Friday, August 6, 2010 @ 9:43 AM  0 stares

not really ah.. but earlier than i usually do
so today i wake up earlier too!

when the clock turns 10... my stomach grumbled.. waaaaa
so i ran down stairs

i opened the fridge and see hear the song of family~! (haha mcm the pearl)
i quickly grabbed the secret recipe box and run up stairs with a spoon

when i was eating.. the song of evil entered my ear..
well okay.. maybe not evil... just the song of "i cannot finish the cake by myself"
and now i feel like puking..

the moral of the story is :
Dont eat secret recipe cake.. or any other cake ... for BREAKFAST!


Thursday, August 5, 2010 @ 5:56 AM  1 stares

(tutup muka tutup muka)...
padahal bajet nk tunjuk kata naik lrt sambil berdiri dgn style

why the lame blog address change?
well its a long story .. i dont want to talk about it..
okay maybe i DO want to talk about it a little

i realised that this is my blog.. i shouldn't be running away but when i think about it again.. its not fair for me and i should be running away a little..

sometimes a person just need time to cool off after being hurt so badly by people who dont know how to watch what they say , when they say it and how they say it to someone..

but the important thing is.. that person wont read my blog anymore! yay! at least i hope so

one question...
You want to be on top??...

erhh.. ni next top model ke the biggest loser

i wanted to look like one of the mannequin but instead it looks like the biggest loser contestants meets next top model candidate @ nichii.. hahah

last post i wast saying about going to penang and scetra ..

and the fashion point for the trip is .. the blue shoe~~!!
do you believe it only costs 10 ringgit??
the cheapest pair of shoes i've ever bought in my life..

well aside from bata slipers which only cost rm 5..

i'm really sleepy.. and my eyes are heavy...
my right side eye is getting a virus i think.. (sakit mata)
and also i'm typing nonsense... tata for now..