is sort of pretty
(you dont know how hard it is for me to admit it)
look at this

ok enough yoona.. lets go back to my life
let me summarize it all and divide it into 2 parts

At School
  • activity week... countries of the world : my class did japan..i wore a kimono which i borrowed from a friend.. our class did the dance by ayumi hamasaki using the song trauma...afterward i wore normal tudung and turn some heads..haha
  • Kem at Bukit Wang : got to speak kelantan.. and did dikir barat~!... and i discovered my fear of heights... and also i made a few friends..(friends?)
  • Hari Sukan!... my rumah sukan did an otai thing.. when the perbarisan was held the president yelled "up" and then we raised our hand... and then the president said "lambaii~" and then we wave... our mascot was a butterfly catcher and a butterfly.. during the perbarisan they run run run.. of crouse we won.. well kinda
  • exam.... i dont like to talk about it.. the end
[gambar akan menyusul : next holiday]

During This Holiday

  • i learnt how to solve the rubicks cube and got love letter.... love letter as in the food..(refer picture above) haha.. i dont know what its called but theres the folded version of the food and i call it love letter
  • during my trip back to kelantan.. i ate nasi kak wok, got sick, ate at sri chengmai, went to kbmall, went to wakaf che yeh and ate nasik kerabu.. oh yeah and nasi kukus.. because i got sick, i didnt gained any kilos .. haha
  • i tried to wear a shawl... but still dont have the guts to wear it outside the house.. haha
  • bought a blue tedddy a pair of pants and a few other things i dont remember
  • my mp3 broke... my laptop is in permanent damage for now.. huu
  • when i got back to perlis... i downloaded a few songs..and changed my layout as you can see
and that is about it... i guess i should start my homework now...

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