Monday, February 23, 2009 @ 9:35 AM  2 stares
yo wazzup2... i'm posting like i'm staying home .. well we dont have any homework and its science computer so what else.. computer lab here we come!!!

yesterday (22 february 2009) was .......... 's 16th brithday .. wahhh i miss him soo much! well maybe not as much as i miss my mom.. abang lee dong wook went to the psp yesterday.. god how i regret not following my friend!he was wearing the ldp uniform.. kakoiii!!... (ldp is like a pengawas lah)... he should trade in the songkok for glasses! he look soo hot wearing glasses!

okay other than class won 2nd place in the persembahan while abg lee dong wook's class won 1st place!.. for the explorace (the one where we ate raw egg).. we won first place!! woo hooo~

egg boy said last night .. lets celebrate for the absent of PSP.. muahahahha.. i support him!! hahaha

last night i was talking and laughing and laughing and then someone said "suara itu aurat but then somebody else made really gedik giggling sound its not aurat? hah? .. this is unfair!! i demand a recount !! (x pasal2.. haha)

oklah takat ni jek..sebelum ade org ter-find out blog nih!... thnx for baca walaupon kte dah jarang online.. terharu sgt!!

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Saturday, February 21, 2009 @ 9:14 AM  4 stares
finallly!!!! ... the internet! after almost 2 weeks at mrsm!

mrsm is okay.. its like.. not moving at all... the diffrence between here and back at home is
  • here the food is salty..
  • i have to wash and iron my own clothes..
  • theres suprisingly less bugs than i expected...less bugs then back at home!.. theres only butterflies and a few coackroaches!
  • i have to rush everywhere .. at home i'm slow and steady~
  • the boys here = not handsome! i want to go to mrsm berseri!!


as you might already know.. they have a homeroom system here.. my homeroom consists of a buch of people who was born in august and july.. my homeroon is the worst part of the mrsm.. gossip about a few people in my homeroom had spread to the entire universe! muahahaha!... no no! just the girls dormitory..

theres psp and budak bajet pandai nasyid.. thhe most interesting part was i ate a purple ice cream and my teeth turn purple... after that i cried?.. hahha that was soo embrassing! hahaha

form 4 still cry ah?... ish ish ish.. i cry not becuase i miss home or i miss my boyfriend (who doesnt exsist) i cried because they were sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo controling.. gila kuasa!!! bajet nk mampus!! pulonnn!!!!! kurang aja !! x sedar diri!! perasan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! perah santan la wei befaedah sikit!

please lah! my mom and my dad doesnt scold me ... they dont ask me to do this or that.. well they do but they ask for the things that they can do by themselves.. they just need help doing them!.. but the beajet ppl in my homeroom! they want to control their "prettiness" that they decide to be the "director" instead!..

director my $@#! ...they're more like dictator!!..

  • my shoes is broken!
  • my leg hurts!.. melecet teruk tau!
  • i dont have enough sleep!
  • my my homeroon is breathing down my neck that i'm not supporting and "kurang aktif"

its not that i'm not supporting.. is just that i know i cant do the things they want me to do .. like drink an egg... i'll puke!.. cofee? i can drink that but the feci asked psp to drink it!.. hmm become the setiausaha? my handwritting = elementary student!

i regret complimenting that kid's eyes.. i found out her eyes shines becuz she wears contact lense!

god! i hope "he" doesnt wear contact lense!!!

hahaha by "he" i mean the one from my old school.. no one can beat him so far!

wait!! theres one!.. abg lee dong wook!.. huahahha.. he's a form 5 student!but he's too pucat!

as for form 4 student.. theres no one... no one.. no oneee~~ well theres this reall nice boy.. but it turns out he's a playboy!... ughh... he even conteng my meja!! sakit hati btol!.. but he's really nice~~ he helped me a serveral times... note to slef: keep a far distance.. dont fall for a playboy!

other than that.. i made a few friends.. la bla bla.. theres no one to be gila2 with like syamimi! but can la talk about stalking boys!

oh yeah about that kid in my homeroom we call her "psp".. she will be gone for 2 or 3 weeks.. she have cornea ulser!.. or something like that!! serve her right! but kesian la... mata dier bengkak!

the story is the bajet pandai nasyid likes "psp" but she likes a from 5 student from kl just like her!.. and that fom 5 student melayan la jugak!.. ish3... teruk btol

yg playboy tu he's with "psp"'s friend! or is he?.. fuhh watever laa

okay this is tiring~~!!!! i want to sleeeeeeeeeeep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

maybe not so much.. i want to watch a drama?.. not sure

oh right! u want to send a message to my friend!! but the internet is soo slow.. friendster wont load!!.. huhuhuhu.. i'll try my best to wait for it to load.. so if at the end of the day theres no message from me that means the internet is slower than you think it is!

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009 @ 1:37 AM  1 stares
huhuhuhu hwaaaaaaaaaaaa... T.T

(its midnight so its already tuesday)..

yesterday, was the last episode of my "drama"..
haha it was an okay ending.. so it wasnt a waste going to school yesterday.. i arrived at school real late.. and then i just sneak in the assembly! huahaha.. i brought my phone to complete my "mission" of mengambil gamba ooorang .. luckily the assembly went by really fast.. maybe its because my principle didnt give his boring speech (that even put the teachers to sleep)

after that we all went into our class.. the teachers were busy with preparation for sukan tara tomorrow so our class was free!!.. i had nothing better to do so i sat with my friends and talk about something.. all i did was laugh and laugh and laugh.. at some point.. "dier" came into my class.. and i didnt realise it .. so i was really shocked when i saw his face (am i writing a song ?)

so i act normal..control2... he was talking to his friends and keep on smiling (but not to me lah!).. god why did you do this to me?...i didnt stare at him hahahaha.. if i stare my friends would notice!.. that would be bad!... they would say "eh nk tau dak? nina tu kan bekenan kat..ehem.. la".. i want to be remember as the girl who's something.. but not the girl who likes ehem..

moving on .. after that.. he came in the class for a few times.. i really wanted to snap a picture but i'm wayy to scared.. scared that my handphone would be ... umm whats the word of it?.. takut kene rampas laa.. and also takut dier nampak laa.. after recess i saw him a few times again.. and then he went home early..huhuhu.. but his face when he was going home was soo cool!..

after that my day went on as usual.. nothing special.. wait!! there this cute guy during my sports house meeting.. his face was fair(putih la).. very smart!..and a prefect. .. i asked my friend what form is he in?.. i thought he was in form 3 but it turns out he's a form2 student!.. huhuhu soo sad! .. i feel very old! ahaahhahha

so i went home.. eat - sleep - eat - sleep and then pack my things.. i'm bringing 2 big luggage 1 pillow - 2 school bags that match my 2 diffrent coloured unifrom!..

i wanted to take a picture of me in normal school uniform the white and blue uniform..but i threw my tudung inside the laudry basket a little too early!.. huhu..

well i hope everything goes well there!.. wish me the best of luck!

to all of you out there no matter which school you go to, your future is up to you not to that school!.. so lets work hard to achieve the best in everything! and i wont forget you so please dont forget me

this is my last post for now.. at least until i'm reunited with the internet again.. but i think this week i'm going to be busy with orientation so i wont have time to pay the internet a visit!.. but i hope i will soon!

thnx for reading
thnx & sorry for everything
please forgive me if i offended any of you in my blogpost or while chatting
(aik?.. cam kiamat la plak..hahaha ..serius2..)

hahah moving on:

remember me always!
good luck with everything


Sunday, February 8, 2009 @ 1:59 AM  2 stares
i am not looking for a girl named jean.. i looking for my lost jean pants!!
maybe its missing because its about time that i buy SOME new ones!

well anyway... today, as i said yesterday, my sister came home! yay! .. i love her laptop!.. even though it makes really silly typing errors, i like it .. its cute! i want to ask for a laptop like that for my pmr present but thats too expensive and i'm going to get that kind of laptop during university!

talking about universities.. i have no idea where i want to go after my spm next year.. i have no idea what my ambition is.. all i have in my mind right now is i want to take medic so that when people ask my mom what i'm doing she can aswer "she's doing medic!".. that would sound soo cool!

(picture doesnt have anything to do with the blogpost!)

okay maybe its too early to think about that.. lets get to what acutally happened today.. my sister came home.. she bought me shoes~ the perfect size.. i talk soo much and i think my voice is in full volume.. so i only for a little while but around 2 o'clock, my mom told us we had to go and pay my little sister a visit.. there we found a shop selling delicious rice ( nasi lemak ayam)! just like the one in kelantan.. everyone wants to have a taste! haha

after that we went to doraemon i mean giant!...
we ate marrybrown and went shopping i bought 5 t-shirts (because i only 1.. usually i wear something else)..and pants and bla bla bla...

after that we ate at kuala perlis
it was delicious.. yum yum.. tomyam seafood- fish somthing - sotong(squid) - sayur kailam?- anf kerang ( which was apparently busy with jojo because it arrived a little to late " before-after- during dinner , we gossip about my sister in law.. ughh she is soo.......!@#$%^&*(

while shopping, i found out that my gewe have a phone now!.. i am soo happy for her! that phone is soo cutee!! i want one!!!!

god i'm tired.. the whole day i tried and convice my mother that i'm going to school to pay my history workbook but she's thinking too much when i said "nk amik gambar orangggg"..she's right to think "out of the box".. but thinking wayyy out side the box is a little too much... i'm not that kind of girl lah me.. your daughter : not gatal or lekeh!.. well maybe not soo much

i want to sleep now.. wayy to tired... i'll write something more interesting tomorrow!
(even though my posts are boring to the maximum .. at least i write what i feel and not worrying how other people see me at least)

bye bye for now

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Friday, February 6, 2009 @ 10:34 PM  1 stares
today WAS supposed to be my last day of normal school..
but then i found out another 2 people in my class who got mrsm also wanted to come this monday.. so i have no choice.. besides, i forgot to pay my history work book!..
i also havent thank my form 3 science teacher yet.. so bla bla bla ..
i also want to take pictures of...... as i said to my mom :

"nk amik gambar Ooraangg"

ok.. just like the pas few post (in a row).. theres "him"
i know this i know that.. i probably shouldnt tell what i found out this couple of days.. you might think i'm a total stalker and might not talk to me anymore if you do before.. and stop reading this freak's blog if you're just passing by.. hahaha

what i can tell you is .. he used to pe a prefect before i came to the school.. that why i thought he was a prefect i even thought " eh budak ni bukan ke aku yg silap tgk".. maybe he quit before i moved.. maybe he quit after i move to the school.. not sure.. but one thing for sure.. he does look like a prefect face.. well what i mean is he doesnt seem like the type that break rules.. but still not skema de~

lets stop talking about him.. its the 4th post in a row that i mention "him"
takut ade org menyampah jek baca.. asyik2 "dier"

....................hmm what should i talk about instead?..................

today.. my brother came home.. my sister is on the way.. she'll arrive tomorrow..
bak cni kasut!!! muehehehe

today..i return my text book, took the school certificate thing, bla bla bla
oh yeah.. things with me and my class monitor.. is kinda awkward..
or is it just me that made things awkward ..
well here's the story..
yesterday i went for a medical check up.. and it so happens that he's there too.. he's not the type i feel comfortable talking to because he is also shy shy cat.. so i didnt say hi.. or smile... just tuduk soo much that he cannot see my face...

wait! i just remember i dont feel comfortable talking to boys at all!.. any type ..

well that solves this question.. hahaha... if you dont understand just walk away~
it doesnt matter.. he's moving too!
and i think he didnt tell anyone that he met me at the clinic.. deep down he's a good guy!

hahaha you cant blame me for having no other topic except boys..
boys boys boys... i'm getting tired of writing about them but thats the only thing that is different from the usual

ok change the topic... music?..

well yesterday i help my friend download a few songs.. she doesnt mind what song.. it turns out that she likes korea too!.. just when i have to move school aizzz... she asked for big bang and super junior.. i downloaded bigbang's album and suju's single and a few song.. its a little boring but i gave it to her anyway since she asked..

i also gave songs that everyone likes.. like dbsk - doushite kimi wo sukini natte shimattan darou.. (the tittle is soo long ah)... and then wondergirls songs.. and so nyuh shin de - gee... i took a few videos and song from her too .. like rain and se7en and my girl ost!...

hahaha .. this is nothing new to some people..but it is to me.. well i used to show my friend some stuff but never actually copy from someone else.. ^^ and also i want to avoid talking about boys again (which i am right now arent i ?..hahaha)

oh yeah i open a bank account.. my bank card is cutee!! ... while waiting.. i was massage-ing with my self-claimed cousin.. he knows my name.. he knows my little sister..
i think its either my cousin who i tricked a few weeks ago.. or my twin?..he writes like my twin.. but his style of talking is like someone that is not klantanese which makes me suspect that he might be my cousin...and also my cousin miss called me the night before so who else right?..

my posts are seriouly long.. so what i want to say is

thank you if you've been reading my endless random rants
(which i'm sure no one ever does but thank you anyway)
thank you if you've been forcing you're eyes too read my bad english and twisted words

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009 @ 4:39 PM  3 stares
syok jugak tulis blog dlm bm.. tapi camne nk pratice english plak kan?

meh.. lets get to the important thing!

i think you can already guess who's the "he" i'm talking about
but right now its a little freaky that i know his student number( nombor pelajar)
ahh who cares! i only get to do this freaky stuff for another few days .. after that, all i can do is go and study my brains out!

if you're wondering how i got his phone number, adress and student number..
here's the answer : i didnt ask him.. i didnt ask my friend to ask him.. i didnt take a look at his note book or anything.. i got it dengan jalan yang halal!..but still, i didnt buy it

talking about him.. i had a wonderful dream last night..
really wonderful.. i was doing something when i got a messege saying
"ill be there shortly"

i didnt know who is it from..
but i run run run run run to my house
my house wasnt really my house.. it was some other house that i keep having dreams of
that house is really pretty.. it has a beautiful garden..the scenery was awesome!

when i almost reach my house... theres a cool looking sports-car.. and then..
he came out from that car.. he was wearing a white jacket!..
his eyes~ wahhhhh
and his hair~ fuhh
he is just perfect (just like the meaning for his name n_n)..
its like looking at a dreamy characther in a manga..

he was holding a bouque of red roses..

when i saw him.. i dont know why on earth did i climbed up a very short tembok - like place..
maybe i was trying to get to him faster..
but then i fell
and everything became black!

wahhh i dont want this dream to end.. please dont wake up! ..
continue continue

and for the first time in my life! my dream did as i say and continue!!!

after i fell i decide to just walk like a normal human instead of being like a monkey..

and then i went to him and ask
"what are you doing here?"

and then he replied
"i'm here to see your little sister"

nape plak adik masuk bab nih?
dier kenal pon x ngan adik

maybe its because of a rumour that he likes a form 1 student last year..
maybe thats why i dream him saying that

hahah it doesnt matter..
as long as i know he can pull off wearing white jacket
unlike some people who doesnt look good wearing white jacket

and i forgot to see what was i wearing.. he stole the whole dream!..

haha i'm going crazy talking about him..
i still have homework to do..

i dont know how am i going to survive this tuesday..
i'm clueless at my current school
i dont know how much more of this stuggle i can take
add math? chemistry? bio?
f(x) = 43543.. something to do with chemicals .. make sure to draw the cell without parting the line
bla bla bla

hmm back to the important thing that we were talking about

i think the thing i'm doing.. .finding out his ic, address, student number & phone number is A LITTLE weird..something like a stalker?.. but theres someone out there is worse then i am..not worse but more stupid.. theres this kid at my school.. she likes a guy in my class soo much that she acts foolishly.. like looking at him all the time.. being all gedik2..its too seems desprate in a bad way..(of crouse..theres no good desprate)

as for me .. i controll my feelings and wait until i get back home to be gedik my blog.. if i were to talk about this with my parents they would say something like " we send you to school to study.. not to stalk boys" and "no more computer for you nina!"

gosh i hope no one finds out my blog!..
especially him... my life would be over before it even get to its climax

thats all for now.. i'm really tired... yesterday i fell asleep and forgot to logout
i also have alot of homework to do..
so ittekimassu~

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Monday, February 2, 2009 @ 4:31 PM  3 stares
you must be crazy if you really think i would write about ways to sneeze like a cat

well if i can i would.. but i dont know the exact ways.. but somehow i sneeze like a cat.. sudden and sounds weird..but polite~ ahahaha

today at school.. ha choo haa choo... haaaa......haaa....haaachoo!
i sneeze non stop.. also a little headache ..
wait wait i want to start from the very begining!

i woke up at around 6:40..
shower shower shower.. sneeze.. shower
and it was 7:15 already..
my mom starts yelling : ninaaaa!! cpat.. LEWAT dah ni!!!
so without fixing my tudung..and my shoes were half-tied.. i rush down stairs..
wish reminds me .. i forgot to wear face powder this morning!
but body powder i wear lah!

ok ok so i rushed downstairs and got inside/on to the car..
my mothers student are like little goats! they dont know to walk tepi tepi
i didnt mind them that much.. i was PrEoccupied
i fixed my tudung and tie shoes..
it was really dark even though its almost 7:20

my tudung didnt look so well..
when i arrived i walk walk walk.. then the teachers are preparing for the assembly ..they where taking chairs from the meeting room so i decided to walk kat tapak perhimpunan tu.. xde la bertembung ngan cikgu nanti.. just as i wished.. i didnt bertembung into cikgu.. but instead i bertembung with "dier"..(ape yg dier buat dpn kelas aku hah?..minggu lepas xde pon)..
arghhh.. just when i dont look my best.. thats when he's there..

so i buat bodo je la (haha rojak terus)..
i walk straight into my class without looking at his eyes..

after that i put my bag and books down
and do what i always do.. smile + control
still not realising my tudung is all kedut kedut.. bulat pulak tu

after that we go to assembly.. luckily the sun was nice to me today..
a few people beside me was trying so hard to cover the sunlight while i'm in a comfortable position.. protected by shadows of other students ..

even so.. i was still haa choo ing
and i dont have tissues! if i asked around for tissues i think it would be just a waste of my time becaus students of that school doesnt carry tissues around but instead they carry mirrors..
so if you want to look you want to look at a miror just ask.. there will be 5 mirrors waiting in line!

so i had to cover2 la without a tissue.. know what i mean right
while doing so i was fixing my tudung

of crouse after assembly theres a spot class was free from spot check just like that! huahahah that was lucky because i somehow forgot to clip my nails..god i even forgot to wear my watch today.. haizz i forgot soo many..

so after that bla bla bla ..same old thing..
i sneeze and had to cover.. oh yeah i went to the koperasi to buy tissues but theres soo many people.. i hate people so i decided not to buy..

so the whole day i sneeze sneeze sneeze and theres no tissue! so cover cover cover.. but i'm sure someone saw me "covering"... well that just his or her luck then.. i dont care anymore.. i'm the one that has heatlh problems today is me not her/him so if that person want to think i'm disgusting then i dont mind!.. okay i do mind but leave me alone would you?

oh yeah almost forgot..during recess.. i saw "dier" again
why soo many time today?!
its rare to see him at the canteen.. he usually just walks by
but today he was hanging around the tempat jual nasik..
and again i didnt look into his eyes.. i just wasnt my luck i guess..
usually i get to see his eye by accident

oh yeah.. my friends where talking about someone..
they said that someone was waiting outside of our class intai-ing one of my friends
i wonder who were they talking about.. i only look at "dier".. everybody else around them i didnt mind much
maybe it was him intai-ing my friend?
gosh i hope not!

even with all that things happened to me.. i not sad because of i dont have a pack of tissue (lagi lagi tisu.. obsess tisu agaknye aku ni) or my day went so-so .. i'm sad because alot of people that deserve to get mrsm didnt get it..which makes me kinda scared to go.. the spirit i had before, flew away! huhuhu..

but for me theres no choice.. its either move now..or move later to another state that i dont know..either way i have to move sooner or later... my current school is also not the best school to be in.. lets say if i'm still in my last school in kelantan i think i have a better future there than here where the teacher is also pening2 lalat.. so just think all the advantage you have staying at home.. you can still watch tv.. you can go to trips.. i dont think i can make it to my sister's graduation next year.. huhu.. staying home means you can eat delicous food, study comfortable-ly unlike in asrama wheres theres alot of bugs and nyamuk and very hot, when you're sad you can complain to your mother or blogging but i cant do that anymore in 8 days!..

honestly i think my old school in kelantan is the best school to be in! theres no boys so there would be no distraction~!

talking about boys and distaction.. theres this kid.. he's soo annoying
i know he was just trying to be "friendly" and "start a conversation" but it just annoys me

the teacher was giving an example.. contoh mak cik yg suka gossip.. ehh nak tau tak najmi ngan farah ada afair ..bla bla bla that teacher goes on.. then the teacher ask "ada org nama farah kat cni?..." my official name there is nina so the teacher was technically talking to the kid another kid named farah.. so its not me and i dont mind lah

but that after that teacher left.. the annoying kid said " najmi najmi!.. bukan farah tu.. farah ni..yg sebelah ni.." (he meant me).. i act like i didnt heard him.. my sneeze is enough to annoy me.. he dont need to contribute in annoying me.. but as always i stay calm.. xlayan la budak cenggitu!..i dont respond to people who picks a fight for no reason

this is the 2nd time he did something like this.. the first time was not so annoying.. he said " org sebelah, org sebelah.. syafiq tanya ni kena buat sampai mana?" and i dont really talk to boys so i just said in very low volume "ntah.. sampai cni kot?".. i'm not sure if he heard me.. at the time he could've just ask the person infront of me.. he talks to her more.. why did he have to ask me?.. he even talks to the person behind me very often.. why did he have to tire me to waste my voice?

ok lah.. ithink i wrote very long already.. i also want to eat..

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