Sunday, April 29, 2012 @ 2:02 AM  4 stares

Hey you!!
what have you done to my mind??
no really!.. now i'm really wondering...
What on earth did i think about all the time
before you came into my life?

My older sister came back home
i had my MEDSI test
accidentally wore my shoes on the wrong foot
and now one of my foot got melecet
( i have no idea how to describe that in english)
i ate almost everything in the world

met a lot of people at the mall today
hide hide hide
laugh laugh laugh
gossip gossip gossip
screamed, yelled, shout

dance in the middle of a crowd
i literally did.. and got hit by my sister ..
she claimed it was embarrassing
i had 'no idea' what  on earth is she talking about XD

eat eat eat
watched tv
stalk stalk stalk

i basically lived my life to it's fullest!

but.. somehow.. i still feel like the highlight of my day is still missing
well i guess it came early in the morning
but........ :( hmmmphh

i'm soo tired!
is it because of my hectic day?
or is it because i miss you too much that it wore me out!

Friday, April 20, 2012 @ 4:29 PM  1 stares

God works in mysterious ways

You gave me feelings that i don't understand
You gave me strength, took it back and made me struggle to get it back

You gave me an answer which lead to a series questions
You gave me what i wanted but in way that i didn't expected
and now, You've left me filled with gratitude and confusion

indeed You are the Greatest

and i believe You've planned nothing but the best for me

Subahanallah, Walhamdullilah, Walla illa ha illallah, Allahuakbar..


Wednesday, April 18, 2012 @ 1:45 AM  3 stares
today, i realized something
when i say to myself "i'm going to eat properly"
i end up eating my heart out!!

i have noo i dea why! since my siblings came back home
i've been eating like crazy
i cannot control it at all!!

arggh!! i wanted to blame my parents and my siblings
for bringing home that "hungry aura"
but then i remember that quote from "the fault in our stars"

the fault is not in our stars, but in ourselves

when i think about it.. it is really all my own fault!
 i was weak.
no one forced me!
i simply gave in to temptations

its just crazy.. i even eat the things i don't usually like

epal for breakfast?
nice start! :)

"lunch" bihun tomyam segera
i dont like "segera food" but it was nice
(i even thought to have seconds)

with that bihun i had - cold kfc chicken
i hatee eating cold food that are supposed to be eaten hot

RIGHT AFTER that: 10 butter cookies
i love them.. but 10?? right after a bowl of bihun sup?

 right after that too : 1 kurma??
honeslty, i would only touch those during ramadhan
so just imagine how much i just wanted to eat

AGAIN...right after that : Keropok sira??
500 calories? all by myself??

like 2 hours later ? : nasik ayam pedas?
What is wrong with you!!

again.. 2 hours later : 3 large Popia +  3 large banana roll??
 in the middle of the night??
a big no no .. especially when i have to wake up super early the next day and couldn't possible burn all of those calories in a few hours before i go to bed

and that's what i ate today..
well i guess i didn't eat THAT much
hahahhaha who am i kidding sudah terang lagi bersuluh..sgt melantak!!

strange thing is... i still feel like eatingg!!!
everything looks soo appetizing!! even SALAD looks soo HEAVENLY!

nasik  goreng ngan kacang panjang pn kelihatan sgtt bessstt!!

warghhhh i'm going crazy!!

i bet snsd don't eat 10 butter cookies, 6 popia in the middle of the night, a bowl of bihun tomyam, nasik ayam pedas, a kurma and 500 calories worth of keropok sira all in one day and end up with that kind of body!

i bet they've never had durian
pity them

so anyway.. i'm just going to wing it!!
i'm going out with my friend tomorrow so i'll eat what i feel like eating...
!!screw it all!!!

ehh no no ...
i have to keep in mind that
1 kg is really easy to gain..but really hard to shed!

so no pressure..
one simple thing to follow tomorrow : no food after 8PM!

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Sunday, April 15, 2012 @ 12:34 AM  0 stares

Ever since i went to that book fair in Kuantan.. 
i have been addicted to an activity that i usually frown upon!

so far i have finished reading :

How to Talk to Anyone
Why Men Marry Bitches
Andai Itu Takdirnya
Awak Suka Saya Tak
The Fault in Our Stars

so today i'm going to write about 
by John Green

its a book that i feel like reading over and over again
a book that fits my soul
a book full of randomness that i love as much as reading my own blog!
at some point.. i felt like i unconsciously wrote that book! XD

John Green included a few poems that i know which was awesome
The red wheelbarrow by William Carlos William
a poem by Emily Dickinson
a quote from Shakespeare 
"the fault my dear are not in the stars but in ourselves" 
and a lot moree~

they (the characters in the novel) went to Amsterdam 
which is one of the place I long to go
the description of Amsterdam was just beautiful

and don't get me started about the characters!
its not the typical "beautiful heroin with a tongue twisting name that even the lamp post has a crush on" 

her name is simple : Hazel Grace!
 and she has thyroid cancer
she loves reading..and full of random comments!

the hero? : Augustus Waters!
he has.. one foot!.. and heart cancer? 
but he's completely charming! 
a good friend... and  he is as random as Hazel is!
sometimes...even more random!!

together : they are a random and weeet couple!!!
the even made the word "okay"  sound so flirtatious

like i said before.. i feel as if i unconsciously wrote that novel!
they way john green writes reminds me of my own writing!!
no really! hahaha..  so out of place! so random! simply crazy and somehow speaks to me!

i love  this one scene when hazel wore a t-shirt with a drawing of a pipe an saying 'this in not a pipe'... hazel explain to her mother that it is really not a pipe! its the drawing of a pipe!!

after that..when she met augustus ..he points at her shirt and said "funny"
and the she randomly said "don't call my boobs funny!"
her mom interrupts "i'm right here!"

wahhh  i feel like re-writing the whole novel!!
every inch of it is a masterpiece!!

and theres another one where augustus started to praise himself
with hazel backing up his randomness

something like this : augustus so handsome that it blinds people
in fact his friend isaac literally went blind because of him
(isaac had eye cancer and lost his sight)
and augustus is so charming that his charms takes hazel breath away!
(hazel had somekind of lung cancer.. so she has difficulty in breathing)

the novel is filled with MAD RANDOMNESS i tell you!!
and also morals.. and its very 'human' even though its completely fiction XD

ahahahah.. okay .. a post filled with spoilers but its okay!
i can assure you there are plenty left to spazz about!!!
read it!!! read it!! read it!!

i am definitely buying all of john green's work!!

another thing that i love is this video!
it is soo beautiful!...
simple... but.. gorgeous!!
natalie portman and johnny depp! both of them!
i like how the video came together
i have no idea why i like watching the video soo much

..stella mccartney designed the video..
did you know
stella mccartney is paul mccartney's daughter???
honestly, i had no idea~

have a nice life peeps~!


Thursday, April 12, 2012 @ 3:13 AM  0 stares

Turn over a new leaf.

-to begin again, fresh; to reform and begin again.
(on turning to a fresh page. The leaf is a page—a fresh, clean page.)
Example :
I have made a mess of my life. I'll turn over a new leaf and hope to do better. Why don't you turn over a new leaf and surprise everyone with your good characteristics?

i say
Lets turn that LEAF and get it over with!!!!!

so, lets apply what we had learnt in college study skills :

1. Set Goals
2. Don't Procrastinate
3. Minimize Distractions
4.Monitor Progress
5.Overcome Challenges
6. Reward Yourself

**~*~*~*My Goal~*~*~**

First : I want to be as hot as Miranda Kerr!!
no no..wanting is nice but...being is better so,
I will be as hot as Miranda Kerr

(hahah this is my blog.. i don't need to excuse myself)

sweet yet still hot!! just look at her dimples!!
not hot enough? google her pictures and see for yourself!
its too censored for my "innocent" blog

**~*~*~*Say NO to Procrastination~*~*~**

yoshhh.. it starts right now right here
sitting down?? .... fidget!...move!...sit up straight!
drink a lot of water
eat a lot fruits
be in a relationship with veggies
no sugar.. no snack
eat full healthy meals!
no food after 8!
2 hours of "activity" everyday
sleep early!
wake up before subuh and shower!

**~*~*~*Minus Distraction~*~*~**

I asked my little sister to change my fb password!
as a part of my effort to minimize distraction

lately, i found myself constantly logging in and logging out of facebook
hoping for something
longing, and going crazy over it
so... the best solution is to... deactivate!

but .. i don't want to deactivate it completely
that would be such a "drama queen move"
besides, i could end up activating it again!
and then it hit me : if i don't know my password, i couldn't do anything with it any more could i? XD

**~*~*~*Monitor Progress*~*~**

well.... monitoring my progress?
no way on earth am i going to "monitor" it on my blog

i have this planner thinggy .. so i could use that to record and see where am i heading and stuff!
specifically : the list of thing that i eat, my weight, my personal health status and so on
but.. when i feel like miranda kerr.. i'll definitely gloat about it here in my dear blog!
don't you worry

**~*~*~*Overcoming Challenges*~*~**

this one i don't think its a problem!
it is more 'practical'
whether i do it or not!
whether i stick to it or not!
whether i want it or not!

i want it so i'll do it and i'll stick to it!! 
this is not a diet! this is a new lifestyle! 
a healthier one towards a happier life! 
no binge anorexic.. no bulimic 
i will still eat rice and chicken and mcdonals!
just in a healthier way!

remember :
being thin does not guarantee happiness!

but from my point of view, when you've reached your goal weight,
the clothes will fit you better, you'll feel more comfortable 
your confidence will gradually increase

when you are fit - no health risks
you can run free with no worries
no need to carry medication around!
no more semput2 when you're playing tag

thus - happier life! 

**~*~*~*Reward Yourself!*~*~**

and the end of the day
the journey is what matters, the goal is really just a big PLUS!

that feeling you get when people see you and say : 
"WOW! who are you and what have you done with the old you?"
"how on earth did you get this hot?"
"i'm sorry that i didn't accept your friend request..will you marry me?"
and that feeling when you answer "no way.. loser"
XD kekekekekekekkee

no lahhh no thatt..hahahaha
when you look back and think of what you had gone trough to get where you are!
what you had gone trough that changed your life and possibly added a few years to your life!
that will be the the greatest reward of all

so pray for my  for me!!
my cuteness XD hahaha
and last but definitely not least my result.. my medsi and the place where i'll be furthering my studies to!
nite peeeepssss and peepetts


Sunday, April 8, 2012 @ 2:30 AM  2 stares

i feel really stupid
holding back 
and still

i  neeb my siblings!! and i need them now!

i don't need that friend who constantly asks me advice on how to manage her emotions due to her love-life 
i love it when people share their problems with me.. 
i'm the girl that can tell you exactly what you want to hear!
but for now, enough about LOVE!
cut it out!!!
i've never been in a relationship before!! therefore all of my advice are merely theoretical 
just please.. help me!.. don't make me feel insecure!

i don't need that guy who keeps on treating me nicely one moment and acting really odd the next
flirting ?? its cute
compliments ?? i love it
butterflies ?? not so much
overall its a nice feeling
but are you serious or are you just messing around ?? do you think its funny?
asking what kind of guys do you like and ignoring you right after
its weird how one guy could make you feel like you're on top of the world and yet so insecure 

i don't need jiwang-alim posts on fb to remind me to be a good girl to get a good guy
islam is not all about marriage!!
there is more to islam!!
stop relating islam to just marriage!
i am young! and i don''t want to think about who am i fated with
how bout posting about islamic things that are much more important
respecting parents?
daily prayers?
how bout the rewards of reciting surah2 from al-quran?

i don't need to see pictures of my friends getting cadbury as a sign of "sorry" from that special someone
i don't need to hear 19 year-olds getting engaged
i don't need to hear 19 year-olds getting married
i don't need to see couples making  "song tributes from me to you" on my newsfeed!
i don't need to see happy couple shots with lovey-dovey descriptions getting 100 likes 

all i need is to be with my siblings.. or perhaps forever aloners
and just get CRAZY!
no boys.. just food fashion and worries

ohh.. i just remembered..even my siblings got bitten by the love bug
my little sister and her "angry bird" boyfie
my older sister and her bubu lover

and now there's me
i need to get a job! .. i need to channel my mind on something else
other than LOVE towards the non-halal

lately.. i have the feeling that my parents won't let me grow up just yet
i'm not allowed to cook... driving?? ohh not so fast!
job??... they say "duduk rumah la dulu dua tiga bulan"
and i don't mind ..i love being a kid

so god.. please.. oh please...take my mind off of things that do not matter...
i want to be that carefree me that i was during my last few weeks at uitm kuantan!
i like her! so please let me be her!

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Monday, April 2, 2012 @ 3:54 AM  0 stares
hari ni... post saya sangat rojak yer sbb baru lepas bace novel
sape2 yg tak tahan tu harap klik butang X pada hujung belah kanan screen ini

so today.. is the last day to edit our UPU university preferences 
and here's the story... 
kalo nk citer dri pangkal ke hujung mmg sebijik novel jgak la kan... so ini lah climaxnye

nina :  so...yg upu tu nina buat pilihan... um..usm..uitm... upsi.. pastu last masscom ok???

papaku : ehhh!.. letak la masscom nombor 1?


hahah so now.. instead of upsi... my parents asked me to put masscom as the two last option

public relation
and advertising 

kewartawanan.... as i expected.. tidak lulus dengan daddy dearest ku

but after that.. my mom tarik muka sedikit.. nak sgt anak dier sorang ni jadi pengacara

honestly maaa! nina pn nk jgok! 
tibo2 muncul nona ko.. wanita hari ini.. buletin utama..the next fida!
tapi doh papa x bagi nk wat guano!

semasa tgk mentor... yg laki farah lee tu nama apa ntah.. ally iskandar? kan dier kan host!

mamaku tibe2 menjerit dri ruang tamu : ninaaaaa!! .... ni.. host mentor ni kan

nina : hooo??.. bakpoo??

mamaku : dier dulu amik tesl!

nina : oooo.. mama tahu mano?

mamaku : kwn mama... blabalbalblablalbla

nina: iyyyo???

mamaku : dulu dier jadi host x best pn..skarang dah pndai dahh

nina : oh yaaa??

mamaku: a'ah...blalblablablablablabla.....dier amik tesl, ninaa!~~

nina : hahahahha ... x lepas mami!! x lepas!

differences in the relationship makes the relationship stronger!!
i guess that's their secret of being perfectly happy together all this years!
i heart my parents!

so to all foundation-leavers ! lets use this holiday to show our parents that we appreciate them!

i am doing everything that i can to please them!
except cooking!
i am not allowed to cook!
my  cooking is soo awesome that they couldn't stop eating
so today, they officially prohibited me from cooking

no..seriously.. it is not because it sucks.. 
it is really awesome.. it really is!.... really.. seriously
it is just that all of us are watching our weight 
so cooking is not the best idea because we can have "seconds" and "thirds"
and sometime "fourths"

on the other hand.. if we buy take-outs 
we are allowed to enjoy just ONE perfect meal for each of us.. 
no seconds.. no thirds.. no cheats!

so that is why i am not allowed to cook
..only once a week..
do i have the best parents in the world or what??
Sunday, April 1, 2012 @ 1:30 AM  0 stares
brace yourself for another "peacock post!"
hahaha i decided to call the post where i praise myself and become inevitably vain as the "peacock post!" 
(i have no idea whether i used the word "inevitably" in the right place or not)

so..let us reflect on the first picture i've put up
that is very similar to the story of my life

"you're so pretty... you must have a handsome boyfriend"
"you're so pretty..guys must be all over you!"
"you're so adorable... you  must be really liked"
"you're so cute ... how many friend request do you get from the boys in our school?"
"awok keh comey... xkey xdok ore kenney" (pak cik teksi, 2012)
"you're so cute... i bet no guy would ever reject you"

excuse me while i laugh .. HaaaaaaH!

well... i know i'm pretty
i know i'm cute... and adorable ..
and funny (when i try to be funny...honesty,   i'm not good at being spontaneously funny)
awesome... fantastic..honest..trustworthy..
sometimes crazy...
 (sometimes..SOMETIMES OKAY!)

but ..  i have no idea why..
i have absolutely no idea why..
why ..
why ..
didn't that  mustard  accept my friend request?!

and since then... i decided to marry my stuffed toy..

and all of the male race are dead to me!
(except for my and teachers/lecturers)

so guys
cant touch this

hahaha just another random post
it doesn't mean anything
love yourself and others will love you!
nite peeps..

f.y.i : i got scolded 3 times already because of my unhealthy sleeping routine..something about it'll affect my liver and heart and that only sleeping at night can repair the cells and so on
so...i better sleep now even though it is ridiculously early for me! :(

ayuhhh!! let us count the imaginary fluffy sheep jumping off a white fence in a green field !