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if you're bored and you know it

edit a picture of you dream phone..

~Isn't it pretty??~
i know you like it too
i really really really want it..

the only thing i want more than that is a
white japanese docomo flip phone
you know like the ones in japanese dramas
or the one that yabu kota has in the making of mayonaka no shadow boy

when i was searching for the pic of yabu and that phone
i bumped into something else...
its mayonaka no shadow boy piano version

if you want the original version.. click on the link above the video

ahh... how i envy that hana girl!.. she's soo good with the piano
she can even play star time..
but no one beats my inoo kei

so.. as a continuation of that story
i wondered..
"can my dear yamapi play the piano??"
so i searched..
and i found one but it wasn't that good
but i found the next best thing!


well sort of...not really..

he's soo cute
and that guy in pajamas
(like bannas in pajamas)
the guy that helps "yamapi" through his date
thats shige!
just in case you dont know
he's cute ne~!

and thats the end of that..
if i find the "white japanese docomo phone" picture
i'll post it here

oh yeah talking about phones
during my "phone hunt"
i remembered about a series i was watching before my PMR exam

Keitai Sousakan 7..

obviously its about walking keitai.. or phones
theres this spy-detective kind of company
and one of their agents got killed because of a high school student
and that high school student is willing to fill the agent's place
and at the same time at that company there another agent
who is really really hot..
what was his name again??

so anyway i have to wait until my computer loads cr videos fast again
like it used to and suppose to

and for your information the white phone name is "seven"
and the black one is "zero one"
theres another one (the hot agent's phone) called "zero three"

seven is full of life.. it has many expressions
zero one ..such creepy phone! that goes "du du du"
zero three is very polite! .. it even bows!

okay thats the end of topic number 1..

if you're bored and you know it

karaoke sub a video..

i did that...
if it get approved i'll post the link here..
in the mean time .. here's is what i did a long time ago

buono! - gachinko de ikou

the link above is actually the karaoke version with no voice..
the new one that isn't approved yet is a version with voice..
it doesn't make any difference anyway
(i must really like Buono! since both videos i "karaoke subbed" is their pv)

its tiring to karaoke sub a video
so all the drama subbers out there have my respect!

if you're bored and you know it

do the para-para dance!

its cute!
and easy..
why dont you try it!
you can do it!!!

if you're bored and you know it

just chat...

okay the real story is
i heard that hsj boys cut their hair!
and it didnt look too good..
for daiki at least

as for yamada he cut his hair too
but i know for a fact his hair grows back super fast
so i dont worry about him

hope daiki's hair grows back to normal soon!

also from chatting
i confused lee junki for chinen..
(that was embarrassing!)

if you're bored and you know it

do so many things i dont want to explain

*help my mom do some of her work
type students name and their student number etc..

*send my mom off
she has outstation work.. so we have to send her off..
at a bus station
which is just one hour away from my house!!

*listen a speech from my dad
its about having a conversation..

*download a song from a game
its a real song! by singaporean singer.. i'm surprised i found it

*download seigi no mikata
my little sister ask me too...
ahh the internet is slow than spogebob's snail-gary!

*watch and episode of "how to produce a prince"
aiba hiroki is in it.. he's soo cute!!

*write this very very very long post!
i am really sure no one is going to read this
if you do.. comment me and i'll give you a present!

but at the end of the day...
you'd be surprise when i still say


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