Thursday, May 31, 2012 @ 6:47 AM  4 stares

What we want to have VS What we have VS What we can have VS What we must have!

i want an apple laptop..
i have a dell laptop..
i can have an apple laptop someday
i must have any kind of laptop right now
conclusion : screw apple.. i love my dell ..its more than perfect for me!

i want to further my studies overseas
i think i'll get accepted into the country's public university but no idea what course just yet
i can always go to a local private university
i must have some where to further my studies
conclusion : screw overseas! i'll make sure that i'll get there someday..but now.. lets just wait for the upu!

i want to have someone that loves me more than i do
i have my family that i love more than myself
i can get a boyfriend any time if i wanted one... just not the perfect one..yet
i must never forget that nothing can replace the love of my family towards me
conclusion : screw boys..<3 family~

i want a new phone..with touch screen and stuff
i have a old fashioned sony erricson slide phone..
i can easily be fickle and rudely ask for a new phone
i must realize that all i do with a phone is : take pictures : text : and call ..
conclusion : my sliding sony is perfect for me! i'm not a touch screen gal anyway!

morning peeps... time for me to go to bed~
mood : insomnia-ish
Thursday, May 24, 2012 @ 1:44 AM  0 stares

There's always tomorrow.

There's always tomorrow.

There's always tomorrow.

There's always tomorrow.

There's always tomorrow.

There's always tomorrow.

Just make sure tomorrow is better than today.
And when tomorrow comes,
live it to the fullest as if there's no tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012 @ 7:07 PM  1 stares

Stop thinking and Start doing

Stop wishing and Start working for it

Stop daydreaming and Start realizing it

Stop doubting and Start trying

Stop hating and Start loving

Stop complaining and Start appreciating

Stop envying and Start flaunting 

Stop frowning and Start smiling

Thank Youss~ <3
(youss is my plural version of you :P)

@ 2:48 AM  2 stares
Its backk~~
My appetite is back ~~

okay girl! stop staring at the coffee and cookie~

now that my appetite is back.. it is both good and bad news for me

good news : i can FEEL my food again
bad news : possible weight gain

haha..another random post for my random day~

Friday, May 18, 2012 @ 10:30 PM  3 stares

is not seen... it is felt
it is something that make your heart flutter
fills your stomach with imaginary butterflies
heats up your head and your heart when you're jealous

no appetite 
sleep..don't need them
mandi? tak basah punye lahh

and i believe that it is a kind of catalyst 
which makes your brain pour out endless inspiration.. 
even when you're heart and mind is occupied by that one stupid guy

and with all of that said
lets see what i'm going through

Inspiration : NONE!
Appetite : NOT SO MUCH!
Sleep : TOO MUCH 
Stomach : BERONA
Head : CUTE!

oh yeah.. let me just end this post with a story
wherever i go.. one of the first things that people would think about me :
"she must already have a boyfriend... maybe even 2.. or 3"

just like when i went to sungai petani with my friend
her friend, asked her "nina tu xde boyfren ke?"
and then.. my friend answered "xde.. x pernah ade.."
and then her friend said "ehhh...tipu??"

well, i don't know if the conversation went down exactly like that
but my friend said to me something like
"nina.. lydia tanya.. nina ada gewe doh ko.. pastu dio x cayo nina xdok gewe"

and then the next day..
the mother of the friend of my friend kept on asking me weird questions
and kept on looking at me from that front mirror of the car
(the oblong one.. hanging in the middle of the car)
i sensed that she told her mother about me and even her mother didn't believe it!

so i've decided on the perfect answer if people ask me whether i'm single or not
hahaha that ought to shut them up! :P

hahaha and that's it from nina~ cyaa!
(i guess i'm more inspired than i thought!)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012 @ 2:41 AM  4 stares
Tonight's mood : Turning Tables, Adele

Assalamualaikum~ :)  Hey, Hi, Hello~
so today, i'm going to be a little self-centred and talk about myself!

i'm the girl who often forget to say "assalamualaikum" when necessary
i can spend hours in front of the mirror talking to myself!
i'm the type of girl who laughs at her own jokes.. 5 days later!
smiles at her own text messages, because she's so damn funny
i can count on myself to cheer myself up

Last week...well.. a few days ago (since my previous post)..
i've been feeling down and confused with all of the mixed signals someone had been sending me
and still is  ..kind of..sort of... i don't know..

Fortunately, i've found my own cure for my bizarre illness :

i read what i was thinking about at this exact time of year last year
and it was the "positive, witty, don't need no guy" nina
so, nicely done 2011 nina!! you are awesome!!

hahaha and you know what?
the post that i cheered me up the most is this :
Friday, May 4, 2012 @ 2:43 AM  2 stares

when i'm high without a care in the world - i'd listen to kesha
at times like this, taylor swift knows me best!

i'm going crazy! literally!
my emotion is like a roller coaster 
one moment i'm over the moon... and in a blink of an eye i'd feel miserable!

i really have no idea what i'm going through
but taylor swift's songs manage to speak to me
(or should i say "sing" to me)

..pray for me..
nite peeps and peepetts 

Thursday, May 3, 2012 @ 3:01 AM  2 stares

what if i worked harder during my mrsm days?
what if i worked harder for my upsr examination?
what if i didn't move from smk zainab 1?
what if i just took the time to look at the programs mara offered after spm?
what if i put my aim to go overseas before my personal interest?
what if i  just scored ONE MORE A during my spm?
what if i worked hard to get straight A's?
what if i decided after spm to go on A-level despite the ridiculous fees?
what if .............................................
what if ...............................................
what if ...................................................
what if .........................................................

the answer to that all of that what if's is : i'd be preparing to study overseas by now

and now i'm wondering
should i bury that dream of mine?

nk pegi jugak nak pegi jgak nk pegi jugak!!!
tapi bagaimanakahhh??