Saturday, December 31, 2011 @ 3:43 AM  3 stares
someone once told me the grass is much greener on the other side
well i got one thing to say about that!!

the grass is greener where you water it

figuratively, what i'm trying to say is...
happiness depends on our own efforts and how we see the world

so today's post is how to live a happy and successful life!
(the steps which i keep on forgetting to apply in my daily live since the start of sem 2)


be grateful that you fell off the stairs , be grateful of the mineral water in your fridge that you'll never drink, be grateful of your toothpaste! be grateful with the presence with everyone in your life whether you like them or hate them..

when you're grateful for everything.. everything in life seems as easy as pie

even when you're going through trouble, you wont be troubled
instead, you'll be too busy being grateful for the solution god will offer you
remember, god will never test his subjects with things that they cannot handle


this one is pretty easy...think everything positively
look at the bright side of things

quiz tomorrow ? bring it on!..lets see what this pretty face can do on paper
hafazan?.. berehhh.. i get to use my brain for once
broken bus? .. awesome! new experience
late for class..fashionably late wootwoot!
forever alone? .. i  have harry potter's invisible cloth! jealous?
haha sangat senget!


Well here's one thing that you have to decide on your own

if its something that can be solved if you let it go than be patient
just let it go... forget about it! don't make a fuss about it

but if it something that will eat you up inside..

speak up! get it out of your system...
(sometimes crying also helps)
confront them properly.. do not "SOUND" them
they'll either feel awful about themselves or they will hate you forever
so tell them properly.. use figurative language, idioms, jokes
even if you are bad at making jokes like i am!

and that's about it for this post.. stay tune for part II...
and that is : if i feel like it!


Friday, December 30, 2011 @ 2:54 AM  2 stares
i can draw!.. 
eh wait.. i can draw??...
everything i draw usually turns into karipap!!

well almost
it actually looks decent for once!

(click or hover/put you mouse over the picture for better view) 

who is she? koharu kusumi! japanese idol (a.k.a artist)
my sister keep calling my drawing "linda jasmin" and "jasmin hasmid"
hahah my drawing no longer turns into karipap
but transforms japanese idol into malaysian celebrities

if you're wondering why i'm suddenly drawing
well its because one of my little sister's homework is drawing a portrait 
she drew kim yuna... and then iu..
and then she refuses to draw girls with big eyes because she said its hard
so i wanted to prove that its easy.. even i can do it!
(not really prove, i just felt like drawing)

if i have the courage and some patience, i'll colour it..
just look at her am i suppose to colour that in one night..
and courage?? i'm afraid i might ruin the drawing ...its like sacrificing a life!
sometimes less is more... but i'm not sure if this is the case...
but for now.. i want to enjoy my black and white drawing

the original picture....
i didn't draw her hands...i tried and they looked like choki-chocki
so i improvised!

my homework???..... 
they keep on hitting the "snooze" button and 
they refuse to get up from their deep slumber in my comfortable pink bag~
tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow.. 
creeps from this petty pace from day to day
and then he saw a dead crow in the drain near the post office
along with a bag of homework.. 

enjoy your year-end holiday peeps...!! :)
don't forget your homework!

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011 @ 3:11 AM  0 stares

i love the holidays
being around my family
enjoying every moment
eating - every second
shopping for hours
sleeping for almost forever
being me 24/7

random pic : don't you think she looks a little like mischa barton.. from the OC

so i'm enjoying the holidays..
homework?... don't worry, they're still sleeping soundly in my bag...

a few days ago.. my parents made me think about my future
which still haunts me till today..
which made me think
what? where? how? when? can i?


this situation made me realise one thing

throwing your worries in the air may be the worst idea in the world
because after you "throw" them.. they'll fall back onto the ground ...scattered
you'll have to look for them, pick them up, figure out a way to solve them , and lastly : solve them!

which brings us to my next topic
(simply because i stumbled upon this picture when i was surfing weheartit)

when i saw this picture .. i was like "ehhhhhhhhhhhhh...tmpat exists?!!!"
i dreamt about this place a long time ago...when i was in elementary school
the place looked exactly like the picture above
its a little creepy..but maybe i saw it on disney or something.

in that dream i was standing in the middle of the bridge ...
i felt the wind rustling through my face!!
even my eyeballs felt the wind!!!
i saw the inviting clear- green-blue river or what ever that is
it was soo inviting that i felt like jumping off that bridge

and there you go... my holidays are awesome so far.. i've been eating non stop.. i haven't touched my homework yet but really should get started because i really want to go overseas ( i think parents would really like that too).. and i just found out that a place i dreamt about actually exists...what else is new?..hahaha

have a nice life peeps...

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Monday, December 19, 2011 @ 4:44 PM  0 stares
sgt suka update before kelas writing.bakpo tahu..

i've noticed something i've been doing every time before my writing class : update blog!
i have no idea why... i just happen to have that updating mood!
so classmates, if i'm late for writing class , you know what i'm up to! wahahahaha

so.. tell me something.. how much does a wedding cost????
about 80 000?... impossible?.. well think again!

the BRANDED bride and groom dress, 
the BRANDED bride and groom's make up, 
the BRANDED pelamin, 
the BRANDED catering,
the goodie bag, 
the accommodation and transportation for relatives, 
workers payment, 
the BRANDED photographers, 
the DJ (if you want one),
the place : hotel, hall or whatever, t
he BRANDED invitation, 
the poster, the banner 
the BRANDED hantaran 7 -9 
the mas kawen 
the duit blanja kawen pulak
the bilik pengantin
the flowers and extra decorations
the the the the the the so many more

so 80 ribu for a normal wedding... yep...
yg artis2 DOUBLE PUNYA BRANDED tu ntah brape ribu in total..

so here's my version of the "romantic letter" for my "future husband" :

kalo x you boleh loop je lah lagu beyonce "if you like then you should've put a ring on it!"

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Sunday, December 18, 2011 @ 12:09 AM  2 stares

i don't know why but i am soo obsessed with this kid
my niece : aryana saffiya!!

*out of nowhere mariah caries songs played "why you're so obsessed with me *

if you grow up prettier than me.. i am soo going to....
well nevermind.. you better watch your back!

good luck charlie... i mean saffiya!


Friday, December 16, 2011 @ 1:49 AM  4 stares
Osoi Osoi Osoi
osoi is japanese for the word late (or so i think it is..)

well today i was late for class... and during that class, my lecturer was supposed to be evaluated..
so just try and IMAGINE!

i was the LATE-EST... latest! hahaha the most LATE one or how ever you put it...

being late is nothing new to me..
but today had got to be the most embarrassing "late" moment of my life

so... because i was upset.. i ate

nasi + ikan
ice cream
my friend's pringles
koey teow tom yam
my friend's nasi goreng sikit + milo
burger ayam at midnight

wahhh sgt melantak...
 so moral of the story..... don't be late
or you'll eat yourself to death

late is better than never
but never late is better!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011 @ 5:46 PM  3 stares

it is a wonderful thing
being invisible that is..

but when you start to appreciate your invisibility
someone comes along 
and make you wonder..
all this time
were you really invisible?
or were they just pretending 
not to notice you?

and then you wonder
why would they do that?

but at the end of the day
what do i care!!! 
as long as i have food, water, laptop, facial wash and phone
i couldn't care less



Monday, December 12, 2011 @ 4:24 PM  2 stares

i really miss my parents
i really miss my siblings
i really miss my cats
i really miss my home's astro in HD
i really miss my home's marble floor
i really miss my large mirror at home
i really miss my kitchen and my fridge 
i really miss my washing machine
i really miss my friends

miss or no miss...
i have a summary quiz at 5....
ciao... :(

<- seven months ago... a few hours before my life as a university student started...waaaaaaa :(
miss you mommyyyy! 


Saturday, December 10, 2011 @ 9:40 PM  0 stares
haaaaaaaaaaaaaa! pikir pelik2 lah tu... 
him sape him?.... 
my father... and mother of course.. 
i've been dreaming of them for 2 nights in a row now

but other than that.. i also miss him soooo very muchh!!!
(but less than my parents for sure.. because i'm dreaming of them.. not him)

you might be more familiar with his other song entitled beautiful soul

i love all of his songs... beautiful soul, just so you know, she's no you, good life, body language..
and the list goes on and on and on..

he is nothing like justin bieber..
first, he's a dude... justin is..err
but still i have to admit that justin looks kind of handsome lately...
okay..lets stop comparing.. i'm getting sick writing about justin bieber

i really miss disney movie stuck in the suburbs.. i love brenda song and danielle panabaker
you can see from that movie (and jesse's music video) that it was the "denim-style" era...
denim jacket tu paling xleh blah..even my older sister was crazy about it back then..
i had one it is folded neatly in my wardrobe...
don't expect me to ever wear it was like 5 sizes ago and denim jacket is a big NO NO nowadays!
you'll look like a "hippie" if you wear that to the mall...
but style and history repeats themselves.. so lets wait and see whether the style will be back in
who knows right?!

denim style2.0.. hahahhaa sounds tacky...

Nina 3.0?... oh gosh... i have to change again...
when i think about it .. i don't want to change.. i like the person i am
overly sensitive? - that's fine..i'm a girl.. i'm supposed to be..
 completely spoiled?  -  you have a problem with that?.
boring overload? - well, i guess you don't know me that well

i read an article on " how to be the most interesting person you know"
(yes... i read that kind of things.. you have a problem with that?...well, at least i READ!!)
and most of it says things like "do the opposite that you ALWAYS do"
and "do the thing that you told yourself you would NEVER do"
be LOUD... be CRITICAL bla bla bla
write about things you would never normally write about because normal is boring

well, i read another article... about a research...
they gather a group of guys and ask them to rate a bunch of girls picture
and surprisingly, the one that looks "average" got higher ratings compared to those who were "hot"
and they concluded that being AVERAGE is ATTRACTIVE

so from both of the articles i've done some synthesising and concluded that
(applying what we learn in writing class)

its exactly like katy perry's song
"you change your mind, like a girl changes clothes"

hahaha have a nice life peeps~

p/s : did you know the longest part of writing a blog post is looking for the pictures..
the ideas to write pours out endlessly but the pictures still wont load... haha

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Friday, December 2, 2011 @ 2:49 AM  3 stares
haha i really miss totally spies... they put the word "much" behind everything

weird much
thanks much
forever alone much.... okay maybe not this one

still i'm feeling a bit under the weather .. but.. reading my friends comments in the previous post really cheered me up.. and helped me get through  6 hours of literature class in one day....
(xleh nk comment...or put pictures.. wifi mlm2 ni slow ... sbb esok almost semua xde kelas)

i love literature.. but for 6 hours in a row.. you'll feel like puking
and as i'm already under the weather, it feels as if the weather just fell down on me!
we learned 3 short stories in one day.. and all about psychopaths.. i feel like i might turn into one at the end of the semester especially something like that emily from the short story a rose for emily

buttttttttt..... after hearing that tomorrows class is cancelled.... what else... over the moon...  across the sea  and THROUGH mount everest

i celebrated with kerepek and a gathering of  the "forever aloners".. i miss them soo muchhh... 
i guess thats whats missing from my AWESOME sem 2... my awesome friends
 (who we all concluded, are individually psychotic in their own way..including me of course)

and at the end of the day i figured... what i really wanted all along is to be with my friends... 
but i also realized that i need to realize that things are just not going to be like last sem anymore.. and i have to move on..

its true that they say laughter is the best medicine.. 
but when you're really sick.. laughter just doesn't cut it..
 i still need to eat my medicine... i have to go and buy my own tomorrow.. i feel really bad that i keep on taking my friend's panadol... also i need to stop drinking the water from the water cooler.. i think the effects like i had when i was living in a dormitory (when i was form 5) is showing again.....
i keep on coughing like crazy... my tonsils feels like its about to burst 
(just an expression okay.. semoga cepat sihat laa)

last but not least.. today.. during ctu class... i learned something important.. we have to becareful   of our words ... if you want to talk bad about somebody, never accuse their parents... 

because if you do, god will make you feel the same thing in no time
you have to know that your heart (al-qalbu) is something that can be flipped and maybe one day you turn into the person you despise..

if its not happening to us yet.. or maybe it slowly is, whether we realize it or not, we should all repent... and think of out actions and words before we execute them... 

this is just simply a reminder for me...
 i'm really scared after listening  about it as i know things like that do happen...
so mintak jauh lahh.... doesn't mean that we should wear long tudung and jubah all the time... 
just slowly try to be a better person... everyday..

make sure you're a better person today than you were yesterday and the day before that and so on and so forth... 

good nite.... i need my sleep now... or else i wouldn't heal properly

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