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dah 2 kali kot tulis tittle camni.. ahh halal lah

NIE.. ape ntah tapi yg penting aku kene wat mini magazine.. mula2 tu aku wat bodo jek.. pastu tgk2 ade group member aku yg slalunye resposible gile.. dier x datang.. kwn aku sorang ni pon asyik tanye "nina nie camne?" pastu group member yg laki 2 tu x tolong langsung.. aku pon terpaka lah buat article 1000 patah perkataan.. lama gila... seminggu baru siap.. aihh...

brckp pasal english ... markah eng aku 78 jek.. kecewa dpt x 80.. tapi xpe...sbb png aku 83.. muahaha... ahh lupe lak.. pointer aku brp agak2? x dpt 4 flat huhu memang la obvious sgt.. tapi satu pencapaian yg aku amat sgt sgt sgt sgt bangga kan.. AKU X FAIL!

ape lagi ek aku nk merepek? ahh aku outing kelmarin... belik komik usami maki romtis bas musim bunga .. syok giler... also kelmarin aku dgr 2 kali org ckp "i love you".. jeles gile..sorang tu tersalah ckp kat ag angkat dier...sorang lagi ckp kat boyfren dier... of cos la x ckp kat aku... aku nk ckp gak!!


hahahaha ..pape lah.. ntah nape aku rindu sgt kat kwn2 aku.. best friend aku.. wkn2 online aku.. kucing aku... waaaaaaaaaaaa dah la mak aku balik klantan.. x ajak aku plak.. ish!

aku jadi xtau nk buat apa online.. jadi boring lak..

dah lah.. len kali lak ek.. bye bye
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thats the lyrics to hey say 7 song with their pv salsa iina iinee
lets move on shall we??...

i think i've write about what i'm about to write a million times already in my blog.. but i'll say it again anyway

i am going to have a brand new spirit starting tomorrow..

i might still wake up late but starting tomorrow.. i'm actually going to comunicate ..cherish every moment at home!! and not stick to the computer so much since i'm allowed to bring my laptop next semester! oh yeah!!

maybe you're guessing why out of a sudden i have the "faito-oh" spirit..
maybe i fall inlove??? obtain a large sum of money??? got proposed to???
sorry to dissapoint you but .. NO WAY MAN!!...
the real reason??

13 episode in 2 days only... the fastest ever for me to finish a drama..
(it turs out that theres an SP where it shows oguri shun with the ganesha in order to achieve his dream..downlooadinggg~~)
Its a wierd drama.. many people will watch and think.. this drama is a bunch of stupid idiotic things.. but thats where i have to disagree... maybe the ganesha acts weird.. x senonoh even...but the drama teaches me
  • to have more respect for myself..
  • to be confident..
  • to be aware of my surroundings..
  • to listen to others feelings..
  • to follow my heart and not care about others perspective..
  • to be more assertive..
  • to fight for justice (seigi no mikata!)..
  • to love everyone.. even enemies
  • to live everday to my heart's content
  • see things in a new light
**tsukaretaaa**i'm exhausted**

the point is i learn how to be a better version of me and to interact with others! thats why starting from tommorow i'll apply everything that i've learn from that drama

okay thats all for now.. i think i've spend too much time on this blog.. i still have to finish 3 chapter of add maths.. and this time 3 full chapter.. the second chapter was done during the last school holidays... the 1st i've already done half.. so they were only half to be done... so 3 FULL chapter.. haiyoo..

(i'm only copying the answers for god's sake)

i'll promise to really catch up next semester...i'll steal all the time i can get!..this holiday i just cant find the time... the add math teacher shouldnt be soo mean.. at this rate i cannot catch up until the day i graduate form 5... (i'm not sure if i CAN graduate form 5)



good night everyone.. i'll start my add math adventure now..
you can go to sleep.. you're probably asleep already since i'm writing this a 4:45am..
well have a nice dream..

(thnx for viewing my blog.. since it started open i have 202 hits already.. okay maybe 100 hits is from myself.. but thank you anyway! arigato gozaimasu for visiting this boring ordinary blog!)

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no no no.. i'm not inlove with wondergirl's song so hot...

i'm not praising myself either... i've done that too much for today..

i'm just really hot... i mean.. hot as in the temperature is HOT!! boiling.. 100 degree Celsius!

well it has been a boring day all day.. i wake up.. i eat.. turn on the laptop and start chatting with my best friend (since theres nobody else.. nobody nobody but you~!)

after that i tried opening videos..

this video : cannot load ..
that video : currently not available..
another video : please try later..
a video i dont even care to watch : link is broken

you have no idea how tension i was

so anyway i tried and tried .. and search for a good-modern day japanese comedy- drama

i wanted to watch atasinchi no danshi but it just wont load
i wanted to continue boys over flower but.. arrggh.. i already know half of the the story line.. soo fed up !
i wanted to watch ghost friends.. but soo little episode uploaded.. x syokk ahh

i wanted to continue mei chan no shitsuji.. but mizushima hiro is married to maybe next time

talking about ayaka.. do you know that he have grave disease? .. did you know she have a great voice?? she sings okaeri.. the theme song for zettai kareshi (Where his husband acts in too).. but i love her other song more .. clap and love.. *remember to download that song*
i wanted to watch delicious gakuin / other shounen only drama.. but xleh relate ah.. diorang semua shounen.. xde moodd nk tgk laki cantik

somehow i bump into Yume wo Kanaeru zo.. i thought it would be kinda boring since oguri shun is in it.. but it turns out that he's only the guest for episode 1.. i dont know why he's in the promotional picture.. the story its really wierd.. thats why i like it!

its not a typical
"girl meet boy... girl hates boy .. boy actually love girl but acts like he hates her and always bully her and ends up with her anyway"

drama is more like
"girl is unlucky.. girl get dump by old boyfren.. girl meet a ginnie or ganesha (a god)... girl signs contract with ganesha .. ganesha bully girl to do crazy things that actually attract possible boyfriend.. at the same time girl gets a great boost of confidence"

i dont think normal people will like it... especially with my wierd mood.. one minute i laugh.. the other i cry.. ( i really did.. i was "studying physic with my dad.. and i actually cried)

so anyway for the record.. i watch until episode 7 in one day... can you believe it??
a wierd girl love wierd drama.. so my advice.. dont ask me to recommend good drama.. a good drama to me is a wierd drama to you..

ape yg aku merepek ni??

anyway its tuesday... wednesday.. and i have 3 days to finish 5 chapter additional math..makkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk...

wait! bad idea.. i cannot tell my mom.. she will kill me!!.. aiyoyoyo.. i'll finish episode 7 of yume wo kanaeru zo .. and then i'll finish chapter 1.. no more honesty.. i will have to take the shortcut!

ok.. thats all for now.. sorry for the crapppy post.. i dont know what to write..


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God how i love hana yori dango korean verison
in the beginning you could say i was a skeptic... haha
i didnt like hana yori dango korea at first .. i keep on comparing it to the japanese version but at some point i accidently gave it a fair chance where i suddenly fell inlove with the drama
and at some point i fell it love with its soundtrack too!

[OST] Boys Over Flowers OST (KBS TV Series)

Release Date: January 22, 2009
Language: Korean
Genre: Instrumental/Pop/Ballad
Artist: Various
Number of Tracks: 13

Track Listing
1.T-Max - Paradise (파라다이스)
2.SS501 - My Thoughts Are Bad (내 머리가 나빠서)
3.Someday - Do You Know (알고있나요)
4.SHINee - Stand By Me
5.Ashily - Lucky
6.Kim Yoo Kyung - Starlight Tears (별빛눈물)
7.Suh Ji Young (서진영) - A Little (조금은)
8.Tree Bicycles (나무자전거) - One More Time
9.Lee Jung Sik (이정식) - I Know (Ins.)
10.Dance with Me (Inst.)
11.Blue Flower (Inst.)
12.So Sad (Inst.)
13.T-Max - Opening Title (Intro)

ok let me just go briefly what i like in the korean version

goo jun pyo.. he is somehow perverted! hahaha.. x bleh blah!!
geum jan di...she's...umm..uh.... ok i guess.. her eyes is quite round
hanazawa rui!.. i mean ji hoo...he is sooo cute.. his smile is like mike he + wu chun + lee jae jin
kim bum.. whats his name in there again?.. he's eyes is soo wide!! soo cute!
the last one... no comment!
ga eul... jan dis best fren.. nomu yepuh! she's pretty
douyouji.. opps..jun pyo's sister is prettier in here too
shizuka... whats her name.. that ji hoo sunbae likes?.. she's pretty too
the parents - crazy
the little brother... i noticed he likes to shut the door when jun pyo comes to their house

i like how the whole drama didnt use the word "oppa"... instead they use "sunbae".. i dont know whats the diffrence but i prefer "sunbae" over "oppa"... the word "oppa" never amuse me

i also love the phone that they use.. ANYCALL HAPTIC!
i want one!!!.. but its not logic that every one in the drama use that exact same phonegod my

ok my eye is one side open one side close
i should rest now... its 7:30 am and i'm going to kl tomorrow.. i mean today .. i mean in a few hours

i'll be back this sunday .. maybe..hahaha.. hopefully

okay thats all for now.. bye bye.. til sunday!

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tomoshi lukashikari tokitoka desu~!

thats my fake japanese name i got from taz blog.. you should try even though the japanese name is obviously fake.. haha..

talking about cute.. look at my new blog layout... not that i'm claiming its cute.. well its kinda cute dont you think? .. i actually have the guts to praise it because i'm not the one who made it..

along with the cute layout.. i changed the song as well.. sad promise by davichi.. i love their vocals! i love this song.. well i love all of their songs even though they are kinda boring ..

which reminds me.. i wanted to talk about songs right?.. well here it goes...

when i got back home last 28 may.. i heard a bunch of songs that i got addicted to.. 1st it was Womans generation and forever love by seeya, davichi and t-ara the sountrack for a possibly great drama cinderella man.."hwajang ha jo, morirul jarugo, motji yojaro, teonal kooya"

okay enough singing.. after that i downloaded a few songs such as kat-tun rescue , shinee juliette, and super junior its you.. (with the music video) but it just doesnt stick.. i dont like them..shinee is trying too hard .. kattun i think they're doing the same thing over and over again and suju, that group has too many members for god's sake!

i watched hana yori dango korea or kotoba namja.. i listened to making a lover by ss501.. that songs sound soo sweet... seasunge shorijirol i love you nasaranghandago..nunbusyeo always you're my star.. i can always be waiting for you...

after that .. or should i say after school.. next is after school's remake of morning musume love machine tittle dream girl.. i love the remake better than the original version.. maybe the original seem soo yesterday.. (soo yesterday- so yesterday- i'm just a bird thats alread flewn away) the remake version reminds me of the game audition.. the song has many techno sound... i like it!! ..

i heard a few other songs but i just could make myself to like them... until i heard the remix of snsd gee.. also known as ... valengee - boa vs snsd.. you MUST listen to this..

this make me listen to the orginal version of boa's song ... the real tittle is Valenti.. i love the way boa dance... aside from the korean version theres also a japanese version.. and english version..

i also listen to other masa remixes.. like irripoi totura (morning musume vs shakira)... 10/10 love(2pm vs hilary duff).. and 23 songs in 1 2009 remix.. but just for the sake of listening.. i didnt download any other than valengee...

oh yeah i almost forgot.. at some point i listen to davichi sad promise and also taylor swift - you belong with me .. i love their voices..although taylor swift voice sometimes annoys me.. but her songs is somehow catchy..

and right now i'm listenning to.... whine ah (after school vs kat deluna)another masamixes..and also little turtle by nicholas teo.. wo ai ni~ meiyi tian

maybe tomorrow i'll write about my favourite all time drama! such as smile pasta .. green forest my home and yadi yadi yada.. wait for it~


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Kem Study Biology 29 may- 31 may 2009

ok meh kita bagi kesimpulan je lah

ceramah ok~!.. penceramah xde la boring tahap cipan..
ade lagu photosynthesis

every plant can do this.. fundamental process and we can call it.. Photosynthesis

ada gak yg cikgu tunjuk mitosis meiosis ape bende tu ngan campuran citer pokemon, digimon, power rangers, dragon ball,

pastu ade video org duk buat pembedahan mcm duk buat rumah.. ngan gergaji ngan bende2 yg menakutkan tu lah

lagi cikg ajar "occer" pastu mcm mana nk define.. pastu walau apa pon jgn lupa nilai..

bende2 camtu.. syok wei~~

pastu mse duk dlm group... aku kenal ngan budak MRSM PDRM.. samiha?.. mcm tu la nama dia.. syok wei.. haha kitorang ckp gila2.. xde la gila sgt.. it turns out that dier ae kwn mrsm aku.. mrsm diorang xde asrama tapi banglo sebijik2... satu rumah 7 orang kot? 4 bilik? ade dapur skali..

aku khadijah ngan sam tu xmo bagi ngantuk ckp pasal bende semua org leh ckp pasal budak laki.. aku naik menyampah gak tapi tu je universal topik yg masuk ngan semua org.. aku pon kacau2 diorg tu tanya pasal bf ..

(gambar ni xde kena mengena ngan citer yg akan menyusul.. saje2 gatal tgn nk letak..)

mse makan pagi tu kwn2 aku sumer nk pegi cafe aku pon join le.. pastu diorang suruh aku beli lagi sebungkus nasik (sbb nasik lemak perlis 50sen je.. kecik mcm kuman ) aku pon pegi la beli.. biasa la kat tempat jual tu ade org len gak kan?.. tibe2 ade sorang ni ckp
"hmm... nk beli air ape ek?..nk beli air sama ngan kale baju ah...mak cik! air bandung satu!"

aku pon ckp dlm hati "ish .. geli la laki pakai baju pink!"

tgk tgk haram dier x pakai pon baju pink.. aku tgk keliling.. aku sorang je yg pink kat ctu.. aku pon buat bodo jek...xde mood la nk hepi bende camni..mojojojoe jonas dah cukup dah.. hehe

yg klaka nye... lepas tu kwn budak tu pon datang.. pastu marah kwn dier tu
" WEI! NAPE BELI AIR BANDUNG?..kata nk beli air teh"

dier pon jwb "hah?.. memang tadi nk beli pon tapi mcm mne ntah leh beli air bandung"

hahah yg tu agak syok le~ pastu kitorang pon masuk balik dewan... dlm dewan tu aku nampak srang budak ni.. budak skolah lame aku rupanya.. dier dpt 2nd intake... aku pon sembang la ngan dier..

aku xbleh blah ah ngan spek putih dier tu.. (wei ape yg aku ckp nie?)..
ahh aku lupa nk bagitau .. tibe2 lak tuka topik... makmal skrang ni dah pakai spek putih... aku punye la duk cari mane satu dier .. tgk tgk dier pakai spek putih! xleh caye aku.. aku pon pikir "patut le mata dier twinkle2 little star .. dier pakai contact lens kot?"

mse duk sembang tu aku tanye la kwn aku tu " makmal tu mse fom3 dier pakai contacts ker?" kwn pon jwb" ntah lorh.. dulu fom1 dier pakai spek bingkai itam pastu dier x pakai dah.. pastu ni dier pakai balik wana putih.. nk tunjuk macho la kot"

oh untuk pengetahuan semua .. budak skola lame aku xtau yg aku minat kat makmal.. aku balik tu aku mesej ngan kwn aku ros ..

aku ckp "makmal pakai spek putih dah skrang ni. xleh tahan!.ngan spek putih tu boleh dier buat poyo!"..

dier ckp dier leh bayang mcm mane muka dier.. memang makmal tu asl poyo pon!...

makmal makmal makmal... tgk tgk dier x perasan pon aku ade.. tapi sure la lagi 2org budak laki tu nampak aku kat ctu.. cume diorang wat bodo.. tegur x ..tgk mata aku pon x... tapi memang la.. aku pon x ckp ngan diorang takkan tibe nk sembang mcm rapat gile kot?

ok drpd kem ni aku tau dier kelas 402 la kalo dier duk skola aku.. tapi kat skola dier name kelas dier ABC.. pikir2 la sendiri... dier amik 9 subjek.. dier pakai spek putih..dier JPA (pengawas asrama)... lagi ape lagi ek?.. tu je la kot?...

dah dah... ape lagi ek (Selain drpd makmal) ??
ah mrsm len sumer hantar 40 orang.. mrsm aku hanta 4 org jek!
.. mrsm contoh! haha
takpe la.. sbb 4 org je yg datang membuatkan kem ni syok untuk aku
kalo la lily ngan org2 yg aku xske join skaki memang x syok ahh

aku pon satu buat perangai kat mrsm nie.. org len pakai tudung kosong .. aku pakai tudung batu (tudung yg ade manik2 tu)...meh nk tayang muka sekali sekala...

nie la yg aku pakai mse hari 1st skali tu... yg baju air bandung tu x sempat lak aku amik gambar... hari last tu plak aku pakai baju maktab...tu yg aku pakai tudung skola tu..(gambar 1st)

ahhh satu lagi yg syok!..hari last kem.. ni kes aku nk try buat jahat .. kan handphone ade bluetooth.. bile detect2 tu dpt la cikgu nye laptop nye bluetooth.. aku pon ckp la kat kwn ak "eh kita try hanta ape2 kat laptop cikgu nak?.. mesti dier naik kat lcd" kwn aku pon.. "ah..jom!"... mula2 aku takut.. dah load separuh aku pon tutup... kali ke 2 tu kwn aku buat.. tapi xde pape pon... huhu kecewa gak.. tapi mse nk hanta tu kitaorg buat bising.. semua untuk ilangkan ngantuk.. (aku ngan kwn aku try hanta lagu doraemon.. nasib baik gak x dpt.. dah la penceramah tu cikgu mrsm aku)

cikgu tu pon ntah pape.. kene banding idung kite ngan idung kwn la.. kena lukis muka la.. kena define pen la.. tapi semua tu berkesan gile.. skarang ni aku pon tau dah nk buat camne

x dapat 2A pon A1 jadi lah!
i love bio.. bio love me!
A for all ..all for A

aku blaja satu term yg penting.. mandom... yg membawa maksud pasif-tidur-dan lain lain
lagi ape lagi ek?... tu je .. tu la kem bio yg syok~.. aku nk sgt gambar makmal tapi x dpt sbb aku bwk phone.. kalo camera takpe agi.. boleh ambik terang2.. ni handphone.. student mne leh bwk masuk handphone.. tapi org len pon bawak gak.. cuma dlm dewan tu je.. ade cikgu..

b'ckp pasal phone.. aku bekenan gile kat handphone anycall haptic..

dulu aku x ske tau sbb celeb (mcm dbsk ngan snsd) duk promote sgt handphone tu..
aku siap ckp lagi .. "handphone tu mesti kodi... "

skali aku tgk tanpa tau tu handphone yg di-promote sgt tu (dlm hana yori dango korea)
aku ckp "wehh .. mcm ni la tepon aku nk!"...
skali aku search kluar haptic anycall..
malangnye dier jual kat sk je (south korea)..

tapi kat m'sia pon ade gak jenama samsung ngan LG.. yg LG tu aku dah lame tgk (2 bulan lepas agi ..).. aku bagitau mak ngan ayah aku yg aku bekenan kat LG tu tapi diorang ckp
"LG.. bateri gong mek oi!.. nk gak ke? .. baik guna n70 tu elok jek!"..

xde la mak ayah aku ckp mcm tu tapi lebih kurang la.. ayat diorg lembut agi..
lagi satu mne diorg nak igt model phone aku tu ape..
yg diorag punya pon tau stakat jenama jek.. sony erricson yg slide ngan pda yg agak ngok-ngek

k-lah takat ni je dulu.. next time aku tulis pasal lagu yg aku catch up mase cuti ni... semua syok2.. (bagi aku la).. lagu remix.. lagu remake.. macam macam ada... matteyo~

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