Monday, February 15, 2010 @ 4:09 AM  0 stares
daydreaming,eating, listening to music, downloading music, watching videos, watching tv and talking..

whats that?? ( a hat!.. crazy funky junky hat!..haha)
nope not a hat... just my activities for the past 4 days and as a result, i have a tonnes of homework waiting for me.. aiyoyo... and i also i planned to look back on what i missed out, turns out i'm 2 steps back...

the last 4 days were such a waste!.. i need to manage my time better!

but the one thing i like the most about this holiday is.........i get to chat with my best friend!!
we talked about A ... and I and somehow got to S...hahaha it was crazy! i missed talking stuff like that... i dont get to talk about that kind of stuff with my new friends...

talking about new friends.. its a birthday of one of my friend today.. 14th dec... so its valentines day, chinese new year and birthday for her.. but unfortunately my phone's network had some problems.. so i cannot wish! or contact any other friends of mine

so anyway, i started on my homework a few hours ago... i manage to finis history and chemistry's peka...

undone? : biology (cny angpow)... chemistry (buku ruj. kat skola).... add mat analisis... bnyk sgt laa..

my head is filled with infinished homework!! ottokae?? i'm not even in the mood to write a decent blogpost!.. waaaaaa... i cant to transfer back to my old school!! x tahan!! help me!!


Saturday, February 13, 2010 @ 4:25 AM  1 stares
and again.. the list of songs i heard since i got back

  • morning musume - onna ga medatte naze ikenai
  • snsd - oh!
  • hyunA ft beast - change
  • buono - our song
  • seeya, davichi, t-ara - wonder woman
morning musume... i like their song!.. the all of them are soo pretty...

as for snsd... i like the song.. very catchy.. and ui love seo hyun's hair.. just that the song sounds abit like rihanna's shut up and drive dont you think?

hyunas song... modooda change.. i dont like it so much but she's pretty when her hair is crurly in the video...

buono's song?.. not diggin' it.. miyabi is pretty tho

and last but not least wonder woman!! i love kang min kyung! she's pretty... the song is okay i guess..the dance step ? : no thank you ..i wont memorize it!

other than that i heard the song my fcuz.. jiggy... i hate it!! haha... well not really hate. but it just wont stick to my head

one think that WILL stay in my head... haha.. makmal!! ... i found another picture of him where he looks alot better! haha... yay!

what else.. there was a parent teacher student meeting.... it was something all right

BM : the teacher said i'm very quite in class... and i dont ask question and do things wrongly.. huuu

BI : "she is excellent in her writing.. but she dont talk much in class.. "

MM : the teacher said i'm in one class a great students... and i'm not one of the great ones so i have to put in alot of effort..waaaaaa

ADDMAT : i failed 2 quiz... so i have to sit infront!

FIZ : "any thing is easy if we have the right mind set!"

CHEM : "Dont cry.. you just need a put in your effort"

BIO " you got improvements... keep it up! ask questions!"

PAI : "an apple a day keeps the doctor away"

SEJ : "history is important!!"

AK : you will be sitting for your exam when school reopens so study!! "

and i cried 3 times during the meeting... during addmaths, chemistry and agama! hahah... dont ask why... i have my reasons!

thats all for now.. i'll write later... i'm not really in the mood to add in pictures, videos and details... bye