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what's up with the tittle ?...
well that word suddenly popped into my head.. so i did some googling

turns out.. its a French word meaning :  Date / Appointment

and coincidentally i want to talk about a very special date i had 

the night before the so called rende-vous.. my brain went cuckoo over twitter
tweeting the whole night trough even though i already knew i need to sleep!

tgk2 jam.. pkul 4 sudah.. sahur2 and than by 8.. i'm out of the house!

first we went to Zainab 1 to take our SPM TRANSKRIP!
well.. THEIR SPM transkrip
tak sampai kubang pasu pon, ade jugak exprience gi skolah ngan kwn2 amik transkrip spm..

gila tak gila akan twitter... i was busy looking for the school's wifi so that i can tweet about it
fortunately.. luck was not on my side that morning
well at least the wifi wasn't!

after that..we went shopping for mizah's baju raya..

 and then we went to the beach

We Owned The Beach Yoo~!

amboii sronok bebenor ye mizah! hahahahaa....bell tgk laut je mampu..
eh jap... ambe mne??? x aci ni x aci!!

haaa tu diaa~~ hek2.. 
mata xleh nk bukak sgt dah tu.. x tido punya pasal
psttt tgk ade kucing enterframe between shikin and syamimi

dan ini ialah gmbar sabut kelapa tanpa sebarang motif!

gambar lain semua terlalu tragik untuk di upload.. haha

on the way back..we had a minor accident.. with a tree.. 
pokok tu tiba2 muncul blakang kereta.. x dapek nk tolong
itu lah org ckp.. jgn galak sgt... 
haha tapi xde la galak sgt... sikit je kan?..heeeee

at the end of the day..there's only one thing that keeps me smiling til this very moment

"ehh... kenapa bnyk sgt pasir ni???" 
kata syamimi sebaik sahaja sampai di pantai XD

hahahaha just kidding
the one thing that keeps me smiling is 
the fact that we're still friends even after all these years :)

Thanks for being AWESOME you guys! <3
Semoga ukhwah kita berkekalan~ 
cehhh ..i know what you're thinking... nina dah pandai pkai perkataan ukhwah skarang ni hek3

Happy Ramadhan Peeps!
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heyheyhey hai hai hai

okay the reason why i haven't been updating lately because of my crappy mood.. 
yepp every time i want to write something, it always comes out emo-ish
and every time i'm happy...
 i don't want to jinx the happiness away so i thought it would be better if i didn't gloat about it

and now i am...trying to give myself some advice
about LIFE

you don't know what life is about until you
you Sigh over the cliché-est things
Laugh to the fact you actually sighed to that 
and Smile that you've encountered something called life!

sometimes..i find myself wondering

why does it turn out this way?
why does life have to be so materialistic?
why didn't i worked harder during form 4 and form 5?
why on the earth does all of the people i like, destined not to like me back?
why am i feeling this way?

and then i just..sigh... HaihhhhhhH
why do we need to care about all of this ??
we're going to die anyway!!!

tgkk... kan dah emo.. 

did you know  :

Penguins have been known to become depressed and march away from their groups to die.

yepp.. never knew they're emo like that!..
so don't be like a penguin!!
just go on with your life 
strive for the best 
and (insert other cliché sayings here)

and most important of all
Remember that Allah S.W.T is always there for us

sometimes things on earth may look like a big deal
but really.. they are really petty..
most of them ..such as money, fame, fortune, pakwe makwe, justin bieber
cannot save you from hell...

and besides RAMADHAN is just around the corner!
 Lets top up our IBADAT!
and reduce online time! 
no devil = no distraction
so kalo malas jugak nk beribadah tu.. 
ehemm.. x tahu la.. ade devil terlepas sekor kot.. 

i'm actually really looking forward to this year's Ramadhan
i mean like really
i want to go to terawih prayers every night instead of tweeting and fbing
i want to prepare sahur for my parents and all they have to do is eat before going to work
i want to break-fast with with parents together at that dining table downstairs
and spend the rest of the day waiting for fardu prayers  + additional prayers
while trying my best to finish the al-quran!

and honestly..i don't mind if Ramadhan stayed all year long!

so that's my goals for this Ramadhan
diiringi InsyaAllah and Just Do It Baybehh!
hahahaha astagafirullahazlimm

how bout yours?
Have a nice Ramadhan peeps! :)

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Assalamualaikum and Hi~

You might be married to the worst man ever, like Asyah was married to Pharaoh - but it didn’t change her and her loyalty and love to Allah SWT.

You might be married to the best of men, like a Prophet of Allah SWT, and still not be saved from the punishment - like the wife of Prophet Lut (alaiha salam).

You might be not married to any man, like Maryam (alaiha salam), and Allah SWT can make your rank higher than any women on the Earth. Know your priorities.

Love and trust is with Allah SWT first.

The only relationship where you’ll never have your heart broken is the relationship between you and Allah SWT.
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Assalamualaikum and Hi~!

Happy July!
it has been a month since i last posted... and i wont apologize simply because.. 
i find it silly that i have to apologize to my imaginary readers for not updating..

so anyway~ What i did last June.. was...well its none of your business..
okay Nina, what's with the attitude... 

well in short, my internet went out for a while.. and now i'm tweeting like a bird~
yepp..tweeting like crazy.. mumbling all by myself!

 last night...(tonight/just now)
My neighbourhood had it's very own EARTH hour
that went on for 4 hours

Isn't it pretty?.. 
who says you can't take pretty picture without dslr~

Even with no electricity i managed to stay up until 2:30
and by then the lights were back ..and then i started editing that picture... 
but after editing ..i like the original version better i decided to screw the edited version and go with the original..

what's the point of this post again?.. ohh life's brief candle

i've been thinking about this for a while now.. 
how A LOT has changed in the past 3 years..
even though i don't feel them changing... when i look back, everything is different
and in other 3 (or 4) i'll be getting my degree in who knows what..Insyallah

i'm just scared of the change that might..or should i say WILL happen in the next 3
will i change for the better?
or ..will it be otherwise?..
if it is "otherwise"..will i be able to recover later?

what happens after that?.. 
master? Phd? work? drama? marriage? babies? more drama? death? day of judgement? Heaven/Hell?

circle of life you say?
am i the only one freaking out about this?