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this week which is the second week of the AWESOME sem 2.... 
i honestly feel like a living corpse especially in class... (mayat hidup)

i feel really sick... and my head feels really heavy.. i feel like resting my head on everything i see
everything i eat i feel like puking.. but still  i have to eat so that i can take some medicine... i sneeze like crazy when i'm in class... but not when i'm outside of the class..go figure! face is breaking out.. i think i'm allergic to something.. but i have no idea what... prawn? meat? i couldn't even trace because i ate too much when i was i penang

my response towards people are ... how do i put it positively... LOW!.. haha... everything i say leads to an awkward moment ... that "krik2" kind of feeling.. and i have absolutely no idea how to overcome it

and even if i'm in the middle of the 2 people... that 2  people would be talking about me as if i'm not there... again.. go figure..

but  no matter how horrible i'm feeling right now... i realized a few things

no matter how horrible life can be at the moment, just think about all the times life had been good to you...

no matter how mean people can be to you... just think about those who were really nice to you

no matter how sick you are... just think about how you never really appreciated your health when you were healthy.. 

and above it all.. treat people like you want them to treat you...soon enough they will..
(and i have to figure out how to do so)

oh yeah.. one more thing.... korean dramas can be really helpful to release most of your tension
so keep them in your laptop and watch only when you feel down.. if not you'll run out of dramas


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turn it on.. turn it off... what's the difference~?

well like everybody else on my dashboard.... sem 2 sudaaaaaa~!!!....

i tried to think positive .. but negative thoughts keeps on possessing me....

i'm soo depressed after class that i eat the whole packet of chipsmore without even realising it ....
 tgk2.. eh abeh dah.. aduii

i tried to talk to people... but i feel soo awkward around new people.. i guess i'm just too used to being around my group of friends in class and the group of friends from my dorm.. i can only talk normally and comfortably around them... waaaa i miss you guys now that were no longer in the same room and the same class

and also maybe its because we've been home for to long...
when i talk to my parents and family, i can literally talk gibberish and they'll understand it perfectly..
sometimes.. i dont even need to say anything.. just with smiling it can convey 100 different words
so now, when i need to un-gibber and stop responding with just smiling .. my mouth feels really heavy...
and i have absolutely have nothing funny to say...and i'm not even funny to begin with

back when i was in form 4.. i was like this too... i needed at least 3 weeks to be friendly again after spending soo much time at home... 

aduhaiiiiiiii but .. nevertheless, i will still try as hard as i can everyday to TALK and get used to my new classmates and my new "fixed position in class".. 

you know what!  i've had it with the back seat! 
next time... i'll sit in front! no matter what!
well if i'm early that is...i'm early enough as it is.. its just that, they're ealiER than me...

so anywayyy last night i saw geek charming (downloaded)

it fixed my mood for a while 
the movie is like a mixture of disney movies
it reminded me of wendy wu, and cowbelle and more too many to list .. but still its good.. 
its the classic disney movie! .. no twins.. no superstar.. no wizards ninjas.. just humans 
and the movie is simply just classic high school love story popular love geek.. waaaaaa

although the guy reminds me of justin bieber in the begining of the movie
at the end of the movie, he looks a kot like  ashraf muslim! wahaha i have no idea how on earth they did they
ashraf muslim and justin bieber is 2 different THINGS people
i love his face "bone stucture" soo  handsome..


wahh i feel better and ms.wifi sure knows how to make my day!
i love youu guyss like a love song~ muahhs


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wahhh... i'm really happy seeing my dashboard filled with updates~... 
i guess everyone's in the "posting" mode
keep it upp!! i love all of your posts..
 i wont be following your blogs if i dont like it in the first place!
(cakap mcm diorg bace je bende ni)

when i was looking through my dashboard i saw "from head to toe" blog updated top 5 perfumes..

first thing that came to my mind was

i smelled it like a few years ago the smell is stuck in my mind..
it smelled sweet but still sniffs "mature"...
sophisticated but still cute ..
i have no idea how to describe it!...but i'm sure you can see how awesome it is until i can remember it till this very day

so i clicked on the blog post and found paris hilton is on that list~!

others on the list are mostly what i'm already familiar with.. and in a nutshell paris hilton perfume is the besst!

i'm thinking to buy myself one of that perfume.. so i googled the price

well what do you know....the price is almost 200 ringgit..well, very reasonable right?.well sort of!
the smell is really something that you wouldn't mind spending 200 ringgit for it! i'm serious!

but then.. i remembered one thing : i also need to replace my missing broadband usb modem which also cost almost 200 ringgit

there goes my dream of rewarding myself with that perfume...instead i have to be punished ..spending that money on usb modem that shouldn't even be missing in the first place... way to go nina! 

okay i have to sleep now..


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H.O.T.. hawt!
haha who's that? miranda kerr... victoria secret's model
she's one of victoria secret's angels ..i think..

everytime i come online i tend to get lost in fashion blogs and stuff
and none of that "vintage" crap that bloggers worship soo much..
they're not that good by the way

look at that jacket!! sooo cutee!!!
i love her style ... well who wouldn't
most of her shoes... and bags... and clothes are branded

just in case you want to check it out~

and i also found another site.. its kinda like a fashion tumblr... or maybe a fashion weheartit

here, they have like a million users and you basically just need to know how to look

i found one malaysian user.. i just love how her pictures look

credit :

the best part of the site is, you can tag the kind of brand of the clothing and even acessories..
even if theres no brand.. lets say they got it from an online shop.. well you can include that too!
its like flickr, weheartit , tumblr all in one

ahh.. i should stop nowwww.....
i could spend the whole week just browsing around the web about fashion...
but i only last 5 minutes in front of the muet text book...
ninaaaaaaa!!! do you want band 6 or not??
not sure if you can get it? welll at least try!!
fashion-surf all you want after muet..

wish me luck.. good night~!

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first of all, feel free to click the stop button to the song if you dont like it!..its on top of the page.. 
i think that instead of the song be my baby, wondergirls should've release this song..
be my baby reminds me of the kind of songs that miss A sings.. and the video reminds me of beyonce..

awww come on.. even pikachu became thinner?

hahahhaa..... nevermind... i've been watching what i eat for a while
well... just WATCHING!... but still eating!
hahaha.. its a start!... my parents keep on feeding me with good food
its not their fault that they love their daughter dearest too much!

i've tried many different methods in the past few weeks
eating.. not eating...exercising... sleeping.. staying up.. watching weight loss stories and so on
and i realised one thing.. this whole experience is soo much more than just losing weight
its actually a choice of becoming healthy or not...


if you're in it just to loose weight, you wont be very healthy.. 
you'll starve..become grumpy and your skin wont be very happy and tend to break out! 
and thats when you eat more! wahahaha

if you do it the right way, eating 6 meals in small portion and exercising
you'll be full, happy, and your skin feels great!!
but its a lot of work really...

i'm still trying to figure things out .. stay tuned to see how it all works out.. or not
right now i just want to shut this computer, drink some water, watch selena gomez and sleep..
even though i slept already after maghrib... i dont know why i'm soo tired...
oh yeah just a foot note... why is people saying najwa latip tu cantik?
kalo dier cantik.. aku gojes bak snsd~ kbai!
nanyi pn cam x matang... malu je kat garyson...wahaha.. jahat tul...
dah rezeki dier.. xpayah nk jeles..x jeles pn.. kalo ngan joe jonas nak la jugak aku bunuh minah tu.
ape pon aku still lgi cantik okeh!