Saturday, January 19, 2013 @ 3:27 AM  0 stares


Before i close my eyes..
there are a few things that i want to say

Forgive my wrong doings,
My hurtful words,
My offesive actions,
If my eyes rolled the wrong way
If i exhaled in your face to strong
Or inhaled your share of oxygen..

Forgive me
For being a friend
For being an enemy
For being an inspiration
For being a threat

Forgive me
If i make you feel better
If i make myself feel better
If i make things seem better

Fogive me
For existing..but not attracting..
For annoying..but not revealing..

I appologize
For the extra sugar in my cooking
The extra sour in my smiles
The extra pity in my face
The extra black in my aura

I'm sorry
For being calm when you are troubled..
Not emphatyzing when you're in grief
For misspelling almost everything

Most of all
I should repent
and ask Him to forgive
my wrongdoings towards Him..
towards His subjects..

As i am nothing but a weak character
In charge of my own role..
Driven by nafs..
and constantly seduced by syaitons..

And hopefully He will grant me forgiveness..and guidance...

And now i shall close my eyes..
Only He knows whether its a temporary or a deep slumber..

Bismikallah humma ahya wa amut...