Monday, February 28, 2011 @ 5:50 AM  6 stares

The Wait

waiting for someone who probably never even existed
is like
waiting for the rain in the middle of the dessert

am i going to keep on waiting?.. no..
but i'm definitely keeping the memories
thank you

i'm just messing around with blogger..
i think its prettier when i align the pictures to the right

i try editing a few pictures to make it look more something but all i did was make that picture worse

so i just keep on taking pictures from other sites! haha they edit them soo pretty!
i just love looking at them!

i colored my nails..
right hand is red.. left hand is pink
haha its really weird .. my mom even
said "merahnyaaa"

but it looks really pretty when i hit the keyboard
and use the large astro beyond remote

it'll look prettier when i use the piano!
but still, its weird that they have different colors.

Another pointeless post by
Your's truly pointless


Saturday, February 26, 2011 @ 5:02 AM  3 stares

i hate alice in the wonderland live action movie.. 
alice looks old and anne hattaway should've been alice..

anyway that's not what i want to write about!

there are alot of things to think about but after reading syamimi's blog.. all i can think about is spm!

syamimi!!!! awk pnya pasal la nih! haha

she said that she went to a bookstore and checked out the answer for our spm biology paper
(while someone was checking her out! pewitt!)

well guess what syamimi..
i went to the bookstore too today!
and my mother actually bought the past year question for Biology!

so after reading that post it reminds me of that book my mother bought
so i checked MY answers!

mak aih susah gilaaaaaa paper bio!
mase buat tu bukan main konfiden... kpala ikan!..
pastu terus tutup buku and simpan balik dlm plastik beg syarikat muda osman!

adohaii.. anyway.. tomorrow i have a full day ahead of me
(full la sangat!)

11 o'clock : dream high
1 o'clock : my gf is a gumiho
5 o'clock : 20 for company
around 10 o'clock (night) : princess prosecutor!

ermm.. yg 20 for company tu bukan cerita yer.. 
that stands for 20 orang kengkawan of my parents coming for a visit!...
projek "kale kale kuku ku" pon terbantut lah!...

ehemm ehemm... 
kk..bbye..nk tito!


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This is real life.. i'm not posing for a magazine! 

dont ask me any questions till i get my caffine

cause i look c-u-t-e ...whatever.. i look wow

okay i dont have that big of a head! haha.. i think i'm cute but not that kind of glam-wannabe

thats actually a song i heard just now.. Super C-U-T-E by melissa molinaro!..

hahaha soo cute...she looks like kim kardashian ..
.she just doesn't have kim's tumor like butt asset!
which is good!.. she also can sing!!! 
unlike kim.. she have an actual talent..

i love her voice! 
more the song! its catchy! 
even though its kinda full of nonsense! i love it!

did you know 
she was also a contestant on the "pussycatdolls : in search of the next doll" thing.. 
 and she got eliminated a few episodes before the final episode.. 

too bad.. if she's in the pussycat dolls i would definitely re-watch + download every pcd video!
but if she's in pcd, she would definitely out shine nicole shirizinger-whats-her-face!

but that's just my opinion.. please don't sue me! haha..

whats up with this random post? :  just for fun!.. it completes my day! XD


Wednesday, February 23, 2011 @ 2:14 AM  0 stares

I Started the day Happy
but then I got Moody
that went on for a while
until I was again Happy
sometime later I was Giggly
...i guess i'm neutral....Satisfied...
not flipping over anything or even too excited over anything 

 today i threw ruka pyon out.. her/his eyes went out and start shooting fireworks..
today my mother bought me elianto skin care product (ppl say it works)
today we ate at a kopitiam.. cheap but delicious!
today was a good day!.. i shouldn't have been soo grumpy most of the time~!

i am really grateful for everything i went to today 
and it was wrong for me to take it out for no reason
i'm about to become 18..i should act more mature.
.i guess a part of me didnt want to move on just yet!

what am i talking about??.. hahaha... 
bye bye....i think i'm going to doze off now.. 
today, the driving class was canceled due to an emergency my teacher had..
so tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow

well everything happens for a reason!
today was the best!
hopping tomorrow will be even better!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011 @ 2:35 AM  1 stares

Happy Birthday you..
i've canceled my friend request to you..
i've stopped talking about you..
and i've stopped thinking about you..
so thank you.. i'm no longer into you!.. 

anyway.. that's not what  i intended to post about today.. like i said before : i've moved on!

right now i'm stressed about something called "conversations"
it seems like today, everybody's  trying to tell me something..
so to tell me about that thing, they use a question!

Why on earth would you use a question to tell a statement!
i makes me feel like i'm the only one who doesn't know about it and they're playing "Ask Nina!"

let me tell you exactly what i mean..

first my father came home and ask.. "when is your next driving class?"

and i said " dont know.. i didnt recieve any message yet"

and then my father said " do you have class tomorrow?" in a weird tone

and i said "i dont think so.. no one told me about it!"

and then my father go and pick up my aunt at the airport..

when she saw me she asked
"nina, when is your driving class?"

and i said again " dont know.. i didnt receive any message yet"

but then she asked
"so you dont know when is the driving class??"
i simply nodded at the same time i was confused
later i received a text message from my cousin

"nina, do we have class tomorrow? "

and i replied the same thing i said twice before
"dont think so, i didnt get any message"

and then she said 
"aigoo...thats why i text-ed you..i called *** ** 
and she said we'll have class on tuesday.. she must thought that you already knew
good thing i text-ed you"

??What The Teddy??

is it a trend to tell something to some on by using questions?
i was boiling hot! serabut i tell you..

but after a long midnight shower,

i think i cooled down a

bit but i'm still confused!

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Monday, February 21, 2011 @ 3:25 AM  0 stares
god how i love looking at that kind of photos!
which is better?? border?? no border???
doesn't's soo cute!

i'm thinking of re-downloading adobe so that i can edit pictures again 
but that would mean more time on the computer..
soon my bottom could be friends with really puffy pancakes!

*would it be that bad?*

right now i'm busy promoting for my brother at snsd forum and pages on facebook!.
please dont misunderstand! i'm not actually promoting my brother...
i'm promoting FOR him!

he made a cute snsd mousepad which i thought would really sell like hot cakes!
so i helped him promote it! he was so skeptical at first but not anymore i tell you!

but i agreed to promote him if he keep on making pretty stuff.. only with high quality!
haha (promoter yg mengada)

so far i'm only approaching snsd fans..but still, its alot of work!
most of the time, i lost my attention and start to stare at snsd pictures!
haha.. the temptations are so hard to resist! d you know they look like dolls

when he start to make stuff with other kpop groups, i'll have to go through the same things again
i'm thinking of making a blog to  promote the kpop stuff he makes..
so puffy pancake bottom here i come!

p/s : just in case any visitor happen to pass by and interested by the custom made mousepad 
you can leave a comment!
(available for all malaysian)

i guess i've found something for me to do for another few months..
i didn't imagine my spm break would end up to do stuff like this!
its kind of fun!

oh yeah, almost forgot..other than that i have tonnes of things to watch on tv
starting tomorrow : paradise ranch, avalon high, sign, my girlfriend is a gumiho, hi my sweet heart, that movie with jackie chan in it, strong heart, kpop countdown, and more! (saja gedik nk list)


Sunday, February 20, 2011 @ 5:25 AM  1 stares

Status : Currently addicted to Orange Caramel - Aing!

why? special reason actually..
i just saw that gay guy from secret garden dance to Aing in strong heart at sbsONE!
plus i saw they perform it at kpop countdown at the same channel! their legs and hand are super long! woaah

haha i love HD!!!.. now i'm addicted to looking at pretty pictures..
sometimes when i watch Dream High, i feel like wiping the screen..huhu..
how i wish all channel in astro have HD! (mengada!)

i was sick with my previous layout.. it looked so dusty! (hahaha hd pnya psal)
so i HD-ed my blog!! .. well not really.. i just picked the colors that reminds me of HD channels!
okay now i'm sick talking about HD..Topic Changggee!!!

a few days ago my father said
"eh.. ni.. kena kluar rumah jgak!.. xleh terperap je dlm rumah 6 bulan"

i think its the first time a parent say something like that.. 
usually.. on tv.. they always say something like " you have got to stop going out blablabla"
but in my case...its the total opposite!

i love staying inside!.. i get to watch tv.. go dream..
on the other hand.. crimes are wayy out of control these days.. i'm even afraid to walk alone in a mall
once i got left behind for 5 minutes in sogo when my phone just happen to die.. i almost cried!

anyway .. even if i want to go out.. how will i get to that place?
my parents are working..(cannot reveal the time because a thieve might be reading! hehe)
and when they get back they're tired and just want to call it a day
i dont blame them! really i dont! i understand!
so how am i suppose to get my pretty face out of the house?
drive myself? i dont have a license yet..
lets say if i want to work.. okay fine.. but how? even if i have my license i dont have a car!.. 
both of our cars my parents use to get to work! 

okay maybe i dont have to go far .. lets jog around the neighborhood shall we!?
the answer is : NO!
my neighborhood are full of scary people.. that always breaks in people's houses!
just imagine what they would do to me!
cohltae andwae
(main eja ikut bunyi je!)

haha..well i guess i made my point!..
so for now my plans for the holiday is eating, watching tv and blogging my heart out!
by the way stpm result will be out on the 21st of February.. wont be long till its my turn to face the music!


Thursday, February 17, 2011 @ 6:22 PM  0 stares
yoyoyo wasup2.. i am bored~!
so i decided to update my blog about a silly memory from the past

what i'm i talking about??..
well i'm a silly girl in and out.. i look silly and i act silly.. unfortunately not on purpose!..
so i've been looked down a couple of times.. to cover up those silly things i make silly excuses.. normal right?..
the not-so-normal thing is : the people who look down on me actually listen (as in follow) t0 my silly excuses ! ....
hahaha unbelievable!

where should i start?...hmm.. dlm bm la ye tuan2 dan puan2 hantu yg membaca blog ini..

okeh.. mse fom 4.. struggle nk cepat..kalut kalut kalut...

aku tanpa berfikir pakai anak tudung baru pakai bedak..accident lorr

pastu ade sorang budak ni ckp.. "eh nina! org pkai bedak dulu baru pakai anak tudung"

pastu sorang lagi pon back up " ntah.. hang ni apa la ninaaa.. org pakai bdak dulu"

bygkan perasaan aku .. ikut suka hati aku la nk wat pa! x perlu procedur2 ..resultnya sama.. lagi pn aku pakai bdak putih tepung tu je (ala gi skola je kan?) bkan compact berlapis-lapis mcm lu!

aku pon cover dgn penuh confident "ni pakai anak tudung dulu.. nanti bedak tu lekat..baru nampak putih.. kalo pakai anak tudung kemudian bedak tu tersapu bwh anak tudung.. kalo pakai tudung terus baru pakai bedak lagi mujarab.. kan kita tudung putih org x cam pnya!" hahaha goreng saja

dorg pon ckp " la...pandai2 je ang ni"

pada suatu hari yg lain : aku terlihat bdak yg back up tu dah pakai tudung siap dah... pastu duk dpn cermin... lalu memakai bedak!

Hahahahahaha... sakit perut aku gelak sorang2... hahahahahhahaha


mase fom 4 .. aku pakai ubat jerawat oxy di kawasan berjerawat ( dlm asrama la)..
pastu ade sorang ni ckp...

eh nina... org pakai bdak sejuk mlm2 laaaa... pgi2 org x pakaiii la bdak sejuk.. ni pesyen apa niii!??!

aku pn ckp.. ni bkan bdak sejuk la.. oxy.. bedak sejuk pon ok apa! dia kering kan jerawat! (fakta yg betul) pagi2 muka kita lagi berminyak (fakta) so lagi elok la pakai bedak sejuk pagi2 pon sbb dia bleh kurang kan risiko jerawat (x sure la.. aku hentam je..mcm btol je)

budak tu pon ckp "ooooo" dgn hati yg berkata " ye laa tuu"

tahun depan tu.. muka aku jadi ok sket.. xtau la ada kena mengena ke x..
tapi budak tu start pagai bedak sejuk pagi2...tak lama kemudian satu bilik dorg start pakai...

hahahahahahhaha heran laa aku!!! .... hahahahahaha

mse fom 4 aku beli perfume.. echanture (camne ntah eja)... first2 beli tu best la jgak bau nya

roomate aku pon berkata... "eh nina.. perfume tu bau mcm hospital laa"

sorang lagi pon ckp " a'ah... bau mcm farmasi ubat camtu..."

aku pn cover malu n ckp " wangi apa.. mcm potpuri yg sweet2 "

huhu sedih laaaaaa kan... lalu membeli perfume lain pada minggu hadapan yg lebih mahal...

pada suatu hari.. salah sorang bdak tadi pon mintak.. eh nina ang x pakai dah ar perfume tu??
aku pn ckp la " tak.. kan bau dia cam ubat"
pastu dia pon ckp " eh mana ada.. best laa" *spray *spray
pastu sorang lagi pon datang... wei wangi laa.. bak cni sket.. aku ske la bau dier..mcm potpuri

pening......... aku pening i tell you! hahaha

mse fom 5
kelas aku slalu pas-pas makanan.. semua pon makan tanpa bertanya asal usul
bila sampai kat aku .. aku tanya... sapa pnya ni???... kalo pompuan aku ngap sampai habis.. kalo laki aku x amik terus!

pada suatu hari ade bdak sebelah aku tanya
"nape nina x amik coklat ni??.. aku amik untuk ko eh??"

aku jwb " aku mmg x amik kalo laki yg bagi.. ang amik la"

dia pon ckp " alah makan je la... rezeki jgn ditolak.. "

aku pon jwb dgn niat bergurau " saje la xnak amik.. takot kena jampi.. biasela bdak cun" hahahahah

lama selepas peristiwa itu................budak depan aku pass coklat (laki bgi memang laki tu ska bgi coklat kat satu kelas.. jenis yg sama plak tuuu)....aku just geleng n dia paham... pastu dia pass kat bdak sebelah aku... bdak sebelah aku x amik... si DEPAN hairan dgn si Sebelah

depan: nape x amik coklat tu?

sebelah : xnak ah aku.. laki yg bagi...

depan pn ckp ... ni pon jadi mcm nina.. tkot kena jampi... la tuu.. adooi xpe aku mkn untk korang yek!

sebelah pon cover... xde la.. saje je aku xnak!..

aku gelak mcm org gilaaaaaaaaaaa hahahahahhahaa

bnyk lagi peristiwa sperti di atas..
diorg semua lagi pandai tapi hakikatnya..... lu pikir la sendiriii!! hahahahaha
hahaha bukan x pandai tapi pengaruh rakan sebaya!... jgn mudah terpengaruh walaupun bdak tu nampak confident/ baik!.. konfem terkejut ah kalo org2 diatas jumpa benda ni! hahahahaha


Tuesday, February 15, 2011 @ 12:28 AM  2 stares
Addicted to maggi tomyam!!..
even though its sour
and at times tastless
but i want to eat some more!!

but maggi tomyam is not as Ruski Tomyam
i'm even MORE addicted to ruski tomyam
but the store (somewhere in pc) i went to didnt have ruski tomyam
so i had to settle for maggi tomyam

today .. i had 4 people asking me what i eat
so here's what i eat!
  1. >>>maggi tomyam
  2. >>>iced milo
  3. >>>nasi kukus (ayam)
  4. >>>kopi
  5. >>>biskut tiger
  6. >>>cream crackers
  7. >>>4 milky bar yg kecik.. eh ni kira 4 ke 1 ek?
  8. >>>buah delima...
  9. >>>beauty collagen.. does it count?.. maybe2

lawa la dier ni..
mcm aku je aku tgk!

when will the result be out?
some say we dont have to think so much about it
until the stpm result's out
because only after that will the spm be out
so.. when will stpm result will be out??

mngarut la post ni.. tapi serius xtau nk tulis apa dah..
so camne?? aku ngan anne hathaway sape lagi cun?
hahaha ( soalan mcm nk bunuh diri jek )


Monday, February 14, 2011 @ 2:44 AM  4 stares
the tittle above is special for syamimi!
haha.. sweet la post tuh!

terharu sy ..haha

yang teacher in tu menyerikan lagi cerita tersebut...
hahaha....lawok laa...
kalu ado techer gitu konfem sy gi skoloh sokmo!

tgk tu dio duk menyibuk dlm poster! hahahahaha
eh.. tau dop dio blakon cito dio sendiri.. dio jadi heroin! hahahha
Tukky the frog Princess

kalo nk tau lagi baca sini

sy x tgk lagi tapi mcm lawok jah.. nanti nk try ah tgk..

yg pasal pompuan tu yg confess tu....
rso memang style gitu doh loni..
mcm dlm plain jane tu pompuan konfess
cito ni pon pompuan konfess..
abg sy pon, pompuan yg duk konfess kt dio..
dio accept blako plop tu.. aduuhh
alasan dio " kalo x accept nanti dorg nangis pulak"

so kto yg cun2 ini.. xyoh la susoh2 nk gi confess ... biar org yg maghi confess..
dio x confess, dio yg rugi! muahahaha

hmm... kalo ado yg muko mcm p'shone kto boleh la consider..
eh tapi last skali tu p'shone jadi x brp ensem..
muko dio jdi mcm gelap bminyak...try tgk balik!
(kikiki... suko hati jah komen muko org..)

eh kwn p shone tu comey jgk kan?.. mcm style sweet2 gitu.. boleh manjo2.. hahahaha
nk peluk jah sero!.. nk cubit pipi..eeee geraamm!!

yg awk kato kalo ado laki mcm pshone kt skoloh konfem fail..
dop sgt sebenarnyo..

sbb bilo kto skali nge org yg kto minat, kito keno kontrol blako
markah - tingkah laku - prangai

mcm2 la sy mngarut nih...

tapi mso sy minat ko makmal gitu la....

maso balik skoloh hari2.. dio duk kat pondok basikal.. sy duk kat pondok lain.. jauh la jgok tapi still nampok.. so sy pon bukok buku baco sejarah hari2 maso tunggu mok sy nk tunjuk rajin la.. hahaha(gedik kan ?).. kadang2 dio xdop pon.. tapi sy still baco sbb kwn dio ado situ.. nanti boleh la kwn dio kato " eh farah nina tu rajin bla bla bla "... hahaha

dlm kelas plop focus ko cikgu sokmo.. kot2 la dio tgk sy..boleh la dio pkir "waaaa.. tekun study"
kikikikiki..hasilnya??... 8A PMR hahaha.. (koya laa)

bnyk lagi sy buat.. mcm homework.. huh xyoh kato la.. siap sokmo! .. kalu x - mesti dio pikir.. eh pmalas dio ni.. tapi pernoh la skali sy x wat kijo sivik.. pastu kno rotan... tapi maso rotan tu sy buat muko sedey.. so biar dlm pikiran dio sy ado la perasaan bkan nyo study jah! hhahahha

maso fom 4 awal2 tahun tu keh sy skoloh situ lagi.. sy jadi malas sbb dio x duk doh dlm kelas sy.. huhuhu.. .so kiro berguna jgok la kewujudan dio tuh!...hahaha

tapi .. theres one thing you should know...

mok sy penoh tgk makmal.. dio ckp makmal x ensem langsung..
sy jah angau! hahahahahaha
bilo x lepas nge mok sy tuh makno nyo x ensem la.. hahaha..

takpo .. somewhere mesti ado kto pnyo perfect guy..
kalo sy xdop perfect guy pon x kisoh lah sbb ado best fren po awk (jiwang la plop)
ramai org loni gewe kliling tapi true friend sorang pon takdok..huhuhu
thank you sbb still kwn ngan sy! hahaha sy ni doh la teruk.. sy pon xsey kwn ngan sy!

(hahahah inilah post paling jiwang dlm dunia...sekian)

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Saturday, February 12, 2011 @ 5:30 AM  5 stares
10kg in 16 days... possible??????......
sape suroh ENGKO mkn bnyk sgt mse cuti hah?...padan muke!
ni camne ni nk berdepan dgn dorg2 tu??..
RESULT pon ntah kmana hala.. badan pon gitu gak!
muka pon.. kalo clean n clear xpe..
ni... dpenuhi particle2 merah

igt pandai kimia ah tu duk sebut "particle particle"..
i'm very dissapointed in you young lady!

hahaha... serius wei nina!... turun la sket berat bdn..
at least sampai weight aritu sebelum spm tuu

ari ni mkn bnyk la jgk..FINE..bnyk giler!..benda semua berat2
  1. >>>nasi lemak
  2. >>>supering (smalam x jadi makan)
  3. >>>hot choco
  4. >>>nasi + ayam panggang
  5. >>>air mango
  6. >>>curly fries
  7. >>>french fries
  8. >>>ayam goreng mcd
  9. >>>prosperity burger (beef)
  10. >>>air twister tu.. yg dpt skali ngan prosperity
  11. >>>air coke!
  12. >>>mushroom soup
  13. >>>garlic bread
  14. >>>corn in cup (large)
ni pon naseb la x naik x turun.... huhu.. work harder ninaaaaaaaaa!!!!
start arini.. kte mkan 7 bende sahaja sehari!!
air kosong x kire ya sbb air kosong dpt membantu penghadaman bla bla bla

so today i watch a very very very sweet thai movie!
i usually get bored in the middle of a movie
but this one.. i didnt get bored at all!!!

* ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* A Crazy Little Thing Called Love*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
want to know what the story is about?...

a really ugly girl

who's inlove with her really handsome senior

she does this and that and makeover
and become really pretty
and she studied hard and become really smart

but then the handsome senior's best friend like the girl
so the handsome guy backs off
the handsome guy secretly love the girl too

even before she was pretty..soo sweet
in his hear he keep on saying
"girl you're amazing...JUST THE WAY YOU ARE"

okay maybe he didnt actually sing bruno mars but you know what i mean
and he even made a cute scrapbook that had all the girl's pictures in it!

and then the go through this and that and didnt get together
but dont worry...9 years later they meet again on a talk show..
and all lovey dovey ..bla bla bla
happy ending
the end!!

sweeeeeeeeeeeet sgt.. mcm kte yg fall in love!.. serius ckp!

and stakat sini dulu.. nk gi tdo dah.. pukul 6 sudaa


Friday, February 11, 2011 @ 3:26 AM  0 stares
here it goes..
i'm thinking.. i'm thinking....
thinking over and over again of taking risks
but at the end of the day,
i go with the road that offers me safety
and spare me the potential humiliation

potential potential..
it reminds me of physics.. potential difference and stuff..

which reminds me of the result~!
which reminds me i've gain alot of weight
not to mention alot of acne problem nowadays..
thinking of ways to get rid of them

which makes me think of...

eunjung from t'ara
i lovvvvvvvvvvvvveeeee her!
i want to marry her!!! eh.. BE BE... i want to be her!
her bone structure is amazing..and she takes beautiful photos
(mcm tyra slalu duk ckp dlm ANTM)

i cannot wait for the next episode of DREAM HIGH!
i know i can watch it online but i just love the anticipation!
i have to admit the show is kinda boring at first but now i'm addicted to it

i love watching song samdong all silly
he is soo sweeeet for a country bumpkin!
i love seeing IU as a chubby girl with a cute attitude
IU and that jason guy ... they make such a cute couple!!
i love watching eunjung all evil but still act innocent sometimes
i dont really like suzy / ko hyemi.. she's always grumpy for no reason
and i dont like taecyon because she love ko hyemi so much and got issues with his family
x baik tau menderhaka kpd kedua ibu bapa..

other than that
i love that english piano teacher... he's soo dorky..
and the replacement principle.. hahahahaha he started wearing like the previous princple which made him looked hillarious!
hmm.. i like that female teacher that keep on torturing everyone.. hahaha
i love that mr kang's sister ... she's hillarious!

and thats about it..
i think i'm going to eat supering and go to bed..
teringin sgt nk makan benda tuuuuuuuuuu .. x tahan daahh!


Sunday, February 6, 2011 @ 1:31 AM  3 stares
malu tapi mahu.. mahu tapi malu??? ... yg mana satu ntah??


hari ni and kelmarin kluar jalan2 tanpa mengenal erti jemu...

tapi erti letih kenal sgt laa.. haha

dan oleh sebab kakakku pulang ke rumah sempena cuti raya cina ini
(dan penggunaan ayat skema yang tak boleh blah)

kami adik beradik seangkatan mengambil gambar dengan begitu lah banyak menggunakan handphone beliau and meng-upload ke laptop beliau..

nak upload kat facebook tapi malu arrhh .. haha so kat blog pon jadi lahh

ditiup angin la konon! hahaha

dah alanng2 tudung x jadi.. buat la photoshoot gila-gila ini

ice creamm... seringgit je wooo!!...bukan mcm kat shoppig mall..
milo 3 ringgit?? ada ke patut??tercekik aku minum milo tersebut

ni serius candid !.. seriusly! tercandid!.. tgk betapa ayu-nya candid ini!
(dan betapa perasannya tuan blog ini)

yg ni depan kedai tudung.. ni ha yg ori tanpa ditiup angin!

and satu lagi adikku suh aku tgk gambar potret justin bieber!
i say : xsey, kecuali potrert tu dio pakai dress!

lagu justin bieber yg pray tu best ..other than that i just dont like him that much!
i love jesse mccartney
so beautiful my girl
eh... tu lagu BEAST! hahaha
cute la diorang..

bbye for now!