Sunday, February 26, 2012 @ 6:41 PM  0 stares
wake up wake up wake up!

no time for your lazy sessions in bed...
no time for your paranoid thoughts...
no time for your walky legs to go walking around
throw all of them in to the drain for a while


for this last week of class filled with tests, presentations and assignments

for the next week which we're supposed to be on our study leave
but we would probably still have tests to finish

for the moment of truth :THE FINAL EXAM!

no more facebook for this few weeks
no more weheartit picture time
no more blogging random thoughts

keep in mind your math teacher's saying

remember what your chemistry teacher said
"Awak semua  kat sini Berlian!!.. Kene gilap sikit je.. terus berkilat!"

and that other chemistry teacher that says
"kalo x rajin, x kemane kamu nnti"


pray for me and strive for the best peeps!!


Friday, February 24, 2012 @ 6:43 PM  0 stares

wahhh.. i feel like going ordering
"kak! nasik goreng biasa pedas satu.. tpi sye nak yg warne oren.. xnak yg koko... ngan telur mata satu.. letak udang eh dlm nasik tu! bnyk sikit.... buang kulit dier tau.. basuh cuci2 udang tu..telur mata tu sy nk kuning dier tu lembik2 sikit... tpi yg keliling dier tu sy xnak lembik.. tpi xnak garing sgt... ala kadar je.. pastu tabur lah keriuk2 asli atas nasik goreng tu bnyk sikit je.. jgn kedekut kak.. tak baik"

i'm willing to pay 10 ringgit for a plate of that kind of nasik goreng!

all week, there has been a voice in my head saying :
 "eh..ptg ni rasa nk beli nasik goreng and telur mata.."
 but when its time for dinner..
my craving for nasik goreng and telur mata disappeared 
and i suddenly feel like eating something else..
nasik lemak and telur mata... doublecheese burger... megi..nestum

tonight??.. no thanks..i'm very full
full with assignments on my plate!
..maybe next week?.. 

today... not today.. last week...
when i was sick.. i was too tired to even turn on my computer
so i used my time very wisely and i'm really proud to announce thatttt 
i finished reading a book entitled : HOW TO TALK TO ANYONE

am i a great conversationalist now?
not at all!!.. 
but i do feel different.. especially in class
and somehow.. i feel people treating me differently this week... 
they're nicer... i wonder why...

maybe its the fact that we are used to one another's existence by now
so all of us are more comfortable now..

and some are so comfortable around each other 
that they don't need to talk

...mumble mumble mumble...
i honestly don't know how to put what i'm thinking into words


keep calm and stay positive..:)
feel like losing your mind??... wash your face.. wash your head.. perform prayers and sleep!
have a nice last week asasians!

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Saturday, February 18, 2012 @ 1:27 PM  0 stares
(caution : over exaggeration may have occurred during the writing process of this post..)
Read at your own risk

there are 2 things about me that will never change

my cuteness and my crying habits

my mom told me, even when i was just a little girl, i was already very pretty~ hahahaha 

because of my prettiness, people love to stare at me!!
even when i was just a kid, i was insecure.. so i cried and cried and cried.. 
thinking that there was something wrong with me that made them stare... 
it's not your fault you're pretty little ninaa~

now... i'm still as pretty as i was..
in fact! i'm prettier!! 
and.. unfortunately.. as insecure as i was
when people stare....i cry and cry and cry

well .. they stared because i was sick..not because i'm pretty
and i didn't really cry.. i couldn't open my eyes... 
i forced them to open... and they were really hurt so they started to water

true story...
no seriously.. 
its true..
well 15% of the water were tears but who cares
Shut Up!

okay.. keep calm harry potter! and eat rice! <3

stay healthy peeps!


Monday, February 13, 2012 @ 3:37 AM  2 stares
i feel like listening to kesha

"sto sto stop talking that bla bla bla"

i had a very crazy weekend

English Week Madness
Hectic KL
Pavilion Stomp!
Tteokbokki Crisis 
Theatre "Drama" 
Birthday Insanity   
Cake Cake Cake?
The Toilet 
Dermatology :(
Week 12 Horror

so... which one should i write about.

right now... all i can think about is the smell of cake icing in my hair.. 
i shampoo-ed and conditioned.. and rinsed..and rinsed and rinsed. 
it still smells like cake

by any chance... does Rapunzel's hair smell like cake?

just wondering~~~

night peeps
posted @ 3.37AM

motivation for today :

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012 @ 4:18 PM  1 stares

some people collects a jar or hearts
but do they know that hearts can break and not make a sound
and when it breaks it don't break even
so would you give my heart a break?

but can it take a break? (as in time out)

hahah no heart! don't you dare take a break!

heart (literal meaning)  =hati : that thing that emulsify fat (liver)

heart (what people understand) = jantung = that thing that pumps blood! (cardiac muscle)

either way.. i'm going to be in much trouble if they take a break.. 
hati : the fat in my body won't be emulsified
jantung : i'll be dead!!

if i have to choose between dead and un-emulsified fat...
err... please don't make me choose

what kind of message is that?
work less?... hahaha.. if only its that simple!

and that's it!...thanks for reading ....
"Nina's Pre-WritingClass Randomness!"

(because i keep on writing before writing class..
 i need to come up with a cuter segment name)

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Monday, February 6, 2012 @ 5:18 AM  0 stares
Yesterday.. i had the time of my life
stuffing my mouth with food
laying around the house..
(yes.. i literally did both!)

yep.. this is pretty much what i looked like

but then... someone said the F word!

The 3rd person this week that used that particular adjective to describe me!

i don't really care..

well i would be lying if i say i don't care at all
i do care.. but just a bit..
when i saw the F word
i was like "woahhhh? how dare you!"

after that i simply said... 
"gemuk itu comel okeh!"

and after that.. i continued my job

while thinking...

but not now!
one day.. i'll look as hot as megan fox and you'll get sun-burned just looking at me!

positive thinking is the first step to EVERYTHING

haha live your life positively!XD
have a POSITIVE month peeps!

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012 @ 12:46 PM  0 stares

should i change the my blog's name?.. innocent? yeah right!
Well... as of today, its official! :  I'm notorious for my unpunctuality...

Today.. we had a test...
i can proudly say that i... was... not early... but on time!

When i got there, i had a "moment" with an empty table in the back of the class...
hahaha... its like we were meant for each other
so i grabbed a chair an sat down happily... :)

5 minutes later, the lecturer came 
because we're taking a test, she asked us to re-arrange the table
arranging.. here and there... zzzzzzz..
but don't worry... i didn't leave my table for another table... we moved together! 

after that... the lecturer said 
"is everybody here?...class rep! count heads!"
class rep popped his head out and started counting
"3 more madam!!"
"3 more??.. okay... "said the lecturer while walking to the front of the class

and then..i heard a voice from the heart of the classroom
(cardiac muscle..that pumps blood!)
"sape yg x sampai lagi?.. nina sampai belum???"

peeping from the corner of my eyes, i saw a few heads turning...and looking
but i couldn't tell who was the one asking and who were the ones who turned

one of the 'head-turn-ers" turned back and answered
"tu...ade dah"...

the "ask-er" said.. "hohh"...

but it's okay..becauseeee
after class i got the chance to eat with my roommate..aimi azmi~!!!
and my previous dorm-mates : cik yayanx and liyana izani..
and my friends fatin jabar, fara honey (ain) and alia majdina..
(even though ain and alia was sitting at a different table because there were too many people)..

i miss ALL of them sooo muchhhh!!!
even my current roomate..hahaha
when i'm free... she's not
when she's free... i'm not
when she sleeps.. i'm wide awake..
when she's wide awake.. i'm asleep..
when i... well you get the idea right!

to do or to die!
have a nice February everyone!

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