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imagine yourself in a garden.. filled with flowers.. and a bridge that cross a beautiful pond.. butterflies everywhere..

answer this :
in that garden, where are you?.. on the bridge?... surrounded by the flowers?
and the flowers.. what colour do you imagine them to be? colourful? or just one colour?
what colour is that bridge? what is the bridge made out of? how big is the pond? 
how many butterflies are there? what sizes are they? and what colour are they?

for me
in that garden, i imagine i'm standing in the middle of the bridge wearing a white dress
and the flowers are all white..with green lush bushes
the bridge? white in colour made of wood.. the pond ? is small.. not really clear but not keruh 
butterflies? about 2 or 3.... small .. and white in colour...

from my answers i think that it explains a lot about me! .. 
(haha you can laugh as i interpret my own vision)

i'm standing in the middle of the bridge wearing white... means that i like being in the centre of attention but i dont really make a fuss about it.. if i'm standing in the flower bush it means that i'm obsessed to be in the centre of attention or maybe i just like being with people. my presence in the middle of the bridge may annoy others that want to cross but what do i care! haha

the flowers are white.. my dress is white and the butterfly and the bridge too shows how PURE i am!!! (blueekks)
nah... i just means that i like simple things and not really fussy about things.. 
i also trust people easily once they are nice to me...
the white dress also shows that people tend to forget about my existence..


the white bridge is made out of wood which means i like the classic way of doing things
and would like to go through "classic" events
like a classic love story

the pond is small... 
shows how i view all of the problems in my life... not really clear but not too keruh which i think explains all
and the amount of butterflies (2-3 only) is because i'm afraid of butterflies! i like to see them but dont really like being around them

sounds boring?..
maybe it is to you but to me its my lovely life..
i dont care if people find it boring 

its my lifeee...its now or never 
-sings bon jovi song all of the sudden-

haha ..try imagining your own garden.. see how it turns out and try interpreting your life from it
it doesnt have to be like mine... maybe to you a white dress is FUN! .. haha its up to you..
its your life! only you (and god) have the right to judge it!...have fun

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