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Assalamualaikum :) .. haii

i have 5 more days of holiday left before i semester two starts!.. 
i figured i have to re-motivate myself and redox my rusted English!! 
redox as in redox reaction.. the opposite of oxidation

yep.. i kind of miss chemistry... hahahah NOT
i think i got the who redox reaction principle wrong anyway..
to unrust a rusted something - is it redox? or electrolysis?.. who cares.. i don't!

moving on~
so i have been training my body to sleep early which is before 2.00.. and wake up about 5.30
and then i fall asleep again in the afternoon before zohor... but its okay lets consider that as qialullah.. ecece

anyway today's session is all about : motivation to study and to learn

 Semester II is not about blindly completing assignments like i did in sem1
but actually improving myself!

its not about "lecturer in suke hati dye jeee..biasss!"
its about.."baik lecturer! i'll do it!! i'll try!! show me the wayy"

pre-notes during-notes post-notes!
(during-notes? seriously? and i call myself a language student)

read read read
read books! read newspaper (or maybe just online articles)! read the quran!

write write write!
write essays! write blogposts! write poems and what not!

take tests seriously! take lectures seriously! take assignments seriously!

study like a medic student! punctual like a music student! present like a law student!
think like an engineering student! write like an english student!

and the most important thing of all
fix your intention! - For Allah
(baiki niat - kerana Allah)
if you can do that.. Insyaallah everything will go right!

not because you want to impress a guy, not because you want to make friends and become popular
but because of Allah

because you want to learn the beautiful knowledge that Allah has inspired men to create and learn
that will bring us closer to the knowledge of the hereafter

in my case.. the beautiful knowledge of language..

with language we can understand the quran better!!
we can explore various knowledge.. from medicine to the history of arts
we can read motivational, inspirational stories and that can touch our hearts
open up our minds, take us to places we've never been before..and sometimes places that do not exist (hogwarts and narnia)
and soooo much more! i could go on and on about this..

and with the opportunity to learn the knowledge of language,
i will slowly learn, appreciate and eventually spread the beauty of Islam in various aspect that it has to offer!

with that being said...
Good Night Sacramento!...
eh.. i mean.. good night world~
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bila nina dah tulis blog dlm bm.. hahahhaa...
nahh.. just the tittle.. i'm going to write in english!

one week before "school" holidays
i would have a long list of things that i want to do during the holidays

during the holidays
i would talk myself to not do it just yet... 

hahah just when i'm in the mood to write, my parents is taking me out~
i think this post can conclude itself..
i'll write more later~
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when i was just a little girl
i asked my mother "what would i be?"
"will i be pretty? will i be rich"
here's what she said to me
"que sera, sera"
"whatever will be, will be"
"the future's not ours to see"
"que sera. sera"

nope..that's a song..
 she didn't really say that
what really happened was 

i asked
"will i grow up pretty and rich?"
she said
"if you're rich, you can stay pretty"
my response was 
and then she said
"if you have money, you can go to facials and all those things"

it's like what albert einstien said
"i don't think of the future, it comes soon enough"

we just need to believe that Allah is the best planner
everything will fall into the place that Allah wants it to be in
we just want to strive and work hard to make sure we deserve the awesome things that Allah has in store for us

there are a lot that i want to say.. but its maghrib already..

Mereka yang jaga Solat. ALLAH akan jaga dia. Jom ready For Maghrib :)
-via heliza helmi's fb

lets go solat maghrib.. i'll write another post later.. if i feel like it..
remember me in your prayers <3 p="">