Saturday, January 29, 2011 @ 5:41 PM  2 stares
mimpi yg best gila???..what comes to mind when you hear something like that?..
hahahaha... jgn pikir pelik2!!! please laaaaaaa....hahahaha

when you dream of something that you really want to have
that is actually a gift from heaven!

you feel like you're living that dream
you get to feel the whole experience
maybe you might feel sad when wake up and realize its over
but somehow it gives you hope that i can actually happen
and make you work harder and strive!!

guess what i dreamt of?..
me going to overseaaaas!
it was soo cooollll
i went to japan!
and a push a trolly full of candies
and giving them out to dyslexia kids
who spelled the word mawi like this -> Maiw
soooo cuteeee....
and then a kid form my school showed up
what?!?! why?!?! i have no idea...

and then i was on top of a bridge with 2 of my japanese friends
they were soo cute! the look like superstars!
and then the a japanese girl came and talked one of my friends
they're not really on good terms with each other..
after the girl leave...the bridge suddenly shake

and then i woke up having to go to the toilet!
overall it was a fun dream!

tomorrow ... i have driving class!!!
10 more hours to finish before i can take the driving test!
it took me a whole day to finish 3 hours
so 10 hours would mean another 4 days at least!
i hate going there.. can i not?!??!?

driving is soo boring and not to mention dangerous!


Thursday, January 27, 2011 @ 11:29 PM  4 stares
pernah dgr tak lagu malique dan najwa - senyum??

hey, cantik luar cantik dalam, cantik dengar sini
kalo senyum, cantik senyum, mesti cantik lagi
senyum sikit nk tgk ada tak lesung pipit
kalo x ada pon aku masih mau cubit

kacak luar kacak dalam, kacak dgr sini
kalo sy senyum, awk mesti snyum skali
kalo kta senyum, semua org berjangkit
bila semua org senyum, dunia tiada penyakit

senyum!..tak perlu kata apa-apa

haha percaya atau tidak.. bende ni REAL!
senyum akan menyelesaikan semua masalah!

proven by me!!

on the first day i was a girl who cannot stand being scold
i cannot handle being scold at.. no even a little.. i'll break down and cry!.. seriously
i was scolded by my chemistry teacher until i cried for a week! non stop!! believe it!!!

Now i'm a girl who knows just what to do when she get scold...

here's the story :

i'm the kind of girl who's always the last to get to class but never get caught..

one day.. i wasnt so lucky..
seperti biasa.. org terakhir masuk kelas = aku!!..
masuk2 drpd pintu blakang tu .. tgk2 cikgu dah ade kat depan.. adoooii.. satu kelas pusing!...

ade yg muka diorg berkata "padan muka"
konfem ada yg kata dlm hati "akhirnya kena tangkap gak dia ni!!! "

biase la kan.. sebab hari2 sampai lewat..
org len sampai lewat kena rotan.. aku ni dah otai bab2 lewat ke sekolah ni.. so pandai la aku melepaskan diri!!..muahahaha

tapi nk wat camne.. hari tu dah lewat.. cikgu tu pulak on time.. aku lagi la masuk pintu blakang! bayangkan!!!! anyway nk watpe.. terus la aku ke hadapan kelas...

sebelum sampai ke meja guru tu ...

gilap mata sket bagi berkilat... buat muka innocent sket dan senyum lebaaar + lesung pipit... mata bukak luas2.. haha

nina : (seyumm + muka innocent) "cikgguuu... tadi sy memang dah siap awal dah.. tapi masa nk amik tu hanger terputus.. baju terus kedut sbb dia kain licin tuu cikgu.. pastu sy kena iron satu set balik..minta maaf cikgu"

cikgu : (pon buat muka marah yg comel) "kamu ni macam2... tu warden tahu tak kamu datang lewat ni?"

nina:(senyum selebar yg boleh) ..."heeeeeee ^____^....nope... heeee^________^"

cikgu tu pon tersenyum
cikgu : "haa.. nasib baik tak tau .. kalo tak kena rotan dah kamu nii"

aku pon meneruskan senyuman!
nina : "heeeeeeeeee"

cikgu : "haaa..len kali jgn lewat dah...dah gi duduk lah... "

nina: (still senyum)"terima kasih cikgu... minta maaf cikgu"
(lalu menghulur kan tangan ...nk salam)

masa nak salam tu nampak laa wajah2 budak kelas... eye rolling semuanya..sebab cikgu tu selalunya marah2 non stop bila org wat hal ngan dier.. tapi trip aku je cikgu tu lepas... senyum2 plak tuu...

dlm hati konfem budak kelas aku kata
"terlepas lagi"
"buat2 baik la tu"
"mentang2 la muka dia cam baik" my classmates hate me...ada aku kesah??...yg penting aku dah lepas ngan cikgu!! muahahaha

berkali-kali peristiwa sebegini rupa terjadi kepadaku..
(cehh...try wat ayat novel konon )
tapi SENYUMANKU telah membantu aku memboloskan diri

haha teringat lak!...

the moral of the story is..

wei xiao de!!
Warrate yo!!
xperlu kata apa2..


Wednesday, January 26, 2011 @ 9:00 PM  4 stares
suddenly i feel like going overseas!!!

i want to take awesome pictures wearing a white very furry coat! and my face would get all puffed up in it! and i'm freeezing even though the coat is super thick

i want to sleep under the water and go scuba diving next to sharks and stingrays and take underwater pictures

i want to wear a kimono.. wait ! i did that already!... i want to wear sleep under the falling sakura~!i want to take a sakura flower and put it in my book~! (mcm bunga kering gitu)

i want to slide and ski on the snow.. i even want to lie on the snow and make really HUGE snow angel... and i want to make a snowman and a snow woman kissing! hahaha.. and one snow man got it head chop off my its snow-son! hahahaha

i want to wear one of those really big hats and go around smiling to people i know like i'm a cool foreigner!!

suprisingly.. i want to climb the highest mountain and feel the fresh mountain air

even though i might be very lelah when i get the top...
i also want to go and see why kuzcoo like machu pichu soo much

parisssss~~~! capital city of romance and fashion!.. i also want to eat their bread just to see whether its any different from Fairy's bread

i want to wear something like cleopatra and pose infront to the pyramid

and this one?.. i just want to stand next to it and doing one of those model pose like the one you seen in ANTM

yeah this too! imagine wearing a really gorgeous couture dress and just standing there in that picture

i'll to anything to get there!

this too!!

i dont mind where i go as long as i get to see something new somewhere

i dont mind where as long as i'll have a story to tell my family, friends and grandchildren

even if its a really isolated land somewhere out there! i'll go! there's no doubt about that
what's important is the experience that i can call my own!

hopefully my spm result will get me somewhere!
my teachers may laugh when they read this
my schoolmates may say i'm just talking big
i may not be the best student in the school
but i know i'll get there somehow..
maybe not with my spm result,
maybe there's a bigger chance out there for me later!
somewhere, somehow!..

let's see who'll have the last laugh!

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Monday, January 24, 2011 @ 1:16 AM  4 stares

i'm soo happy :)

sleeping..shower...eating...sleeping...eating... wash my face..eating... online.. television...sleeping

30% of my day i sleep
30% of my day i eat
20% of my day i take care of my hygiene
20% of my day i enjoy myself

in between those stuff and also during the activities above..
  • i daydream my heart out!
  • i talk to my self!
and last but definitely not least :

i look into the mirror

and say
"mirror mirror on the wall..
just so you know, I'm the prettiest girl in the world.."

hahaha.. dont really say it out loud.. just in my heart!
i'm afraid the mirror will break if i say that out loud..

god i seriously need to find something better to do!..haha..
in the mean time, i'll stick to my current routine!

i'm lovin it!


Saturday, January 22, 2011 @ 4:15 PM  7 stares
i hate it
when i try soo hard to forget about something
and indulge myself in my own world
and i was laughing without any worries what so ever
the thing i tried to let go comes back and glued itself onto my mind!
its going to take days even weeks to get it out again!!
why does it have to go on like this...

i've had a hard time trying to for get about a person..
everyday, hoping he'll approve my fb request (hahaha)
just when i've decided that it didnt matter
and just when thought i''ve forgotten about that person
that person shows up in my dream
i'm confused of my feelings
but more importantly : i'm mad because he interrupted my sleep!!!!

when i hear about someones feelings about me
it made me think..i thought about it too much until i get paranoid with myself
just when i've decided to stop to care about what people feel about me
that person comes back and make me think again and again
my heart beat rate increases so suddenly
but more importantly : i'm mad because he interrupted me watching Oh My School!

Can i NOT think about that?
its really disturbing!
i want to enjoy my SPM holidays without heartache and more importantly HEADACHE!
I DONT NEED A LOVER..I DONT NEED A MAN (except my father)
i have more than enough love from my family and friends..
but thanks for the offer!...i'm really flattered!


Friday, January 21, 2011 @ 12:44 AM  2 stares
Do you know what it feels like to be so bored until you're too lazy to do anything and in the end you just choose to sleep

Do you know what it feels like feeling some kind of tense inside you and just feel like to knock the table without any reason and make weird but cute sounds!

Do you know what it feels like to take alot of pictures of yourself and get fed up because it always turns up the same (good but its just the same old pose, same old angle, same old clothes!, same old pretty face... wait a minute!..who are you calling OLD?!?!)

Do you know what it feels like to talk to yourself and pretend to talk to someone and at some point you're feel embarrassed for that thing you just did

Do you know what it feels like to go blogwalking and found blogs that interest you until you couldn't stop looking at their past post until their FIRST post

Do you know what it feels like to go blogwalking and found blogs that doesn't attract your attention at all ..infact you feel fed up with the things silly thing the blogger stands up for
..or maybe just the ads in their blog which annoys you and make you want to click X even tho the blogger saying something good

hahaha... thats what i feel like most of the time!...feel free to laugh! i don't mind!


today i prepared lunch boxes for my parents!!! sweet huh??? hahahaha
so cutee!!! imagine them going to school with the boxed lunch i prepared!

and please understand that my parents works at school... they are definitely not the students !

last but not least i'm just going to blow off some steam!

Apa punya cita indon!!!!!
lirik lagu cam cakodok "subahanallah, ku mencintainya"...
ooo time lovey dovey igt tuhan ke??...boleh caye ke??

time nak mati duk dlm ambulans dah nazak dah : sempat lagi si pompuan tu gi hulur tangan dia nk pengang laki tuh!! x sedar diri!! dah nk mati mgucap lerrrr!! yg laki tu xnak pgang.. buat bodo jek : pompuan tu pon cover :hulur la tangan kat best friend (pompuan gak) yg ada kat sebelah tu... best friend pon x guna : amik tangan si pompuan tu suh laki tu pengang!! ... hahaha semua pakat xnak pengang tangan si heroin...

tu satu example... nk mati pn x igt tuhan .. duk igt kat boyfren tuh
lagi satu : cita indon ... bila dorang dah hepi, kawen bla bla x semayang pon
pegang sana, pegang sini.. buat itu buat ini (eiiiuuuwww)
bila dah susah .. kena buli baru la nak tadah tgn mintak doa!

adohaiii.. pakai tudung elok2, buat prangai pelik lak... benci aku ngelih!...

lagi satu.. citer AKU MASIH DARA tu...
geli la wei tajuk dier...
aku yg still dara pon malu ouh kalo nk gi movie tuh ..

byangkan.....bayang jangan x bayang!!
Kite adalah gadis yg complete pakej... muka clean and clear..gigi putih melepak!..tudung menjadi gila2..bgi yg free hair rambut straight soft and silky...dari ujung kepala hingga hujung kaki memang style abes! kemana sahaja - menarik perhatian

suatu hari .. trase nk gi tgk movie ngan kwn2... pegi la... beli la tiket yg tertera TERANG2 kat atas tu ..tajuk : AKU MASIH DARA... seat : paling strategik... dewan : paling best pnya! 3d siap! hahaha....

tibe masanya.. nk masuk dewan dah.. ternampak penjaga tiket.. ensem abes! walaupon pakai uniform, rambut tetap style.. muka Prince Charming... susah sgt nk senyum.. ambik tiket tanpa perasaan.. hot laah!!

bile kte approach kat tempat masuk tu.. riak muka prince charming itu sedikit berubah.. seolah-olah terpegun ngan kte... kte pon tersenyum tersipu-sipu malu

kebetulan(cam citer korea) org len dah masuk, tinggal kte sorang je nk..padahal prince tu sje melengah-lengahkan nk amik tiket kte... kikiki....bile org len dah masuk, prince tu pon memulakan perbualan... sembang sket2 tau la bahawasanya dia juga menunggu result spm same cam kte...gelak skit.. senyum banyak.. bla bla bla

kte pon cpat2 excuse diri takot terlepas opening....nk beli popcorn agi....takot x sempat!

Prince charming tu pon dgn penuh berkarisma mengambil tiket yang kte hulur dgn penuh ayu! .... konfem la prince tu tgk tajuk cter yg kte tgk tu....


prince tu pon muka cam tahan gelak jee....

ADOHaiiiiii... kalo aku la... aku malu.. gali lubang sumbat muka !!!...
maksud aku, kalo kte memang dara x perlu la nk clarify satu dunia..
ble tgk promo cte tu trus pkir :" ni syurga cinta versi pompuan ah ni"
balik2 story bdak2 yg sosial terlebih.. boring aku!.. i'm not like that okay~!

haha what do you think?
kalo benda camni jadi??
how would you feel??
still bangga??
... jwb2 jgn x jwb!...


Wednesday, January 19, 2011 @ 6:18 PM  2 stares
yes! its true! i have proof!..

eh wait.. whats the difference between proof and prove?...

click here.. click there..
I've got it!!
(mcm mr bean)

Prove -
to establish the truth or genuineness of, as by evidence or argument: to prove one's claim.

Proof -
Printing . to take a trial impression of (type, a cut, etc.).

well that didnt make any sense!

moving on..
i have proof (or prove)
that i have been
[ mcm la org len x masak, nina oii!..]

my hands smell like onions..
i'm afraid to touch my face and my eyes!!

hmm how to solve this???


  1. Take a tablespoon or more of everyday table salt in the palm of your hands. Mix with cold water into a paste, then rub all over your hands. Rinse off and dry. Not only will the salt get rid of the odor, but it'll also exfoliate your hands, making them much softer!
*runs off and try...

It worked!!!!! YAY!!and my hands are as soft as a baby's bottom..
well.. better than that actually.. haha..

but there's still a little more smell because my fingers are incredibly long XD..
so i used some hand sanitizer! and tadaaaa... onion smell free- hands!!

you can also try
rubbing with sugar..
or maybe toothpaste..
and, if you're THAT rich : you can also use peanut butter..
but not all at once! hahaha

But ...WARNING~!!
DONT!! and i repeat
DONT EVER wash your hands using hot water! (to get rid of the onion smelll)
this is because it will open up the pores in your hand, allowing the smell of onions to enter and maybe STAY there!

now i'm eating super ring to celebrate..
my super soft hands are now officially super orange
and sticky.. haha

f.y.i : today i cooked
  • kari daging
  • telur dadar
  • ubi+ ayam yg didadu - pedas goreng.. uhh xtau ah nk panggil apa
  • hot chocolate...
as for my quest!
  1. i'm updating my blog right now.. so, one point for me!
  2. i havent checked my fb yet so far
  3. i cooked! ..duh..the 2 plates thing.. : working on it!
  4. my adventure to look for the card reader had lead me to find unexpected things that i don't really understand!.. if this continues i'm going to just buy a new one! i don't these mysterious things to haunt my mind now that i know it is there!
  5. will work on the others as the day goes on! .. hehehe..
thats all for now.. i'm going to get rid of this orange thing out of my hand..

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@ 2:10 AM  2 stares
Guess what?!?!..

today i cooked a full course meal...
Rice, Fried Chicken, Ikan Bilis Pedas, Sup Sayur + Keropok!
+ Nina's Special Coffee [got a thumbs up from my grandma]

and it was pretty good if you ask me!.. i was a little bit sad because it doesn't really seem like my parents enjoyed it!.. or maybe they were just tired...

but at the end of the day.... licinnn...hahaha
(although i think i was the one who finish up most of it)

it's up to them to like it or not...
i'm just trying to help them feed me!!

tomorrow's menu?
.... well you're going to have to wait until tomorrow...

i want to upload the picture of the food i cooked but my memory card reader is somewhere over the rainbow.. and i have to find it fast!!

that leads us to my very own

13 Days Quest!!!

starts Wednesday January 19 2011

in this last 13 days of January I'm going to these things below
  1. I am not going to check my facebook... not even once! haha.. haha i constantly check my facebook account which made me feel kind of down when theres no new I'm going to enjoy my facebook free days and see how it goes!
  2. I'm going to update my blog everyday and fill these last 13 days with fun and adventures..even if i just sleep all day, i'll make sure that i at least dream of something interesting! if not, i'll make up a story or something!
  3. I'm going to look for my lost card reader.. if i cannot find in by the end of january.. i'm getting a new one!
  4. I'm going to be helpful around the house.. my parents are not to raise a finger!..
  5. I'm going to ride every exercise equipment in the house for at least 5 minutes each, everyday!
  6. I'm going to finish this 3 books : how to speak confidently-menjadi individu menarik-panduan sembahyang yang betul ... hahaha dont laugh at me okay!.. i have my reasons !
  7. I'm going to "Sembahyang Full"...sejak balik dari sungai petani ari tu, kejap semayang kjap tak.. tak elok ouh!!!.. oi ni patut nombor 1 cik nina oi!!!
  8. I'm going to try making as many dishes as possible!!.... Chef nina?? what do you think? .. hmmm..oh yeah.. i'm going to eat limited to only 2 plates per meal..lalalalala.. hahaha
  9. I'm going to update my phone... new theme perhaps? screen saver?? delete some old songs..
  10. hmm.. nk wat pe agi ek?... I'm going to take extra care of my hygiene... prevent zits and such! lagi cepat ilang, lagi cepat leh gi jumpa kengkawan skola rendah/menengah/ mana2 yg sewaktu dgnnya!
well wish me luck!
another busy day as Chef Nina waiting for me tomorrow..
byebye for now!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011 @ 12:46 AM  0 stares
someone please tell me what is the meaning of this??

*~*~*Jantung Hati*~*~*
Jika anda bermimpi, memimpikan si jantung hati, bermakna akan ada suatu kebahagiaan dan kasih sayang yang terpelihara dalam cinta.

and someone please tell me what is the meaning of this??

Leo senang menjadi pusat perhatian. Mereka suka memberi serta penuh percaya diri dan energitik. Leo merupakan orang yang berani mengambil risiko. Sebagai pekerja, mereka sesuai jadi manager, arkitek, guru, atlet atau presiden.

Ingin perubahan cepat ? Virgolah orangnya. Mereka cekap menganalisis dan selalu berusaha mendapatkan jawaban dari setiap pertanyaan. Mereka sesuai menjadi ahli kimia, doktor, manager, usahawan dan penternak.

i'm a KID!
i dont want to think about these stuff
but i have no choice.. i have to think about it sooner or later!

haiyooo... i wrote a bunch of stuff just now and out of the blue..... the computer shuts itself down... and all of the wonderful things i wrote are now gone! GONE I TELL YOU!

okay nite2.. if i have the mood, i'll write tomorrow..


Sunday, January 16, 2011 @ 4:07 AM  0 stares
Once upon a time in a far far away land.. lived a beautiful marble eyed princess.. she loves to eat a pastry called chocolate marble..she's always fascinated by the unique colors in a marble.. her enchanting castle is made out of marble.. apparently, she's a marble freak!

hahaha.. this has nothing to do with anything.. but sounds kind of cute huh?

this blog's Marble Eyed owner is happy again!
  1. new layouut!! waaaaaa.. i cannot stand looking at the sundae from my previous layout! it just make my appetite grow!
  2. it was my first time behind the wheels! i actually made the car move! the instructors keep on scolding me because i drive too fast! hahaha
  3. Tireed! .. it was my first time driving and i had to stay there from morning till dawn (well almost)...exhausted and grumpy i tell you!
  4. my nose!! not pretty... i was trind to get rid of the black head and white head... it worked all right .. but it cause me my pretty nose! humph! because of my "hard work", some kind of rash suddenly appear~~! mummmmy!!
and thats about it!... editing this layout took a few hours all right.. now i just want to go and lay down..besides, this computer keep on shutting down by itself for to reason so i better shut it down before it shut down on me again!


Monday, January 10, 2011 @ 12:06 AM  1 stares


today, the site is under maintenance..
i'll have to wait until tomorrow to check for sure
but i think i did it already...
pray for me..pleasee!


Sunday, January 9, 2011 @ 1:31 PM  0 stares
yoyoyo wasup wassup! nina here live from sungai petani yo~!

haha today i'm going too write about my spm prefect..
they have sacrificed most of their holidays to "take care" of us spm candidates!

lets get to know them shall we?

head prefect
gender: male
age : 45-50ish
characteristic : white hair, pakai x larat.. dah biase jad pengawas spm agaknye.. suka wat ayat cam ni " paper ni same cam paper kelmarin.. paham2 la nk kena wat apa" ... hahah lawak laa


"Handsome" prefect!
gender" : male
age : 35-45
characteristic : pakai smart!...have nice posture but he's old dey..his phone keep on ringing rigtone (yg syahdu..geli i)... always rush to the students when the students raise their hand..

"Hepi" prefect!
gender : male
age : 40-49
characteristic : pakai selekeh2 sket!.. tsenyum jek pak cik ney... geli la jgak aku tgk!hahaha... tapi ok ah .. tgk muka dier candidates semua kurang tension..

"loving mother" prefect!
gender : female
age: 35-45
characteristic : always wear jubah and tudung that matches plus high heels... dah la memang tinggi.. cam tiang!... tapi caring, loving, baik! calm face and x tergesa-gesa nk kutip kertas baik ouh!

"cikgu chemistry" prefect
gender : female
age : 30-42
characteristic : pakai tudung yang pin dua2 belah and baju kurung biase... muka slalu jek masam....garangg sbb tu nama gelaran dia aku bagi cikgu chemistry prefect...

"stylo" prefect
gender : prefect
age: 30-39
characteristic : pakai baju pesak (Yg ade bentuk tu) and kain susun blakang.. tudung arini dan yg sewaktu dgannya... jalan control abes.. slalu yg paling last siap kutip kertas!.. haha

and there you go.. my lovely pengawas spm!!... laptop nk abes battery dah ni..bbye!!


Saturday, January 8, 2011 @ 1:43 AM  0 stares
si~! oretachi wa mukash kara... lalalala..

ignore the sentence above....
its a japanese song seishun amigo by yamapi and kame!!! YAY!!
(that's all i know anyway! .. haha)

okay enough with the singing.....

it turns out the the guy from yesterday is a playboy...
thank you but no thank you! ....
today he's keep on asking me to use sy-awk!..
he said
"pkai sy awk la ... plzz... sbg tanda persahabatan"

lain jek bnyinye..
kpala hotak "tanda persabatan".. dunkin donut btol!!
no way...

the dunkin donut thing is just for fun...
tetibe jek rse cam nk makan donut!

anyway i dont care so much about that...
There are more important events todayy!!

i'm really excited after being reunited with my old friends from elementary school!!!
(thank you facebook!)
haha everyone is just soo different!

semakin tua ,semakin lawa
semakin hepi semakin semakin...
cam hypothesis plak!

  • and now i found at least one person who's happy to meet me again!! haha i finallly have a friend to go to reunions with!!

ok meh nk explain ckit.. bkn org len yg jumpa tu x hepi jmpe aku, diorg just dah ada geng masing2 and geng diorang tu pgi skola sme2 dan lain lain..(memang x pernah terpisah la kre)... xkan la kte tbe2 je nk enterframe kan! tapi xpe la at least dah jmpe sorang yg bkn geng diorg...

  • theres one more person who even i dont remember at all.... tpi dier igt aku.. terharuuu....tapi jgak... dier mcm agak bengang aku x igt dier.. hahaha sorri la weyh...

well i guess that's all for today....
i really have nothing better to do online
(sbb tu duk mlayan tuh.. ish3... astagafirullahalzimm)
naseb laa esok finally nk gi ptani here i comee!!! nk ikot! jom!


Friday, January 7, 2011 @ 2:18 AM  0 stares
Tittle : aku la taylor swift versi kejam
(kena tulis sbb layout ni x nampak tittle)

kalo taylor swift tulis lagu... aku lak... tulis kat blog aku! muahahahaha..

(kejam gilaa...ptot la org reject!)

huhu.. kalo boleh la .. aku nk kwn (x kire la laki ke pompuan) yg leh
"aku wei sana"
n "ko wei sini" "woi woi woi"
gitu ngan aku..

bkan yg ckp lembut2 mcm ada something hidden jek.. lembut tu takpe la tapi still ada nilai berkawan as in true friend gitu..
bukan yg dpn baik blakang kutuk.. penat aku jumpa org cenggitu

trip bkawan ngan laki lak.. aiyoh.. cpat bnar diorg jatuh aty...
sbelum ni x jumpa agi yg confess... diorg just tiba2 jadi malu2 jek time chatting
tapi ni... sila baca di bawah!
(perbualan telah di cut sbb fb xleh nk save semua)

pakwe ko sihat?

pakwe...ahh lupe lak nk tanye ari ni... jap aku mesej
aku xde pakwe la.. ko ni slalu tau...

npe lak xde
ko kn cntik

cantik apenye...

dah dorang ske kat org len

kesian ko

huhu..tu la pasal..

npe x cri
ko kn cntik

huhu perli eh?.. xde makna ah..

npe lak

uhh..aku low profile je kat skola.. ckp ngan org yg rapat je..

ptut la
hbis ngn aq ko rpt lani

chatting aku ok je~!..


cam tu laa.. haha



nk ckp pe ah x di x ingat

nanti igt bgitau..

aq nk ckp bnde mlu

malu?.. haha lawak la ko ni..

nti ah aq ckp
klu aq ckp nti dy mrh lak

uih sapa lak...

ko la
aq tkut ko mrh

aiyoh.. nape lak.. x kenal pon aku camne dh wat andaian

nti ah aq ckp


ko ckp ko x de pakwe an

xde... bkenan bnar kat pakwe aku...haha

ade bnde aq nk ckp
bi no fon ko kt aq

ckp cni je la.. aku bkn stail ckp fon.. nanti mak aku bnyk tnye


bgi je no ko kt aq

haha xyah ah... kalo aku bgi no pon konfem aku x jwb eh kalo ko call.. kalo nk mesej baik chtting..


jgn marah tau.. kalo aku bagi pon pastu ko call, aku x angkat.. lagi ko bengang btol x?

x ah
klu aq nk........


aq nak

number eh?.. xyah agi ah..mcm aku ckp tadi, aku bkn stail pggang fon pn..

aq nk cple ngn ko

=.= ko wat lawak ek?

x aq srious la

ko x kenal aku pn..huhu kalo kpl2 nanti tgk2 aku x mcm ko sangka camna?

aq dah nk kt ko nk wt cmne

berdasarkan ape ??

prngai ko muke ko

prangai aku cmne? aku rse cam boring je..

x ko ni jnis yg snag blh tman org
blh x klu kte chat pkai awk sy
x pyh pkai aq ko
blh k

sorry ah panjang sket.. baru ada feel...
after that, dier x abes2 nk suh pakai "sy awk"...
lme2 aku boring n aku pn tros "ter-off"....
xley laaa.. "sy awk " tu just for my gewe and i => syamimi...

ehh stop...
Sy TAK gay (atau sewaktu dgnnya.. ) and Sy okay! ..

tapi aku respect ah dia ni.. beranii~~!
tapi kalo nk dpt aku xkan 1 hari je... dont give up! hahaha (gedik laa plak)...
tapi serius dia berani kan?..

sblom ni? ..
xde yg cam ni ah..
pling trok....:
dia suh awek dia yg tackle kan...
gila punya kejam kan?!

kejam mcm joe break ngan taylor swift mlalui fon..

pkir balik... xde la kejam sgt...
zaman dan berbudah, dunia dah maju
normal la tu..kan?


Thursday, January 6, 2011 @ 1:58 AM  1 stares
Ckp La Btol2 : Aku Comel Ke X?
(entri seorang yg x sedar diri)

bende ni xde kena mengena ngan bdak innocent di atas!

haha bila baca konfem org ckp.... "bdak ni konfem perasan comel"

ade org ckp : "muka cam anak ptng"
aku plak ckp : ape? taip la btol2? patung? potong?... patung beruang eh?

ade org ckp :"eleh...dlm gambar je ko comel"...
aku plak ckp : maksud ko? kat luar lak????

ade org ckp :"muka cam gadis melayu"
aku plak ckp : ye la.. dah aku melayu
n aku seorg gadis

ade org ckp :"ni org mne ni?? mongolia eh?"
aku plak ckp : whatttttt the??? org mongolia camne ek? puji ke hina?

ade org ckp :"tuuu dia..calon menantu mai daaahh..."
aku plak ckp : perli aku ah u sbb cegu syg aku

ade org ckp :"ada lesung pipit.. gadis idaman ku~~!"
aku plak ckp : bile plak aku tyang lesung pipit aku dpn ko?

ade org ckp :" ko yg mne?? yg tembam tu eh?"
aku plak ckp : x_x kejam gilaa

ade org ckp : "ko "COMEL" .. AKU HOT.."
aku plak ckp : comel as in gemuk ??
xbleh blah dia balas balik : peduli apa.. aku HOT!

so apakah motif aku membuat post ni??...

bkan nk suh org ckp aku comel.. tapi cun

hahaha xleh ke org just kata satu je kat aku... ni dua2 bagi kat aku.. pening ouh!

and satu lagi aku kebosanan tahap cipan... korang bace la entri mengarut ni

aku nk post gambar tapi konfem kena maki abis-abisan sebab perasan sgt! hahaha.. lantak arh ni belog akuuu ye~!



Tuesday, January 4, 2011 @ 11:13 PM  0 stares


i open my blog and stare...
hoping that i'll actually write something
because i think of alot of things to write but dont know where to start

i log in into my facebook account and stare..
hoping that somebody will start a chat
because my ego is too high to "buzz "on somebody

i hold my phone in my hands and stare..
hoping that for an sms to come my way
because if i start sms-ing ppl, i'm afaraid they'll say "mesej ngan nina mahal laa"

i turn on the television and stare..
hoping that korean music videos and dramas will appear on the television
because i'm too lazy to wait for it to load in youtube

i put something to eat on my plate and stare..
hoping that i'll get thinner after eating it
because i want to be thin! hahahaha

i hold a mirror in my hand and stare..
hoping that my zits and scars will go away..
because i want it to be flawless! kikikiki

i lay down and stare..
hoping my stares will take me somewhere
because i know it never will

and then i fall asleep

and that explains my daily routine!