Friday, November 28, 2008 @ 11:12 PM  2 stares
Dont worry.. i still have all my things..
i'm talking about something missing with me..
everyone on earth is crazy about dbsk - mirotic.. i'm not.. the only thing i like about that video is changmin/max and his voice!..
everybody else in that vid.. uwwekk~(even you jaejong/hero!)
even if they show their abs.. or not wearing a shirt at all i still wouldnt think that video is hot!
huhu.. maybe i'm just not in the "fangirl" phase anymore..
but the problem is..i WANT to!!
oh yeah.. i am in the fangirl phase.. just abit
i was watching liar game..
matsuda shouta is really really cool!
and i actually like the main girl - toda erika
unlike someother dramas.. i hate the main girl
that drama's problem is the story is too perdictable..
i can tell everything through ep 1 - 3..
nothing suprised me yet..
huhu..can someone help me?..
oh almost forgot ..
i only have half an hour to stay online
tomorrow i have to go and buy supplies..
very very very early in the morning
so i have to sleep very very early tonight..
(midnight is still too early for me X_X)
other than that..
my mom is asking me to do alot of work just because she's currently having the cleaning bug...and i'm uncomfortable
and i end up doing most of the work while my sis is sick and my lil sis play audition..
furthermore.. i'm getting sick as well but i think its better if i keep it to parents would think i'm just crying out for attention
this is not how i want to spend my holiday!
when school re-opens, i'm going to have another (2) worst year of my life there if i stay at that school...
wouldn't it be great if everthing goes the way we want?
but unfortunately it doesnt
i'll end my post here.. its almost midnight


Wednesday, November 26, 2008 @ 3:24 AM  1 stares
Let me introduce you to my teddy-chicken..the round and only :
!Ruka Pyon!
ruka pyon is a present that i got for my birthday last 23rd of August.. i love him soo much that i decided to post a picture of him right here!

theres even a song for my beloved ruka pyon:

ruka pyon na ruka pyon
ruka pyon
hey pyon!
(just sing like this song)
the part where pretty zinta sing
"pia pia oh pia pia ..
pia pia oh pia"
hahah isnt it cute??

i just got back from kelantan!
you cannot i magine how happy i am

even though i didnt meet my friend i'm still happy
i get to eat real rice!... real tasty rice!
and i get to go to tesco and kbmall...
and i get to stay in my house...
even though theres no internet connetion, i'm still alive

we got there at 4:00 am..

(oh yeah i saw and elephant on the way)
we rode a taxi.. and became sardines for a few minutes
when we got home we turn on the computer and play a game

until the sun rises... and then we sleep..

at 11 o'clock woke up... and went to my grandmother's house for a "kenduri"...

i was really pretty in pink~!
(huahahahhaha.. hey its my blog.. i can write what ever i want!)

ok so the day went on and i talked with my cousin
and talk and talk and was alot of fun

and then we went home...and then watch seigi no mikata that i downloaded.. i fell asleep infront of the computer from too much fun i had..

but later my mom ask me to go and buy mcdonal's.. i was of crouse angry and tired... but i went anyway.. but then my mom came along..and my sister too.. leaving my little sister watching hana kimi alone!

we also went to the night market but it was raining.. we ended up all soaked wet.. my sister and i went to seven-eleven.. and bought food and a chinese phone magazine that we cant even understand.. we only wanted to look at phones~.. my mother and father wasnt able to say anything.. they were too "happy" to get daughters like us!
we ate ice cream (when its raining outside)

and bought food and went back home and ate and watch seigi no mikata again... and then went to sleep..

the next day..
my sister, little sister and i woke up and got ready.. and we all went to kbmall.. i got my phone wrapped.. but its not really what i wanted..
my sister's phone turned out really nice and my mom's too..
i'm happy for them but sad for my self T.T

other than that we hang out (lepak) at kbmall until its bed time for the shop keepers.. we looked around for the perfect flip phone (but didnt found one) ..i bought a japanese comic / manga called "kelayakan cinderella".. and bought 2 archie comic..i bought my earphones and my dad bought a ring.. we then again ate ice cream!

oh yeah that day i look really cute.. i was wearing pink! again!

but japanese style... all i need that day was a pair of boots~

i would have look perfect!
(like i said .. this is my blog.. i have the right to write anything i want )

the next day we went to tesco
wwe start off looking at bracelet and necklace..

after that i bought 2 mangas..i forgot what they're called

and then we ate lunch/dinner at london fish somehting
we ate something that looks exactly like what they eat in seigi no mikata.. hahahaha...every one attacked that "fish thinggy" like crazy

thats the power of japanese dramas!

after we ate fish..feed our legs to some fish!
long story.. it was ticklish!

and i made ALOT .. and i mean ALOT of noise

i think the whole tesco heard me screaming!
went home.. eat rice..tasty rice!
and then watch seigi no mikata until the last episode..
and then my sisters and i got crazy over episode 9
where nakata makiko (the sister)
was really looking forward to eat suppon (the turtle)
and then she sings
"suppon cha cha cha.. suppon cha cha cha"
but at the end of the episode..
we like the 2nd song she sings alot better
"suppon..oh yeah~
suppon.. oh yeah~"
and i made an announcement..
because we are soo exicted for tommorrow's breakfast,
(which is nasi kak wok /or kak wok's rice")
which has alot of chicken and taste really good..
we have to sing that song tomorrow when we're waiting for the rice..
"kak wok version"
kak wok.. oh yeah~!
kak wok.. oh yeah~!
it was a lot of fun!.. all we did was sleep and read manga..
theres no vacation can beat our trip back to kelantan
it was priceless!
the best part of it is :
you dont have to use any kind of credit card to do so!
maybe during "raya haji" i'll go back to kelantan again
i cant wait for it!
next time.. i'll bring ruka pyon along for sure
i didnt bring ruka pyon the last time because we were riding a bus.. and it was difficult to carry him around...
!!~~i love ruka pyon~~!!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008 @ 1:10 AM  1 stares
okay.. just now i was going to write about some sad story that no body would even care!

but now that i think of it.. its better to let the sad stuff out!...

let me introduce you to korean boybands for today instead of one of my "japanese boys fangirl moment!".. today its

Nina's korean boybands fangirl moment!

you're probably guessing DBSK or Super Junior or 2pm or 2 am or Shinee

the answer to all of that guesses is.. NO!

its.. U-Kiss yo

u-kiss - not young

okay a brief introduction

the guy in green shirt with sweetvoice (and wearing a ribbon)

that guy with redish orange-ish hair (that keep making peace sign)

others i dont care la!

if you're korean.. name your son kibum..
so far ppl with that name is all very handsome!
first its kibum from super junior
second its kibum an actor
3rd is kibum from u-kiss

arent they cute...??
i love this song more than zettai girls song over the future song
if you have been talking to me (and paid attention) you would know that song
huhu but i'm sure no one remembers :( huhu
but i dont expect any one to pay attention to what i say..
i usually only say boring stuff..

okay.. i'm going to watch suite life of zack and cody now..
and maybe fall asleep.. cause my head doesnt feel like it usually does.


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Monday, November 17, 2008 @ 3:19 AM  0 stares
someone special who could it be~?

his job's too big for you and me~

we need some help .. but never fear-o

it looks like a job for a higglytown hero

higglytown heroes is on tv so i just thought that i will be a cute blog post tittle...

dont you think so too???...i know you do... just admit it!

lets begin today's post with "what i did today" segment ..

i woke up .. eat.. make a bento.. download stuff.. half ep of anime and drama.. and watch half of a movie on tv... and help my little sister go to level 6..

and thats the end of my day ..

other than that?.. nothing special..
my little sister fell in love with one of my online friends and it seems he's inlove with her too..
well it kinda seems like it..
but maybe i'm thinking too much!
hahhaha but i love those kind of thoughts~!

moving on~moving on~moving on~moving on~moving on~moving on~
(before my friend or my lil sister kills me..)
(but i'm sure they wont read this so i'm perfectly SAVE~)

today~ let me introduce you to inoo kei
he has a little sister named inoo keiri~ he named her!
he's such a sweet brother..

without any further delay~

he's even hot in black & white

i bet he's the hottest + cutest guy you have ever seen!
i love him more than hashi in fact!

okay thats conclude my post or today...
i love guitar, violin and every other stringed instruments on earth no matter what they say...
just saying...

ok bye bye..
i think i'm going to start turning in early tomorrow..
i dont think i can pull this "owl and bat's shift" any longer..
its somehow tiring~

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Saturday, November 15, 2008 @ 4:34 AM  0 stares
okay i dont speak spanish but i happen to know what i wrote..

i wrote : 2 stars friend?.. haha that didnt make any sense huh ?

well some people reading this blog already know how much i hate camp rock!

but then, i dont think theres even one person out there reading this..

ahh who cares~! i dont!... maybe just a little

uh... what was i going to say about camp rock again??

oohh!! now i remember...

okay now the only (few) thing i hate more than camp rock is high shcool musical,miley cyrus, malay songs, and joe jonas..

but camp rock in spanish.. well i hate spanish soap operas! they can show that on tv but they cant show japanese dramas?...huh arienai shi~

ok back to the main topic.. camp rock song in spanish actually sounds great!

this is 2 stars by "tess tyler".. spanish ver. by carla medina..

que se necesita para hacerte ver
lo que puede ser
me enferma
el fingir que todo ya quedo atras,
que no importa más
veamos esto
por un instante
coro: mirate
ya nunca somos dos
¿que no ves?
es perfecto el plan
es brillar
como el sol
pues dos estrellas juntas mas brillo tendrán
lo harás, lo harás, lo harás, mirate
lo harás, lo harás, lo harás, mirame
lo que sentimos nunca nadie dividio
somos tu y yo
que brillando juntos
somos algo especial
y es genial
iluminemos el cielo tu y yo
lo harás, lo harás, lo harás, mirate
lo harás,lo harás, lo harás
no es mucho que pedir darnos un lugar
siento que mas bajo no puede estar
y no es lo que puede ser
(coro x 2)
lo harás, lo harás, lo harás,mirate
lo harás lo harás, lo harás, mirame (x2)

okay you have to admit thats the best song in camp rock.. and it sounds even better in spanish!

i'm forgetting something.. but what??
oh yeah

My Adventure - 14/11/2008!

wake up at... earlier than yesterday..
i'll write in point form.. too tired to write all ... and spelling doesnt matter anymore..
  1. took a shower - eat - read comic - talk with my sister..
  2. disturb her playing a game - she's bad at it as much as i am
  3. try using my dad's laptop - headache- too small
  4. fried burger for dinner - fries too - clean house afterwards!
  5. another attempt - laptop - again headache - stay online for 1 1/2 hours - got tired
  6. while sister use my pc - download 1 ep of seigi no mikata + half ep of hana kimi
  7. downloas songs - dous estrellas - my lil sis love it too!
  8. sings demi lovato song - this is me! - stomach ache version
  9. lil sis play game - bump into one of my friend - accidentally- she didnt say anything tho
  10. my father went to dinner - brought back ommelet fried rice - feels as if its about to explode!
  11. my mothers bus ( that she's riding) broke down - might arrive late
  12. too many people knock on the door - i only get it once - other = lil sis
  13. watch a jdorama.. what was it called again?.. something2 jouken.. tackey is in it!
  14. load shugo chara ep 12 but didnt get to watch it!
  15. back to my dad's laptop..- no headache- writes blog!
and for the 1st time this week... i'm not bored anymore.. even though i didnt get to spend my time online as much as i usually does! and its 5:12 am and i didnt realise it!.. just that my head feels like a balloon losing air!...

okay i'm going to bed now.. bye bye...

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Friday, November 14, 2008 @ 4:49 AM  1 stares
okay today i'm not as bored as i was a few days ago..

a few things actually happen

here it goes :

my eyes were half open and the sunlight immediately greets me.."OHAYO NINA CHAN...WAKE UP DESU~"but my curtains were say "let her sleep you overly hyper sun!"....

after that i quickly ran to the living room to check the time.. it was noon already..but still i went back to bed.. there was nothing to wake up to... i forgot that i have to accompany my dad to pick up my little sister from boarding school..

after a short while.. my phone was singing beautiful girl - girl version by jojo.. so again i ran but this time its towards my phone in the living room.. and then i saw 4 missed calls... and then without thinking i just phone back the number thinking that i was my dad who called..

tut tutt.. tut tutt... and then somebody with a chinese accent picks the phone up.. "hallo ah"... and i (who were half asleep) said "hello..papa tepon ek tadi?"...and obviously the person didnt hear clearly what i said since he then said "i'm looking for mr tan.."... and i was confused and wide awake said "HA?? MR TAN??.." and then he said.. "yah"... and then in an embarassed tone i said.. "ah sorri ah.. wrong number" .

and thats the begining of my day..which sort of start at noon..

after that.. i follow my heart and went back to bed... but then my telephone sings again.. and i was like "who is it now~?"..and then i saw the caller id.. apparently i was calling my self.. so i just click the hang up button and went to bed with the phone on my hand just incase anyone else calls.. but no one did..

when i woke up the second time i ran towards the clock in the living room was exactly 4:00 in the evening.. and i thought to myself " ah! i didnt follow papa... speaking of which, why aren't they home yet??.." so i just so straight and took a shower..

in the middle of my long shower.. my little sister knocked on the bathroom foor.. just to clarify that she's home.. and when i was done she turns on her "radio" which tells the tales of her life while she's not home.. i also cut in and tells her about ..stuff.. haha..

apparently she hurt her hand from a door.. and then her friend saw my dad and her friends think my sister is prettier than i am!.. but she shut up when she saw a game i downloaded!..

and can you believe she actually read my blog??.. i love my lilttle sister... huahah.. somehow that didnt sound right!

okay the real reason for this post is i'm waiting for hana kimi jp to finish downloading.. and it did.. so time for me to sleep.. some people in malaysia is already wide awake by now (5:21..)..but hey who cares right!

so let me just summarize all before i go to bed..

after that i eat and then i fold laundry and then play game and then i watch shugo chara and then eat again and then talk to my sister .. she asked my to download hana kimi and gokusen3 and then.. eat some more.. come to think of it i mostly eat!.. oh yeah i also copied the 1st page of the 1st chapter of next year's history text book

ok oyasumi.. typing in the dark isnt good for my eyes!.. ato ne~
Wednesday, November 12, 2008 @ 12:51 AM  0 stares
huu here's a question :

am i really bored or is there something missing in my life??

the answer to that is.. i have no idea..

hey! let me introduce you to hashimoto ryosuke kun!

he's hot ne~

why did i ask that first question?
well simple explanation.. i was watching hashimoto ryosuke
yet i didn't get excited like i used to...he was as hot as always yet i didnt go "kyaa"
so there must be something wrong ..

oh well.. that concludes my post for today

wahh i cant help my self ..just one video pleasee~?...
wait a minute..its my blog! its up to me! hahaha XD

*checks in youtube*

they removed my favourite video from youtube!!..
i'm upset now!...
hummpphh! i'm going to bed!

also i'm going to school tomorrow..
i have to return my monitor's manga..
which is not with me and i havent read it yet

and even though my favourite video got deleted,
i'll post another one .. which have the guys i love the most

yabu, arioka, inoo, takaki(sometimes), shintaro, hashi, and kis my ft2, and sanada, and nozawa,and.....

haha the important thing is i love inoo,yabu and arioka more than hashi in video!

okay i'm going to watch tv until i fall asleep..
also i'm going to keep the pc on .. i'm downloading a buono pv!

maybe i'll hunt for my favourite video that i was talking about and upload them here!..
if i feel like it that is..

thats it for today.. i'm too tired to mumble about my unfortunate day today!

today's bored saying is :
i am soo bored that i'm now watching an anime!
which reminds me.. i forgot to watch how to produce a prince today

huhu too tired & bored to continue!
~bye bye~

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008 @ 2:55 AM  1 stares
Online life is getting boring by the moment!

well i play a game... got bored.. play game number 2 over and over again!...

and then i watch "how to produce a prince" episode 3... and thats the end of my day!

haha actually ..its not over yet.. i was soo bored i went "picture hunting"

first i was looking for a tree.. and i dont know why i searched for a traffic light ..

and then found... a traffic light tree!

interesting ne~
(if you're wondering where is that thing at..
its somewhere in brittain!)

lets continue

i got bored and start searching for japanese stuff... when i search cute.. i found tegoshi

when i search japanese.. i found aaron for fahrenheit

and somehow i found a picture of a bento.. (japanese for lunch box)

so i went crazy searching for cute bentos!

here is what i found

so they just use basic food..
  • rice
  • sausages/ hot dog
  • tomato
  • egg(omelete)
  • simple vegetables
  • fries
  • bread
  • meat
  • seaweed?
okay maybe seaweed isn't our "basic food"
but the others are i've decided!
i am going to make a bento!
yosh! ganbare!!

okay its exactly 3:14 AM... i should give my pc a rest now
it has been working for more than 24 hours..
and its my little sister's fault..
she want seigi no mikata to be ready downloaded when she comes back home
and its this thursday.. and i only have ep2...

Wait! why do i have to listen to her??
haha maybe its bacause kanata hongo is in that drama
and its also one of my favourite drama...

talking about japanese dramas..i'm looking for a movie

tokyo shoujo / tokyo girl..

its about a girl that dropped her phone down the stairs and a japanese boy form another century found it.. and they talk and talk and went on a date on the phone and the boy ran out of battery and the end!...

i really want to watch it with subs

if you're wondering about the raw..
you can watch it at youtube..
i didnt watch it yet since i dont want to spoil it!
but the trailer seems like really nice movie

so okay.. theres to things on my to do list now..
should i make an actual list??

oh what the heck.. here it is
in pink!

Nina's school holiday 2008 to do list
  1. try make a cute bento
  2. look for tokyo shoujo (tokyo girl) movie
  3. remember to move this list to the navigation
  4. learn the quran
  5. learn japanese
  6. make up more things to do
okay i should go to sleep...
the computer need a rest and so do i!
tomorrow i wont be going to school since my dad has to be at the assembly early and i usually take a lot of extra time to get ready even if its just to go to school..
it is soo difficult to be a girl.. huhu
her job is never done!

oh yeah i'm going to watch tokyo boy first!...
i dont know why buttoday i suddenly feel like waiting for it to load
and it did ..and now i have to watch it!
maki horikita is in it..
i've never really like her..
so, why did i open that movie??? 0_O

oh well .. i'll just watch it anyway
good night~!


Monday, November 10, 2008 @ 12:31 AM  0 stares

if you're bored and you know it

edit a picture of you dream phone..

~Isn't it pretty??~
i know you like it too
i really really really want it..

the only thing i want more than that is a
white japanese docomo flip phone
you know like the ones in japanese dramas
or the one that yabu kota has in the making of mayonaka no shadow boy

when i was searching for the pic of yabu and that phone
i bumped into something else...
its mayonaka no shadow boy piano version

if you want the original version.. click on the link above the video

ahh... how i envy that hana girl!.. she's soo good with the piano
she can even play star time..
but no one beats my inoo kei

so.. as a continuation of that story
i wondered..
"can my dear yamapi play the piano??"
so i searched..
and i found one but it wasn't that good
but i found the next best thing!


well sort of...not really..

he's soo cute
and that guy in pajamas
(like bannas in pajamas)
the guy that helps "yamapi" through his date
thats shige!
just in case you dont know
he's cute ne~!

and thats the end of that..
if i find the "white japanese docomo phone" picture
i'll post it here

oh yeah talking about phones
during my "phone hunt"
i remembered about a series i was watching before my PMR exam

Keitai Sousakan 7..

obviously its about walking keitai.. or phones
theres this spy-detective kind of company
and one of their agents got killed because of a high school student
and that high school student is willing to fill the agent's place
and at the same time at that company there another agent
who is really really hot..
what was his name again??

so anyway i have to wait until my computer loads cr videos fast again
like it used to and suppose to

and for your information the white phone name is "seven"
and the black one is "zero one"
theres another one (the hot agent's phone) called "zero three"

seven is full of life.. it has many expressions
zero one ..such creepy phone! that goes "du du du"
zero three is very polite! .. it even bows!

okay thats the end of topic number 1..

if you're bored and you know it

karaoke sub a video..

i did that...
if it get approved i'll post the link here..
in the mean time .. here's is what i did a long time ago

buono! - gachinko de ikou

the link above is actually the karaoke version with no voice..
the new one that isn't approved yet is a version with voice..
it doesn't make any difference anyway
(i must really like Buono! since both videos i "karaoke subbed" is their pv)

its tiring to karaoke sub a video
so all the drama subbers out there have my respect!

if you're bored and you know it

do the para-para dance!

its cute!
and easy..
why dont you try it!
you can do it!!!

if you're bored and you know it

just chat...

okay the real story is
i heard that hsj boys cut their hair!
and it didnt look too good..
for daiki at least

as for yamada he cut his hair too
but i know for a fact his hair grows back super fast
so i dont worry about him

hope daiki's hair grows back to normal soon!

also from chatting
i confused lee junki for chinen..
(that was embarrassing!)

if you're bored and you know it

do so many things i dont want to explain

*help my mom do some of her work
type students name and their student number etc..

*send my mom off
she has outstation work.. so we have to send her off..
at a bus station
which is just one hour away from my house!!

*listen a speech from my dad
its about having a conversation..

*download a song from a game
its a real song! by singaporean singer.. i'm surprised i found it

*download seigi no mikata
my little sister ask me too...
ahh the internet is slow than spogebob's snail-gary!

*watch and episode of "how to produce a prince"
aiba hiroki is in it.. he's soo cute!!

*write this very very very long post!
i am really sure no one is going to read this
if you do.. comment me and i'll give you a present!

but at the end of the day...
you'd be surprise when i still say


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Friday, November 7, 2008 @ 4:53 PM  0 stares
do you know how much i love taylor swift?

the answer to that is.. i love her very much.. she has a great voice! and she's pretty too

she even hates joe jonas as much as i do!

if you cant hear clearly what she said .. she said

while pointing to the joe jonas doll
"and this even comes with a phone you see so he can break up with other dolls"

so obviously joe broke up with her ..

as for me i hate joe jonas not because he broke up with me
i hate him because :
  1. He's ugly
  2. Soo not handsome
  3. I prefer keroro's voice over his!
  4. Nick jonas is much cuter than he is..
  5. And there a guy in my class that looks just like him and same as joe jonas : they attract girls just because they're cold and selfish! (and call people "wide eyes" behind their back!!)
okay i'm not in the "bashing" mood so i'll stop here before joe jonas fans comes and kills me!

hurmm.. what was the point of this post again.. oh yeah

so joe jonas was dating taylor swift

taylor swift has a new music video with a christian underwear model called justin gaston
(who looks just like joe jonas from afar)

justin gaston is 20 years old.. IS dating miley cyrus who is 15/16.....
and they even moved in together ??? ..0__0

miley is in disney... her disney-mate : selena gomez is dating nick jonas

which leaves kevin jonas all alone! poor him! ...why? well because joe jonas was rumored that he left taylor swift for brenda song... haiz.. this love thing is wayy out of control!

and it is all ryan seacrest fault!.. hahaha i just love blaming him for stuff

oh heres another taylor swfit bash joe jonas moment!

maybe its just a publicity stunt to promote her new album "love song"
but i dont care.. the point is she hate joe jonas and i love her!

some people say "poor joe jonas"
but i say serves him right!
who on earth breaks up with a girl through the phone
and the worst part is .. its only 25 seconds!

all i know is now he has less fans than he used to...

okay i take back what i said...
apparently when he dumped her.. he got more fans?
how does that work?
crazy right????

the fixed fact that you should know is :
i would never be a fan of his!

and for your info.. i didnt look up joe jonas on the internet.. i just happen to bump into the 1st video in this post at youtube's featured videos page.. i didnt search joe jonas on purpose! ..
just making so we're clear :D

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its official... i'm soo bored i could jump off a building...

but jumping off mount everest (and bringing lots of stuff) is more interesting...

but but but...thats not how i want to die!... i just want to jump and stay alive

can i??


how do i post videos in this thing??

yay! i now love blogger more compared to livejournal..
it is soo much easier to post videos here!

oh right.. back to the video..
its rottara rottara by buono!
its an ending for a season of shugo chara

let me introduce you to buono!

the one in yellow
(that looks like minie mouse)
is Airi

the one in pink
(that looks like a monkey)
is Momoko

and the one in blue
(that looks like a normal girl)
is Miyabi

obviously i love airi the most! 2nd is miyabi and monkey girl is in 3rd place..
no offense to all momoko fans IF you are one!

i'm downloading rottara rottara
and theres only 4 minutes left

uh..when did my parents go to bed??
i should go to sleep too..
i maybe have to go to school tomorrow

i've been sick for 2 days..
its my longest sick duration ever
and i'm still not feeling better
plus i'm not sure whether i can cut school tomorrow
if i can .. that would be great!

i hate reading long posts
but i love writing them!!
its feels great!

again .. YAY!!
my download is done!
~rottara rottara~

i guess i should sleep now..
good night!

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008 @ 3:39 AM  0 stares

Hey ~! i'm nina

i obviously have no idea what to write here so i might as well start by introducing my self! ...

my name is nina... i was born on 23rd of august 1993
i'm a half leo and half virgo..
sometimes horoscope says 23rd of aug is leo and some say i'm a virgo
whichever i am.. i know i'm me and wouldnt want to be anybody else

i'm perfectly fine with my life.. i love my life the way it is..
okay maybe i want to change alot of things but not everything about it
if i were to be given a chance to get reincarnated i would definitely want to be ordinary me!

for such an ordinary girl.. i'm not that ordinary
people might see me as an angel.. and some might see me as...something else ^^

hurmm.. i really love my computer... i cant live without it.. if you ask which is more important food or computer.. i would say computer.. unless i'm really hungry at the time and the answer would be the other way around

i love japanese stuff.. japanese dramas, japanese music, japanese fashion, japanese language, japanese boys(?), japanese animes(?)....let me just simply put it that i'm a japanese crazed freak!

i also love gaphics desinging or photo editing, and making new friends (online that is ), i love to watch tv and i love to cut school! hahaha

for today lets leave it at that.. you'll know me better when i post here more often.. well i hope i do.. the real reason i'm making this blog is i dont want to mess up people's friend's page in livejournal..

before i go here is a few links that is related to me~
add me and yoroshiku ne~

my crunchyroll profile

my frindster profile

my livejournal page

my website (not updated)

my youtube page

(this post is a little self centered do you think?)